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Abraham Ford: Professional Wrestler?

Fans of The Walking Dead might be surprised to learn that professional wrestler Matt Morgan was considered for the part of Abraham Ford.


And from his description, he got pretty close, too. “I auditioned for that part [of Abraham] and I was all but told that it was mine,” Morgan explained, and described how he spent a holiday season at his brother’s house isolated from the rest of his family because he was busy trying to learn his lines for the role. When he got the call saying that he had not, in fact, been chosen to play the character, he admits that he became “bitchy” and refused to watch the show as a form of bitter protest.


Introduced between the Governor and All Out War arcs of the zombie themed television series, Abraham was a popular character among the fanbase. A mustachioed Texan, he managed to bring a combination of pathos and humor to the dark program. Eventually he was killed off at the beginning of season seven, taken out by current main villain Negan and his beloved baseball bat, Lucille. Nevertheless, rumors abound that the character will appear soon on Fear the Walking Dead, a show that exists within the same universe but set earlier in the timeline, when the zombie apocalypse was only beginning (and thus, when Abraham was still alive).


Morgan’s loss was a gain for Michael Cudlitz, a veteran actor. Given how well he managed to play the part, many fans are probably willing to forgive the show’s creators for stiffing Morgan, especially since the wrestler seems like an odd choice for the character.


Other professional wrestlers have proven to be good actors, however, most notable Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as “The Rock.” For his part, Morgan has managed to get roles in Death from Above and The Good Guys, but has not had the sort of success that Johnson has.