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Choosing the Securus System for the Holidays

Securus has been one of the greatest inventions in prisons all over the country. What Securus is being able to do for prison families is give them a good quality video visitation service that they can rely on day in and day out. Having good quality video visitation services that you can utilize when you have a loved one in prison is exactly what you need to improve the communication that you both have with each other. Many individuals who have loved ones in prison are finding that it is just too difficult to keep in touch with them on a regular basis, especially when the holiday season is fast upon them and it is just too difficult to know that this is available to them.


Securus is often used by prison families all throughout the year, but it gets a lot of use during the holiday season when people want to be able to keep in contact with their loved ones more regularly without worrying that this is going to be a problem for them and their families. It is important for you to learn more about Securus to see if it can work for you this Christmas season in order to get good quality video visitation services that work well for you and your budget. You might be amazed at how much money you are able to save because you can finally have the video visitation services that you want right from the Comforts of home without always having to make a trip to the prison itself.


Having used Securus myself, I can definitely recommend it to just about anyone out there who has a loved one or friend in prison and whom they want to keep in contact with any more easy manner. Make sure that if you would like to learn more about Securus and what it can do for you that you visit its website or even check it out on social media to see what other people are saying about it. You will find a wide variety of great reviews about this service because so many people are finally utilizing something that is working for them and their loved ones.


It is a great time for you to begin using Security in your own life and can be exactly what you need when keeping in contact with loved ones as often as you would like during the holidays.


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Securus has come out to make corrections in the press release made by Global Tel Link

On June 7th this year, GTL released a press release that had many claims about Securus, most of which were inaccurate and a misrepresentation of the truth. As a reaction to this, the company has come out to make corrections to the earlier press release. The claims are connected to a lawsuit that the two companies have been embroiled in as a result of a contracting issue that has created quite some controversy.

There are several allegations that had been made by GTL, which Securus sought to clarify. The first of these allegations was the fact that since the company was established in 2001, they had formed habit of suing their competitors in the industry whereby they would pursue the issue till the terms were settled in their favor. From an objective point of view, the few instances where the lawsuits have come up were completely justified.

GTL also claimed that Securus had been using technologies that belonged to GTL and that they were seeking an injunction which if successful would stop the infringements on the platforms where it was occurring.

There is also a claim that GTL made that they would head back to the court and challenge some of the rulings that were made. The reality of the situation is that the jury may not be in a position to hear their case any time soon and even if there was to be a case, the jury may not be in a position to determine whether the method GTL claims their technology was used was used.

Securus has been a game changer in the provision of ICT solutions especially to incarcerated people in correctional facilities all over the country. They serve close to 3500 facilities and have 1.2 million inmates looking up to them for the ability to connect with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is using its Telecommunication Services to help Victims of recent Flooding

Securus Technologies is a for profit company that provides innovative technology solutions to American prisons to help modernize the inmates and staff’s experience. Securus was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1986. Since then the company has set up regional offices in several locations that include: Carrollton and Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia and employs around 1,000 employees.

Securus Technologies is always looking to expand its reach and challenge itself to consistently bring cutting edge technology to the table. In just a span of three years the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars investing in technologies, patents, and acquisitions. This unwavering ambition has led to Securus Technologies being relied on by thousands of public safety and corrections agencies across the nation.

Securus’ telecommunications services have garnered more attention than any of the other services they provide. Securus is a leading provider of telephone service for inmates in the U.S. Recently, the company has decided to use its telecommunications services in a more philanthropic way.

The mayor himself has asked for federal aid from the government to help rebuild housing and businesses that were destroyed during this recent natural disaster. Many organizations and individuals have donated funds to the Louisiana victims.

Securus has teamed up with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) in an effort to allow each inmate one free-of-charge call per day, to help them stay in contact with relatives and loved ones that may have been victimized by the floods. Securus has also donated $50,000 in cash to the inmate welfare fund at LA DOC.

Securus: The Proof is in The Pudding

People can talk and people can lie. However, one thing they can’t deny are the facts when the truth that is out there. That speaks for itself and quite frankly, it speaks volumes. You can try to weasel your way out of the truth or backtrack, but in the end, the truth will always win and the public is smart enough to know the truth from a lie when they see it. They can sense it, they can smell it, and they just know it. That is why Securus is going to be releasing a series of releases in regards to GTL (Global Tel-Link), which will inform the public of all of the underhanded and mischievous behavior they have been up to in regards to how they run their day-to-day operations.

In case you are unfamiliar with GTL, they are company which affords prisoners the chance to speak with their families while they are in prison. It is like a calling card for prisoners. However, their prices are out-of-this-world and they are taking advantage of people that yes, they are prisoners, but maybe they just need a second chance at life. If we shut the door on everyone that did something wrong, the world would be a very, very lonely place. That is why we have to give people a second chance when it is warranted.

However, GTL is all about the bottom line, which is money, and how much they can make, no matter how they make it. Thankfully, people have Securus, which isn’t the type of company to sit by and do nothing.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Class Dojo Growth Mindset that is Sweeping the Nation

When it comes to trying to teach youngsters these days, the entire education world is on it’s collective head. There may still be some great schools and there are obviously many great teachers as well, but between the testing, the budget cuts, and the general state of confusion when it comes to things like common core, it is becoming more difficult than ever to actually get to the point and teach students. That’s why one such system is starting to make up ground and fill in the gaps that have been created. That organization is Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is not just a substitute for regular education, they are at least a supplement, and at best they are something different entirely. By teaching children important lessons of how to truly get ahead instead of just making them memorize and then regurgitate facts for tests, the Class Dojo team is truly starting to make positive impacts in the very students that they set out to help simply because of their strategy.

The point of the new Class Dojo Growth Mindset system is not just to teach facts, but rather it is to teach students how they can further learn. The system’s goal is to try and teach confidence as well as teach how you can increase your learning rate in general. While it may seem like a somewhat confusing topic for youngsters in general (and possibly even for some adults), the point is that everyone can learn and everyone can develop their skills and abilities so that they can learn even more over time.

The Class Dojo Growth Mindset is not just some fluke system, either. By partnering with Stanford University and some psychologists of the university, the Growth Mindset is aiming to gain traction on some areas that students not only need, but that they barely get any time and effort in. The focus needs to be strengthened (or at least addressed), and the Class Dojo system is targeting it for a reason.

When you think about not just learning random facts and figures, but understanding the entire process, then you can truly see an individual who will be better off in the long run. They will essentially understand how to teach themselves in a much more efficient manner than those who are just trying to continue memorizing instead of learning. The system is working, and there is definitely an interest in how the Class Dojo Growth Mindset model will continue to have success and create better (more advanced) students.


Learn more about Class Dojo: