Batman” Director Explains His Aversion To Netflix

As the war epic “Dunkirk” makes its way to theaters around the world the director of the critically acclaimed movie, Christopher Nolan, has continued his war of words with the Netflix streaming service, against whom he has made his antipathy clear over recent months, according to Den of Geek. Nolan compared the decision of Netflix to simultaneously release movies to theaters and its streaming service at the same time as the major problem he has with the rise of the U.S. based company.

One of the world’s best loved filmmakers, Christopher Nolan has been part of the “Batman” franchise and directed critical and box office successes, including “Inception” and has already seen critics acclaim “Dunkirk” as his best movie to date. Towards the start of 2017 the U.K. based director made clear the problems he has with the Netflix service, including his belief the company is looking to bring an end to theatrical distribution options for the filmmakers who accept funding from the company; Nolan is not the only film professional who has issues with Netflix, a feeling that became clear when the opening of the Netflix movie “Okja” was booed during the Cannes Film Festival.

Netflix has not followed the model created by Amazon who provides a 90-day window for the theatrical release of movies backed by their studio for movies to be released in theaters to enable them to be enjoyed in the ratio suggested by each individual director. Christopher Nolan believes Netflix should follow the lead of Amazon Studios and those of other streaming services to show their commitment to remaining at the forefront of the movie production industry and want to become a major player in movie production.

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