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The Amazing Restorative Properties of Wen by Chaz

Many women spend money on hair care products that are suppose to make their hair look good. Unfortunately, most of these products contain ingredients that actually cause damage to the hair and scalp. Many shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain artificial ingredients as well as parabens and alcohol. Parabens, which are a form of acid, are used as preservatives in many hair care products. Alcohol is used to aid the product in drying quickly. Both parabens and alcohol can break down the structure of hair so that over time it becomes dry and brittle.

Artificial colors, fragrances and miscellaneous ingredients also cause damage by building up on the scalp and hair. Build-up on the scalp could clog pores, resulting in flaking, itching or thinning of hair. Build-up on hair could make it appear greasy or dull.

Natural Healing Properties

WEN Hair by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that contains the extracts found in a variety of plants. The list of ingredients on these hair care products could include lavender, wheat protein, almond, mint, cherry bark, aloe or rosemary. Each extract has its own unique properties that help the products in the Wen line restore damaged hair.


As a shampoo, Wen by Chaz Dean easily removes the build-up left behind by other products. As a conditioner it penetrates the strands of hair to help repair the damaged structure. The products available in the Wen line are gentle enough to use on permed or color treated hair to help bring back the hair’s natural luster. In addition to adding shine, these amazing restorative cleansing conditioners can also add body, manageability and fullness. The Wen hair care line is Sephora available and can also be ordered here:


A Deere of a Different Color

In recent years, internet sensations like Instagram have aided in popularizing many hobbies, and provided millions with inspiration to pursue those hobbies for themselves. Few have been quite as successful at this as Doe Deere. Deere has become a makeup sensation on sites like Instagram and Tumblr, with her vibrant choice in colors immediately recognizable to many of her followers. She’s daring with her looks, and encourages her ‘unicorns’‘, a term of endearment for her fans, to be the same.


Despite her popularity on social media, Deere’s entrepreneurial beginnings started in a much more expected place: eBay. The handle she chose, limecrime, was much like Doe herself – in the moment, and immediately recognizable. While she started selling brightly colored garments, in 2009, she extended those wild hues to cosmetics. The entrepreneur herself never really expected the large following she gathered, but cites her unicorns as the reason she’s become so successful; like minded people who appreciate the vibrancy of life, and who aren’t afraid to reflect that in their makeup looks.


When asked about her first experience with makeup, Deere recalled a night with her childhood friends, saying that it didn’t feel right that their faces didn’t match the outfits – the kids had dressed up in ‘witchy’ attire, and Doe felt that dark pink eye shadow and brown lip gloss made them look more the part.


Doe Deere, even with her wide fan base on social media, claims she ‘wasn’t that good at makeup’, until she was into her 20’s. Wild looks that reflected her personality more than any technical skill were her norm; rhinestones glued to her eyebrows, entire looks composed of nothing but different shades of glitter – looks she called ‘bad’. The point was, Deere says, to experiment and discover what it was that she wanted to look like.


Though Deere would call the looks bad, it didn’t stop her social media following from exploding. There were so many people that applauded her ‘crazy’ choices in color and mediums, and even more that loved that she was willing to put herself out there. Doe Deere became a sensation because she had the bravery to be the flamboyant, colorful woman she is, without stressing about the inevitable negativity of the internet. When asked how she handled insults and internet ‘hate’, she quite simply said ‘I ignore the haters’.

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Doe Deere and Her Makeup Line, Lime Crime

There are many women entrepreneurs in the world today. However, not many of them have a business acumen that matches that of Doe Deere. Her story is one of victory and hope. The lady has managed to build herself a name in the beauty industry and the world of business in general. Because of her business skills and entrepreneurship capabilities, Doe has been able to change the industry she is in, and especially the beauty industry.  Doe is therefore a force to reckon with an inspiration to many women who look up to her.


Doe Deere’s story is one which is unique. It begins way back when she was born in Russia. She later moved with her parents to the United States of America where she was raised and grew into the woman she is today. Doe, interestingly, was never interested in makeup and beauty while she was growing up. It is however, interesting how she became enthusiastic about it and decided to give it a try later on. She was once a young girl who did not put on makeup or worry about fashion and making a statement but how things change! Her journey is one that has been that of many entrepreneurs who found a way and followed it to the end, however narrow the path was.


As a young lady trying to know how makeup and beauty worked, Doe Deere decided to make online videos to show others how to do their makeup and to match clothes with the right shade of lipstick. She got so interested in her new adventure that she decided to make clothes and sell them to buyers using online platforms like ebay. While she was selling her clothes, she discovered that there were no matching makeup options for them. This was how the idea of creating and developing her own makeup came into mind. She decided to start a company which she later called Lime Crime. The company, which became a boom from the start was created in 2008.


Doe was enthusiastic about her new business and even launched her first products the next year. This was the advent of the famous Unicorn Lipsticks which became an instant craze. Four years later, she launched the Velventines which were her first matte lipstick options in the beauty market. They became an instant hit because ladies saw the opportunity to try on daring colours which the line readily availed. As the CEO and the founder of the company, Doe always puts her unicorns in mind when she makes new products. She launched vegan products starting 2012 and has always stuck to her policy of producing quality makeup products for her clientele.

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Lime Crime Magic at Instagram: 2 Million Plus Followers

Doe Deere is used to being the underdog, always having to try extra hard at success, and at the moment, it’s paying off. This is her time.

For the Russian-born young woman who dreamed big and delighted in the magic of the unicorn, Lime Crime makeup has now skyrocketed to fame. The modern makeup brand that delivers boldness in each pigmented product is raking in the numbers. Lime Crime has just exceeded two million followers on Instagram, and Doe Deere could not be more thrilled.

When it comes to the social media platform of Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and others, internet-smart Doe Deere realizes the voice people can have there. Doe Deere isn’t just selling Lime Crime to her many global fans but engaging them as well.

[email protected] Instagram is one of the most colorful and pretty sites around. Fans post selfies with the hashtag ‘#limecrime’ in the name of beauty self-expression and inspiration. Fans are also alerted to the label’s newest products coming out like the Velvetines lipsticks in the Marshmallow and Raven duo.

Lime Crime has taken wild, crazy colored cosmetics to the mainstream level, and the giant makeup companies are now trying to play catch-up. The brand promotes makeup with an attitude of fearlessness, and if you want to put on green lipstick, then that is your choice and your power.

Doe Deere began her brand back in 2008, after being frustrated with the lack of imagination and vividness when it came to buying cosmetics. She happened to adore colorful makeup, and if she couldn’t hunt any down, she was going to create them herself. Today, Lime Crime cosmetics is known for its quality, highly pigmented products, especially in her Velvetines and Unicorn lipsticks and the cult favorite Grunge eye shadow palettes. The line is both vegan-free and cruelty-free.

Doe Deere understands that beauty is defined in many ways, and that is what her makeup is all about, standing proud and owning it.

The brand can be bought online at and at retailers like Urban Outfitters.