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OneLogin and a future work with the cloud

OneLogin was created in the Spring of 2010 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen. Their goal was to make a great on-board desk application, Zendesk. They saw the potential of the cloud and not having data on one single hard drive. However, even the cloud has challenges and flaws that OneLogin must acknowledge. But with cloud, they saw the potential of how other businesses could use the cloud to share information with each other. They have since partnered with SaaS vendors that focus on providing security to protect sensitive information that people cherish.

OneLogin knows that hardware can still create risks that need other problems that need solutions. A lot of businesses use shadow IT to analyze unauthorized hardware and decide what to with it. With time, Shadow focus less attention on hardware and put a stronger emphasis on software. They understand that most companies have problems with bad software that hurts their progress. They still have weak points due to the fact that a cloud infrastructure is unsecured. They are aware of the flaws of this system, however they need controls that are not apart of the standard control system. They can use the company credit card to improve their system.

Now users in a company are identified as themselves. Its not a system where you can just rely on a computer to get all the information. OneLogin has created intelligent ways of detecting who is using an account and blocking out people who shouldn’t be using the accounts. Most companies can’t lose their visibility because it will hurt their business. Employees can’t be expected to master the cloud system for optimization on top of their other work. You need to put your identity in the center of your companies cloud. That allows you to control your identity and not the company.