Boraie Development Rebuilds Cities In New Jersey

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There are businesses that have been in the limelight because of their many years of outstanding service to various communities. Boraie Development is one such company. For over forty years this construction company had built more than just homes, and business structures. With the leadership of Omar Boraie, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Boraie Development has literally built cities. Omar Boraie had a forty year old vision for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey,and when it became defunct, he went in a starting with one gigantic office complex, built an entire city block of buildings that included apartments, condos, office spaces, mini mall, and much more. Check out their website

The city of New Brunswick is growing to be bigger and better than ever. Boraie development also went to the aid and recovery of the struggling Atlantic City, New Jersey. After the falling off of the casino businesses in the area, many of the residents moved away to seek a better way of life after losing jobs. In a effort to get Atlantic City back on its feet again, Boraie Development, which is the most sought after developer in New Jersey, was awarded the contract to rebuild the resort town. The company built a two hundred fifty unit apartment complex for residents and their families. The new addition to Atlantic City would provide homes that attracted young professionals to the city, as well as provide new homes for the residents who were still working in the city. Since 1972, the Boraie Development Company has followed the dream of Omar Boraie to rebuild cities in New Jersey, and help it to remain a great place to live and work.

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