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Sean Penn Has Done It Again

Sean Penn provides us with a book that leaves us wondering what in the world we just read. “Bond Honey Who just do stuff” first made his debut in 2016 with Sean Penn. In his hilarious, no lesson, no plot story about “Bob Honey who just do stuff” he is brought a new outlook on the elderly community.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a novel written by Penn that has no plot. You are figuratively following around Bob Honey while he kills old people and gets irritated with anything and everything that has to do with leaving the comfort of his couch. In this book, there are climaxes in which Bob blurts out his frustration more than a few times. The hilarity of this novel is one that will keep you interested even if you are unsure why you are continuing to read.

Which leads us to the question of, who Is Bob Honey?!

Bob Honey is a midlife, according to USA today, Californian an ultraviolent skepticism toward the messaging and mediocrity of modern times. He is a hitman for the older generation and other off the wall activities. I guess when your ex-wife starts shacking up with your divorce lawyer, you can lose your mind just a bit.

Although, some people may enjoy this kind of read, he has lead other people to wonder what is he actually thinking when he wrote this. It has no rhyme or reason and doesn’t seem to go together very well as some people say, but I’ve never been one to read stories based on what other people enjoy. So what do you think? Have you read it? Will you read it? I would venture to say most people who read this are reading it to see what the big deal is about it. So maybe he is a genius? Don’t let others make up your mind about it.

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