Art by Men: Finding Inspiration in Misfortunes

Art takes numerous forms in a manner that is only matched by the inspirations behind them. It ranges from a simple and mundane arrangement of lines to complex 3 dimensional art pieces and paintings. Many artists draw inspirations for their mesmerizing art pieces from imagination, positive events and thoughts. Others, however, find inspiration in misfortunes such as death and accidents. It is such dark experiences that are inspirations behind some of the best art pieces in the world. One such artist who has drawn inspiration from a misfortune to develop a unique piece of art is Dmitriy Balandin. The Ukrainian piece of art is in the form of an exoskeleton made of wood. The exoskeleton art is carved in the form of walking aid. The versatility in the art is reflected in its functionality as it also doubles up as a low-cost walking aid for those suffering walking disabilities.

The beauty of art is in the story behind it. Understanding the story or inspiration behind any piece of art is crucial in establishing a deeper connection with the artist. It is also important in establishing a deeper understanding of the art. This is because art is an important outlet for releasing emotional built up for many artists. For example, many artists have used the art to mourn their losses while other such as the Chinese artist, Lei Chak Man, have merged the two contrasting concepts of life and death to create very inspiring art pieces. The progression and revolutionary changes that have taken place within the field art have been as a result of such artists who are not afraid to think outside the box. They allow audiences to look at the big picture in any piece of art. Fundamentally, art has the potential of inspiring inventions in other fields including biopic and technology if the imaginations of the artists are put into practice.

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