Andrew Sean Greer Receives Pulitzer Prize For Fiction

The Pulitzer Prizes have recently been announced, and there have been several surprises among the winners. One of the surprising winners was the novel “Less” written by Andrew Sean Greer. It isn’t a surprise winner because it isn’t an outstanding novel. It has been widely praised by literary critics. It is a surprising win because the novel is considered a comedic novel, and this is not the type of fiction that normally receives top honors from the Pulitzer judges.

“Less” is Greer’s sixth novel. It is the story of a writer who is approaching the age of 50. The main character, Arthur Less, has been invited to the wedding of his former partner. Instead of going to the wedding, which he believes will be humiliating, Arthur Less decides to take a trip around the world. On the trip he teaches and gives readings from his works before deciding to return to his home.

The novel has been favorably reviewed, and it has even been compared to the novel “Lucky Jim” written by Kingsley Amis. “Less” is one of the few purely comic novels to have won the Pulitzer in fiction.

The author of the book was very surprised when he received word of his honor. He was in Italy were he resides for much of the year. Mr. Greer had to call his friend, the author Michael Chabon, to confirm that he had really won the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.

This is not the only award for the work of Andrew Sean Greer. He has received the O. Henry Award for his short story “Darkness”. He has also been the recipient of the California Book Award, and he has received a prize from the New York Public Library.

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