Barbara Stokes Aids in the Rescue Mission during the Hurricane Harvey

The Harvey’s Hurricane has been recorded as the second most expensive tropical cyclone in the history of the United States of America. This Hurricane affected the areas around Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and Louisiana. More than $125 billion was spent by the government during the rescue and evacuation of the citizens affected. Unlike in 2005 when the country was affected by the previous similar tragedy, Katrina, the federal government was more willing to cooperate with small contractors in the construction business in their voluntary activities to rescue and trying to evacuate the victims. One of these contractors that greatly contributed in this activity was the Green Structured Homes (GSH), under the leadership of its able CEO, Barbara Stokes. The organization took the initiative of restoring the affected individuals in collaboration with the federal government and other volunteers. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

This was a very positive initiative by the government because these volunteers increased the level of assistance that was required by the victims of the disaster, bearing in mind the urgency that the situation demanded. It was evident that the U.S Government had learned a lesson from the previous experience of the Katrina whereby the private boat owners were restricted from lending a hand in the evacuation of the people that were affected by the floods. This caused a lot of damage to the individuals and their property, which could have reduced if the volunteers were allowed the access to the affected areas with their private boats. Read this article at

However, this restriction by the federal government was not malicious. The government viewed the indulgence of the boat owners into the scene as an increased risk and so opted to bar them from the access into the affected areas. However, this action raised the alarm and the U.S Congress discussed the issue with the intention of creating a permanent remedy to similar events that might have occurred in the future. The recommendation that followed the matter was the rigorous training of disaster management team that included the government officials and also volunteers. The impact of this initiative was evident during the Hurricane Harvey; the swift and well-coordinated actions of both the government agencies and the volunteers like the Green Structured Homes were very promising and successful in their rescue mission.