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Neurocore: Expanding And Helping Their Community

Stress and anxiety can be a major inhibitor to daily functioning. In fact, depression is often a comorbid condition that aligns itself with anxiety. People all over the United States experience these symptoms in one way or another. The burden of these conditions can sometimes be more than people can bear. The improvement of brain functioning can be one way that they help alleviate those symptoms. Unfortunately, there are still people who do not realize this valuable technique. Neurocore is now working on ways to increase the visibility of their services but also the services themselves. They hope to provide people with the hope that they need to push through their depression and anxiety symptoms and engage in adequate brain training. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore helps its patients by working with them through a Neurofeedback training and a biofeedback training session. Neurofeedback involves watching a video that helps the professionals determine the brain functioning is out of range. They do this by hooking the individual up to EEG equipment and playing a movie. Once the movie starts the session starts. Throughout the movie any time that the rain functioning of the individual spikes the movie will pause. This method is used to help the individual improve their focus and attention as well as reduce their stress. Biofeedback is a way that individuals can reduce stress through the breathing exercises. Deep breathing is very important to overall mental health and brain functioning. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The Neurocore team is looking to expand in the coming months. They are looking for client engagement specialist for their offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are looking for individuals who are effective leaders and empathetic listeners. These customer service representatives will work with individuals on the phone to help link them with services that would be helpful for them. Eventually, they will be able to get the brain training services that they need to help alleviate their symptoms. This exceptional position is perfect for somebody with a bachelor’s degree or higher and good knowledge of the customer service field. Anyone interested in applying for this position will find information about it on their Linkedin profile or company website.