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Romero’s Son Announces “Rise of the Living Dead”

Cameron Romero, son of the late George Romero, has announced that he is set to create a prequel to his father’s zombie films.


The younger Romero has been pushing for this project since 2014, when he managed to raise $30,000 through crowdfunding. He has called the film “a love letter to my dad.”


George Romero, who died on July 16 of this year, made 15 movies over the course of a career that lasted 40 years. His most lasting influence is certainly with his zombie movies, however. Beginning in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead, he moved on to Dawn of the Dead in 1978, then Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead.


While not all are beloved by fans, the first two especially created the modern concept of the zombie. Although the term existed before—in Haitian folklore it refers to a corpse that a voodoo practitioner resurrects to serve as a slave—Romero invented virtually everything that the average viewer knows about the genre: the very concept of them eating people, the shambling, the mass rise of thousands or more at once, and so on. His depictions vary in form and theme, but virtually every version of zombies in popular culture since can trace their roots to Night of the Living Dead.


According to Cameron Romero, the new film had the working title of simply Origins, but will now be called Rise of the Living Dead. It will focus on scientist Ryan Cartwright and be set in late 1962, before the events of Night of the Living Dead. After the Cuban Missile Crisis almost brought nuclear annihilation, Cartwright is tasked with finding a way to restore the dead to life. In the process, he will accidentally bring about the first zombie and cause a very different kind of apocalypse.

Cameron Romero Plans Night of the Living Dead Prequel

Cameron Romero, the son of the late George R. Romero, recently announced he will be continuing his father’s work. The Night of the Living Dead franchise continues and now heads into its 50th anniversary with a planned prequel. Rise of the Living Dead takes audiences to the time leading up to that strange and horrific night in rural Pennsylvania in 1968, a night when the dead first walked the earth.

The younger Romero’s decision to craft a sequel might finally explain why the living dead came to overwhelm the earth. In the original film, a virus of sorts from outer space was mentioned as a possible reason. No one knows for sure if the outer space infection truly did cause the eventual and inaugural zombie apocalypse.

Answers may soon become more definitive. The plot synopsis reveals the origins likely are connected to a government project focusing on preserving human life. The tragic irony here would be the secret experiment eventually led to wiping out mostly all human life on the planet due to the rise of the dead.

No snap decisions went into the plans to make a prequel. Romero has been developing the project since 2014 and has raised money via crowdfunding to start the production ball moving. The time may be perfect for a prequel to the classic horror film. Zombie apocalypse television shows, films, video games, and novels are all the rage. Audience demand exists for such over-the-top entertainment. Cameron Romero has a far greater chance of raising funds for the film before the fad wanes. Then again, he doesn’t have to rush too much. The current popularity of zombie projects doesn’t look like its going to die down soon.