Betsy DeVos and Educational Reform

For many years Betsy DeVos has dedicated a significant amount of her time pursuing educational reform. Mrs. DeVos has involved herself in multiple roles for nonprofit charities and agencies that support educational reform. Reforming education by school choice continues to be her primary interest in the area of educational reform.


School vouchers and tax credits are two areas that have seen the most substantial growth since Betsy DeVos has become involved in the educational reform movement. When her children were school age, Mrs.DeVos visited the Potter’s House Christian School. She became acquainted with the parents who were doing everything possible to keep their children in the school which provided a safe educational environment. She and her husband Dick DeVos became involved in supporting the school and the students and continue to be supporters of the school today.


The DeVos’s have continued their support for all families in their quest to obtain the best education for their children. They were involved in the passing of Michigan’s charter-school bill passing in 1993. In her attempts to further education she started a political action committee called the Great Lakes Educational Project. The Great Lakes Educational Project had great success in Michigan from 2001 through 2002. The committee has been reformed and is now part of the American Foundation for Children.


Focusing on educational choice by not restricting a child’s school choice by address can be achieved in other ways according to Betsy DeVos. Educational reform is continuing to evolve with the advancements in technology and the growing popularity of homeschooling. Both Betsy and Dick DeVos have been involved in the start-up of a charter school and support the ever-increasing interest in charter schools as a step toward educational reform.


The DeVos’s continue to be involved in educational reform in Michigan as well as on the national level. They both keep with the efforts of advocating for the rights of all children to obtain the best education possible. Betsy DeVos continues to try to accomplish educational reform through policy change. As the current Secretary of Education through the Trump administration, Mrs. DeVos can influence significant changes in educational policy.


The past experiences in trying to achieve educational reform will most likely be a valuable asset to Betsy DeVos in her new role as Educational Secretary. School choice and opportunities for all children to attend school in a safe environment will be noted goals for Betsy DeVos. Learn more:

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