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David McDonald Shares Some Of The Things That Make OSI Group Unique

David McDonald joined OSI Group in 1987. He says that when he started out he was a project manager. Hard work and his educational background in animal science led to him eventually earning the roles of president and chief operating officer, the two positions he now holds. His company is one of the leading providers of food in the world, providing its products to a large array of restaurants and supermarket chains. Among their customers are McDonald’s, Yum, Burger King, and Starbucks.

Most people haven’t heard of OSI Group but they have likely eaten food processed by it on multiple occasions. The reason for this lack of broad recognition, David McDonald OSI Group has stated, is that they don’t go around bragging about their successes. They exist solely to partner with their customers by delivering safe, high-quality, customized food solutions. He says that the modesty of this company means that they go under the radar but the confidence and positive feedback they receive from their customers is really all that they are looking for. Visit this articles at Gazette to know more.

David McDonald says that the success of OSI Group is all due to their ability to build dynamic and trusting partnerships. They have acquired several companies over the years who also process food. What they do at OSI Group is let these companies handle their own day-to-day operations. The managers only need to approach OSI Group’s brass when they feel the need to make a significant expenditure like upgrading a processing facility.

This approach has led to a company that operates on the local level but can leverage the fact that it is a global company with sufficient capital to be very competitive. David McDonald says that his company has struck a solid balance between local and global that allows them to scale as the company gets larger.

One significant investment they made recently was building a new processing facility in China, David McDonald stated in a recent interview. It was quite a large investment that has the raw materials they need nearby and so is located in the perfect spot. He said that this facility allows his company to stay ahead of their competitors and deliver value to their customers.

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The Compassion Of Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an internationally-known businessman. He serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Renovia Inc. His experience spans over two decades and across 5 different industries. During 2000, Marc became the Chief Executive Officer for ViaCell. This company is a biotech firm that focuses on the collection of stem cells from umbilical cords. Under his leadership, the company now has over 300 employees and continues to thrive. Marc also serves as Chairman of the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee. Marc was quoted saying that a successful healthcare system must begin with the acquisition of specialized talent. Besides having the proper foundation of knowledge and capital, people are the most important factor he expresses.

Marc Beer says that his ideas are brought to life by staying disciplined and making sure he prioritizes. The thought process that he shares with his team is non-conventional thinking. By doing so, it puts them in the right mind frame to reach the desired goal. Saving people’s lives and finances are the two main goals for his work at Renovia.

Recently Marc Beer was granted new funding for his company. Renovia was granted $32 million during this round of funding. He plans to focus on product development for diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders that affect millions of women around the world. Marc showed his gratitude for the healthcare investors who made this opportunity possible for his company in a recent announcement. He plans to lead Renovia’s development of proprietary sensor technologies. As Technology is constantly making advancements; new tech and software are now giving patients more treatment options. His compassionate approach to satisfying extreme issues gives him the fuel he needs to carry on and further solidify his reputation. Marc Beer began his career after graduating from Miami University in 1987. Learn more:


Luminesce the Pride of the Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. System

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray discovered the power of stem cell research after Randy used it to treat his ailing knee. When Wendy was waiting for Randy to finish his treatment, she noticed that stem cells were being used in a skincare line that the Doctor was selling. They recognized the opportunity for a niche in the skincare and beauty market. In 2009, they created Jeunesse Global. The company has become one of the top direct selling companies in the world according to Direct Selling News. The company was one of only ten others that had a billion dollar profit in annual sales. The company has thousands of distributors around the world helping people look and feel younger.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are committed to helping their distributors and their customers. Randy Ray was focused on helping the distributors learn the ins and outs of network marketing. The couple has experience working in the network marketing world because they had several businesses prior to starting Jeunesse Global. Wendy Lewis is more focused on creating amazing products for their customers to help them live longer and more fulfilling lives. They created nine different skincare and supplement lines using the advanced stem cell technology and pairing it with the best vitamins and minerals to help the body and skin restore its youthful feel.

The pride of their Y.E.S. System is the Luminesce line. The Luminesce skincare line was created in partnership with Dr. Nathan Newman, a dedicated physician who researches stem cells. He recognized that as people age, the body’s cells begin to slow down, making it difficult to encourage the skin to create new cell growth. However, with Dr. Newman’s advanced research, he discovered that the best kind of growth factors to help the skin look and feel great are derived from healthy adult adipose stem cells. He believes they are much more effective than the plant-based stem cells. APT-200 is the key ingredient to the entire Luminesce line. It has more than 200 growth factors included and can provide incredible results within thirty days. It stimulates new cell production to help the skin look smoother and firmer.

Neurocore: Expanding And Helping Their Community

Stress and anxiety can be a major inhibitor to daily functioning. In fact, depression is often a comorbid condition that aligns itself with anxiety. People all over the United States experience these symptoms in one way or another. The burden of these conditions can sometimes be more than people can bear. The improvement of brain functioning can be one way that they help alleviate those symptoms. Unfortunately, there are still people who do not realize this valuable technique. Neurocore is now working on ways to increase the visibility of their services but also the services themselves. They hope to provide people with the hope that they need to push through their depression and anxiety symptoms and engage in adequate brain training. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore helps its patients by working with them through a Neurofeedback training and a biofeedback training session. Neurofeedback involves watching a video that helps the professionals determine the brain functioning is out of range. They do this by hooking the individual up to EEG equipment and playing a movie. Once the movie starts the session starts. Throughout the movie any time that the rain functioning of the individual spikes the movie will pause. This method is used to help the individual improve their focus and attention as well as reduce their stress. Biofeedback is a way that individuals can reduce stress through the breathing exercises. Deep breathing is very important to overall mental health and brain functioning. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The Neurocore team is looking to expand in the coming months. They are looking for client engagement specialist for their offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are looking for individuals who are effective leaders and empathetic listeners. These customer service representatives will work with individuals on the phone to help link them with services that would be helpful for them. Eventually, they will be able to get the brain training services that they need to help alleviate their symptoms. This exceptional position is perfect for somebody with a bachelor’s degree or higher and good knowledge of the customer service field. Anyone interested in applying for this position will find information about it on their Linkedin profile or company website.



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Nick Vertucci Relies on His Experience to Teach Real Estate Investing

Nick Vertucci is an icon in the real estate investment. He had gone through ups and downs before he got to a table state of financial freedom which has been his lifetime dream. When he first joined business world, he first launched a tech business that peaked on pretty well. He was able to make tremendous success and earned his first million. The business came to a dramatic end during the 2000 dot-com crash that severely affected his business and his financial status in general. He went through hardship and lost all that he had and ended up in massive debts. He also lost his home. He faced tough and stressful life before he finally landed to the idea of real estate business.

Unlike in his previous business ventures, Nick Vertucci decided to take training before engaging himself with the real estate business. During his training, he came across great mentors who sharpened him on how to operate a real estate business perfectly. Fortunately, his venture in the real estate business gained incredible success in such a way that he managed to retain his financial status as a millionaire. This was a great motivation to him, and so he decided to start an institution to teach all the real estate enthusiasts on how to successfully handle real estate business. He named the institute by himself, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy abbreviated as NVREA.

NVREA serves as a turn-key system and is a result of Vertucci’s vast industry experience. The academy is suitable for all individuals who intend to establish themselves in the real estate industry and attain their success quickly. Real estate is a fast-growing industry and is also one of the most tricky and complicated business. The fact that its fast-moving makes sense to invest in it for education and training for guaranteed success. Through NVREA program, the learners discover the already devised mechanisms that can be implemented to rehab, purchase and lease out bank-owned real estate properties.

Many people have come across the term flipping and also got its meaning. Flipping refers to finding a house, purchasing it at a reasonable price, renovate and upgrade it and finally lease it out at a higher and better rate. Usually, it’s at tomes said than done. However, there are secrets towards hastening this process. This is basically what Nick Vertucci and his training program engage in.

Gareth Henry Pronounces that Private Creditors are a Major Part of The Investment Industry

Gareth Henry, a US-based investment professional, claims that the private credit sector has become a significant part of the world’s investment industry. According to the professional, many optimistic entrepreneurs regard private creditors as an excellent alternative to conventional banks.

Why is the private credit sector becoming popular?

According to Gareth Henry, the private credit sector started increasing after 2008’s financial crisis. At that time, many banks implemented austere financial regulations that made it hard for growing companies to secure loans.

Those growing companies who could not access bank loans moved away to the private creditors with relaxed financial regulations.

Apart from the strict financial regulations, many companies prefer private creditors to banks since they wouldn’t want the issues associated with being a public company. As a rule, public companies are required to disclose their accounting reports after a certain period. Discrepancies in those reports can hurt the company’s reputation and productivity.

Besides hurting the company’s reputation, prospect partners and investors may be discouraged from capitalizing in companies with slow growth. On that account, many growing companies prefer to maintain their private status to being public.

Are private creditors safe?

While private creditors play a significant role in the investment industry, Gareth Henry says that they have their share of setbacks. For instance, some less reputable private creditors have hidden charges that can rip-off unsuspecting entrepreneurs. On that account, it is always important for an entrepreneur to review any financial deal that comes on their way keenly.

Unlike banks, Gareth Henry says that different states have varying financial regulations that govern the private creditors who operate within the state’s boundaries.

Some of the laws tend to favor the creditor more than the borrower. Therefore, Henry calls for his clients to gauge how a state’s laws can protect or hurt them just in case a financial deal gets sour.

Who is Gareth Henry?

Henry is a trained actuary with first-hand information in private credit and equity deals. He has worked as a senior investment expert in Angelo Gordon, Fortress Investments, and other principal investment management firms.

Betsy Devos: the new US Education Secretray

Betsy DeVos was Donald Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Education. Prior to that announcement, Mrs. DeVos was probably best known in her native state of Michigan where she was a tireless advocate for educational inclusion. The Nomination to the secretary of Education post caused immediate controversy particularly among advocates of public education that also disfavored public funds for charter schools.


Betsy DeVos earned a reputation in Michigan through years of philanthropy and advocacy for educational choice. Her advocacy is sincere and heartfelt; it derives from her personal growth and the influence of the Dutch community in Western Michigan. Betsy DeVos attended private schools and went to college at Calvin College. The Calvinist Dutch Community deeply influenced her education and social development in Holland Michigan. It is a tradition that places equal dignity upon public, private, and faith-based education. The theory has sometimes been called educational pluralism. It is opposite to the total reliance on any one system, even the public education system.


Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos were each an heir to a vast personal fortune. They have collaborated on many social and political activities in Western Michigan, the entire state, and across the US. They worked together to form a Charter school in Western Michigan in which students can get an education from elementary through high school, and they can learn to fly aircraft.


As Secretary, Mrs. DeVos has revealed her traditional style of management. She fights intensely for her point of view and her beliefs in education. When the group sometimes votes against her preferred solution, the Secretary accepts the consensus and stands up to support the group decision. Mrs. DeVos does not, however, abandon her views. Betsy DeVos has a well-earned reputation as a determined fighter.


– Reaching Out for progress

As Secretary, Mrs. DeVos has reached out to many sources of educational support. She visited a charter school in Miami sponsored by the Rapper Pitbull. She was not deterred by a level of criticism of the rap artists that his lyrics were offensive to women. Instead, Mrs. DeVos celebrated the achievement of charter education in Pitbull’s hometown of Miami, and in schools he sponsored elsewhere in Florida.


– A Fighter for Children and Families

Educational professionals do not persuade Mrs. De Vos more than the families that the systems must serve. She believes that the best form of education is that chosen by the student and his or her family. Betsy DeVos may have a quiet and calm exterior, but she is a fighter; She is a determined advocate of educational choice.


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Marc Beer: The Man Who Helps Women Fight Rare Pelvic Disorders

Marc Beer is the Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of one of the most influential and fastest growing a biotechnology company, Renovia Inc. For the few who don’t know, Renovia creates products for better first-line diagnosis and treatment of rare pelvic conditions, particularly in women. The company is based in Boston.

Mark Beer’s Achievements as the CEO and Founder of Renovia Inc.


Thanks to Marc’s experience and exceptional leadership skills, Renovia has evolved from an unknown pharmaceutical start-up to a robust commercial enterprise serving millions of people from all over the world. Marc’s vast network has also enabled the company to attract high-profile investors including, OSF Ventures, Nova Strategic Investments, Western Technology Investment, Cormorant Asset Management, and Longwood Fund. These investors have invested more than $45 billion in the company.


But that’s not. The visionary was also part of the team that helped create, test, and launches Leva, Renovia’s first product. Leva recently got approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thanks to Marc’s efforts and dedication. The CEO is also part of the team that is focused on helping Renovia create and deliver products that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a pelvic condition that, according to recent research, affects more than 250 million women around the world. The visionary has also helped bring talented people on board and is helping the company come up with better products and more effective strategies.


Education and Career


Marc is an alumnus of Miami University, where he pursued a BS degree. After completing his undergraduate studies, the talented businessman went to work at Abbott Laboratories, where he served as a marketer and a customer rep. During his stint at Abbott Laboratories, Marc helped the pharmaceutical company come up with cerebral sales and marketing strategies that beat any competition that came its way. He also helped the company expand to new regions. Learn more:


A few years later, Marc left Abbott Laboratories and joined Genzyme, where he served as VP of Global Marketing. At Genzyme, he helped create, test, and launch several products, devices, and treatments to fight the rare disease around the world.


In 2000, he founded ViaCell, a biotechnology company that he later sold to PerkinElmer. The exceptional leader also served as a member of the Board of Directors of ERYP. He also serves as Chairman of Good Start Genetics.


Wes Edens an investor, a successful businessman and co-principal of Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens is an entrepreneur. Some people address him as Wesley Robert Edens. The businessman is famous for his major investment projects.

He is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Buck’s Basketball club. The club plays in the national basketball Association league.

Wesley and Marc purchased the club from businessman Herb Kohl. They acquired the Milwaukee Buck’s team for $550 million. The duo bought the team in 2014. Wes Edens is also the co-founder and a co-principal of the Fortress Investment Group. The headquarters of the Investment firm is located in New York.

Wes Edens studied in the University of Oregon. Wes Eden’s academic qualifications are not to be questioned. He was regarded as the smartest student back in school.

He finished his course and graduated in 1984. He earned himself a degree in Science in finance and business administration. He started working in 1987. This was three years after leaving school.

Eden First experience at work was at Lehman Brothers Company. Edens role at the company was a managing director and a key partner. He worked at the firm for seven years. Edens felt that his time at the company was over and reigned in 1993. He decided to pursue something different. Edens wanted to increase his increase his experience in the financial field.

Later, he joined Blackrock’s company which by then was private equity. Edens worked for Blackrock’s until 1997. He worked at the company as a partner and managing director. The financial expert ensured that various business areas in the company were running as required. In 1998, Wes Edens merged with four other principals who were also venturing in the financial field. The five principals founded the Fortress Investment Group. The co-principals were Peter Briger, Wes Edens, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward.

By 2009, the Fortress Investment Company had sold over 8% of all their shares which totalled to $600 million. Edens has been recognised as a reliable catalyst for all the success witnessed at the firm.

Being a financial expert, Edens oversaw the achievement of the Springleaf financial services. After he purchased the services, he also made sure that the Fortress Investment Company became the majority stakeholder.