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Susan McGalla – One of the Top Speakers on Women Empowerment in the Corporate World

It is a well-known fact that even though women are coming forward in a big way to take over the corporate sector and there are millions of more women in the business world today than there were a few decades back, the business community is still dominated by men. However, it is a scenario that is being challenged and changed one step at a time by female leaders like Susan McGalla, who is the founder of P4 Executive Consulting LLC. It is one of the most successful marketing and branding consultancies in the United States and provides its services to many of the leading companies in the country.

Susan McGalla is also a well-known speaker on the issue of women empowerment and what role the women play and can play in the corporate world. She has spoken on the topic at many of the leading platforms, including the Carnegie Mellon University Conference. Recently, Susan McGalla gave a few tips on what the women should do to achieve success in their career. One of the first things that Susan McGalla said was that women should make education their top priority and not let anything else come in its way. She said that good education would guarantee their pass into the corporate world, which otherwise is almost impossible to get into for both men and women. However, top class education from the good university along with good grades would help kick start the career in the right direction.

Similarly, Susan McGalla said that it is important for the women to manage their finance very tightly from the very beginning to support their future education. As the higher education tends to be expensive, it is essential that women start planning for it from the very early age. Also, for the working women, Susan McGalla says that it is important for the women to perform consistently and deliver exceptional results as that are what would help get you noticed. Also, she asked the women to build a support system around them that would assist them to move forward through thick and thin in a consistent manner without being bogged down by the challenges.

Logan Stout; CEO Of IDLife Company

Logan Stout founded IDLife in the year twenty fourteen.Logan is a professional and experienced business owner. His business venture (IDLife) together with his partners; Troy Aikman have achieved great success. Logan has managed his business to the top a hundred Solid Top MLM Companies Worldwide.IDLife Company sells organic nutritional supplements which are used for nutritional purposes and weight management.

Logan Stout has a reputation for being helpful to needy people. He mainly helps who are have good business ideas, but they do not have the necessary capital to bring their ideas to life. He mentors and encourages such people. Logan associates himself with authors and several speakers who also want to help others. John Maxwell together with Logan Stout works together to share their leadership ideas with the aim of bringing up leaders in the whole world. Logan studied at the University of Dallas. Logan Stout also founded the Premier Baseball Academy with the goal of establishing a premier location for baseball training classes to be done indoors. Logan has written books and traveled around the world advising people to build themselves.

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Logan’s Education Background

Mr. Stout was born in Richardson, Texas. Logan graduated from J. J. Pearce High School. While in school, Logan was excellent in leadership, sports, and academics thus making him be elected as the Student Athletic Council. Logan was talented in both Varsity basketball and baseball, but he decided to pursue baseball after he had graduated from high school. Logan holds a business degree which he attained from Panola University. He also studied at the University of Dallas where he graduated with a Psychology degree. Logan coached youth baseball while he was still in college. It was his love for baseball that made him found the Dallas Patriots select Baseball organization.

After Logan finished college, he joined the Forth Worth Cats in Texas to play pro baseball. While Logan was the pro baseball, he was the coach at the famous Dallas Baptist University, and he also served as the Youth Minister and the Worship Leader at the Prestigious First United Methodist Church of Coppell. Several sports broadcasts have featured Logan Stout. Dallas Child Magazine (an article that helps youth coaches well informed about coaching at the select level) interviewed Logan Stout in the year two thousand and seven. Logan continues to travel with the aim of motivating people.

Betsy DeVos’s Accomplishments To Become The Nation’s Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos has been known as a woman who’s committed to causes and works hard to build relationships in every business and non-profit group she’s worked with. Her accomplishments in helping private schools with scholarship funds and growing charter schools available in Michigan got the attention of then President-elect Donald Trump who chose her to be the next US Secretary of Education. About a year earlier Betsy DeVos spoke to Philanthropy Roundtable about how the case for private and charter schools was being made and how she came to support these schools.Betsy DeVos said she first became real interested when she and her husband Dick DeVos became parents and saw the struggles of some families to afford these schools, so they explored scholarships and also became spokespeople for voucher programs. She explained how many states were starting to incorporate private school vouchers and how they were actually working.

DeVos also spoke about how she and Dick once decided to open their own charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Though it is considered a charter school, anyone interested in learning about aviation and enrolling in an advanced science curriculum can attend. What Betsy DeVos believes in is strong grassroots campaigning to promote causes.Betsy DeVos is the daughter of Edgar and Elsa Prince and her brother is Erik Prince, the current CEO of Frontier Resource Group. Her family had always espoused traditional American values and it was her mother from whom she inherited a passion for freedom of education. She was an outspoken activist on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids where she was a student, and while working in Grand Rapids she fell in love with another young businessman and political activist, Dick DeVos. The two became married and have raised four children.

Betsy DeVos serves as Co-Chair of The Windquest Group along with Dick, and has helped various Michigan retail and energy businesses grow through seed funding. She also made many headlines as the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party through which she organized many local and state legislative elections as well as campaigns for federal level elections. After her first election to the party chair she resigned because she thought it involved too much following and not enough leading, but then she ran again because she saw an opportunity to fight against then Governor Granholm’s agenda, and indeed many local newspapers even called her “Granholm’s Worst Nightmare.” Betsy DeVos also has her name engraved in the University of Maryland’s Institute of Arts Management facility thanks to a $22 million donation that she and Dick made in 2012.



Smart homes make life simpler for those who invest in them. Smart home technology ranges from simple systems with modest features to elaborate ones with high tech features. The emergence of smart home technology presents new opportunities and challenges for real estate agents. Concepts that were once regarded as the future of real estate are now the new norm in the industry. As such, real estate entrepreneurs with a keen eye for emerging trends in the industry have adjusted to this new model by incorporating smart technology in new projects. Todd Lubar is one such businessman.

Smart home builders such as Quadrant Homes are incorporating the smart home technology as a standard procedure during the construction of new homes. The company is currently offering a package of features such as:

  • Nest thermostats
  • Ring motion-detecting doorbells
  • Lutron automatic window shades
  • Caseta Wireless smart lighting

Seattle city has been on the forefront in the adoption of smart technology innovations. This could be attributed to the presence of many tech startups started by young college graduates who flock the city in search for the latest smart technology trends. Quadrant’s package is easy to use since it is designed to be user-friendly. Other towns in the country are seeking to adopt the smart home technology trend. In fact, experts predict that smart homes will soon be common even in rural areas.

Although many home experts believe that the emergence of this new technology will present new opportunities, there are a few challenges associated with smart home technology. The ability of artificial intelligence to correctly perceive human speech is a primary technical concern related to this new trend. Designing machines that understand all languages correctly is still a challenge to many programmers. The problem is bigger in instances where home users have speech limitations such as stammering. Besides, the security of smart homes can be easily compromised by cyber criminals since some appliances with wifi capability lack adequate security features. Check out Patreon to know more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd is a businessman who boasts of more than two decades of experience in real estate. He is the current president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and the senior vice president of traditional investments. Todd Lubar is highly ranked among the 25 mortgage originators in the US. He also boasts of extensive experience in mortgage banking, construction, and entertainment.


How Eric Pulier Succeeded in Technology

Eric Pulier is a name not known by everyone, but known by those in the tech field who want to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps. Eric Pulier is a technologist, an author, a speaker, and a philanthropist. He has played a part in founding or funding over 15 different companies and his work as a philanthropist will live on for generations to come in the lives that he has helped to touch. Learning from Eric Pulier probably isn’t such a bad idea. We dug into his day to day day habits in order to illuminate some aspects of his life that make him so successful.


So, right now Eric Pulier is absorbed in his focus on vAtomic Systems. This company saw the converging market trends of mobile technology, like mobile games, and digital micro transactions. Pulier decided to get in on this early in order to establish himself as one of the biggest players in the explosive market. Pulier cites companies like Google Maps and Uber as primary influences for this early decision.


Looking past the company he is currently focused on we can analyze Pulier’s day to day life and take from it a certain amount of beneficial knowledge. Pulier is the father of four children so suffice to say his mornings are pretty stacked up with things to do. That is why Pulier focuses on getting a solid night of rest before getting up early, well in advance of his children. During this time he focuses on reading and centering himself before the storm of activity that comes with four very active and hyper children. After he bundles them off to school his focus goes back to work.


Pulier is meticulous in his approach to note taking and this has given him the ability to really tackle some great concepts. Pulier stacks up a list of projects that he wants to accomplish each day and he doesn’t rest until he accomplishes them. Along the way he remains open to new ideas and jots down notes whenever one might come along that sounds particularly promising — this is a very important step to his success.

Duda Melzer Assumes Executive Presidency Position of the RBS Group

On Tuesday, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer assumed the Executive Presidency of RBS Group position during an event that had illustrious presences. According to Melzer, also known as Duda Melzer, it was a dream come true. Since 2004, Eduardo Melzer has been rising in ranks from the position of Director General for the National Market where he performed exemplary and got promoted to be the Vice President of Market Business and Development. After a couple of years, he assumed the Executive Vice President position at RBS Group, a position he has served with diligence and commitment until now he has been named the Executive President.

According to Valor, Nelson Sirtosky, the outgoing president and uncle to Eduardo Melzer, said that he is confident that Melzer will carry on the good work that he had started. In his inaugural speech, Eduardo affirmed that for the two years he has been the Vice President he has been molded, and with the 12 years of experience, he will live to the values and principles that form the solid base of the group. He added that he would closely follow his grandfather’s strategies to accompany technological development in the company’s dealings. However, Eduardo promised that he will not use the technology as an alternate of human resource, but will combine both to form a more potent force for the success of the company.

Nelson said that he will be on the back to support the organizational plans as well as the new CEO. Eduardo Melzer pledged to commit himself to making sure that RBS Group will be a safe place for each individual with interest in the group. Eduardo promised to increase profitability index of this family business, and he said he would welcome positive critics from the stakeholders. Eduardo pointed out that he will tirelessly link with other media companies to increase relevance in San Catarina and the Rio Grande do su Rio. You can subscribe on Youtube.

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Alexandre Gama Is A Reputable Advertising Consultant

As a reliable advertising services provider, Alexandre Gama consults with his clients frequently throughout the marketing, promotions or advertising campaign creation process, to make sure that they are satisfied with the results. From start to finish, he can handle your campaign and help produce a significant return on investment. Alexandre Gama is passionate about obtaining great outcome for his clients and he takes the time to know their business, before developing and implementing a campaign. He works hard to craft advertising message that effectively presents the client’s product or business in a positive light.

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Jose AuriemoNeto Leads JHSF into a Real Estate Empire

JHSF is a real estate Company dealing with high-end real estate properties in Brazil. The Company has been involved in different projects in both commercial and residential properties.JHSF, founded in 1972 participates in the development of shopping centers among other projects. Under the leadership of Jose Neto, JFSH has been recognized as a leader in the real estate industry in Brazil.It’s innovation, quality and the ability to use modern technologies in its development are part of the Company’s core values. The Company operates in different sectors; Airports, Hotels and Restaurants, and shopping centers. Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro is most successful JHSF projects. The hotel features a retro style and vintage interiors.Due to the success, it has received, JHSF has established other international offices in New York and Uruguay. To increase their revenue, JHSF developed different projects to promote a regular cash flow. One of those projects included Catarina Executive Airport. Catarina Fashion Outlet, founded in 2014, received the Outstanding in Other Formats Awards. JHSF has also received other Awards including the Best Developer in Brazil.In 2007, JHSF became a public traded Company on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

About Jose Neto

Jose is the Chairman and the Executive Officer of JHSF. Jose has been responsible for different projects that have significantly improved the Company’s portfolio.Neto joined the Company in 1993 and was in charge of the development of the Parkbem in 1997. This is a service department that managed the parking lot. After attaining success, Jose launched the Company’s first shopping destination; Shopping Santa Cruz was founded in 1998.Jose is the President of CidadeJardim Mall, established in 2007. A Cidade has a 78,000 sq.ft, and with over 180 stores, the Mall is the most successful Malls in Brazil. Two years later, Jose led JHSF to sign contracts with Jimmy Choo and other renowned fashion brands. The Company later opened shopping outlets on the Cidade Mall.The Company also signed a contract with Valentino. CidadeJardim is the first Mall to have five high-end fashion brands.

An Insight into the Life and Career of Adam Milstein

At the age of 31, Adam Milstein decided to move to the United States to further his education at the University of Southern California. Earlier on, he had graduated with a degree in economics and business from Technion College. Today, Adam Milstein has built a name across the globe as a real estate investor, philanthropist and a community leader. The Jerusalem Post recently honored Adam Milstein as one of the most influential community leaders in the Jewish world. In a recent interview with the ideamensch, Adam Milstein talked about his life and career.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He takes care of accounting and disposition in the firm. Adam said that the idea of Hager Pacific Properties came as a result of frustration by employers upon completing his MBA program. Most of the employers saw him as less knowledgeable and didn’t value his skills. As a result, Adam decided to work as a real estate commercial broker until he met David Hager.

In the same interview, Adam Milstein expressed satisfaction of the choices he had made in his life. Among the habits that make him productive are consistency, persistence and follow up. Adam Milstein warns future investors to resist from the greed of succeeding in a short period.Adam Milstein was born 64 years ago in Haifa, Israel. He is credited with the establishment of the Adam and Gila Family Foundation alongside his wife. Adam Milstein has been involved with many Jewish organizations such as American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Jewish Funders Network.



Christopher Burch: Tech Trends for the Future

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company based in the United Sates. According to him, business is all about generating a market niche which you can use to get more money into the trading business. Because he has this knowledge, he has been an active businessman in this field for the longest time possible. As a matter of fact, he has also led to the rise of more than 50 companies in his lifetime. He has also been active investors across a wide range of industries. During his time as a businessman and investor, he led to the rise of brands like Jawbone, Fianna, and Poppin. He is also a former board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.


Since 1976, he has been involved in the world of entrepreneurship and business as one of the most prominent people in this industry. Because of his capability to identify a gap in business, he has had a successful innovation strategy that does better business. When he was still I college, he founded a fashion company that he sold later at $165 million. He has the capability to develop a nexus between implementation and innovation to realize success.


According to Christopher Burch, fashion and technology are two different industries. However different they may appear, the two industries grow together in a manner that cannot be depicted in this industry. As a matter of fact, no one has the capability associated with product development in a manner that cannot be depicted in this industry. As a matter of fact, the two industries have seen numerous developments that have seen each of them grow in a manner that depends on the other. For this reason, we are tempted to say that they are sisters in this business.


When we look at the differences between the two industries, we never see a difference. Therefore, their growth assimilates something that other industries have never had before. For this reason, many people will think that benefits of doubt can be made from identical development capabilities. While we have seen them grow together, we can never determine the difference between the two. This calls or a fascinating part of the story of growth and sustainability within the two industries. As a matter of fact, we will shade light on the industries if we have a better understanding of how they work in this arena.