An Insight to The Acquisition of JPay Inc. by Securus Technologies

The world that we live in is not the safest place to raise children; however, this might soon change with the efforts made by a few companies such as Securus Technologies. This firm was recently applauded for its endless pursuits towards improving public safety in the nation through creating and providing Wireless Containment Units to correction facilities. The purpose of these units was to block incoming calls received by contraband devices that inmates smuggle into the compounds as well as bar outgoing calls made through illegal cell phones that are used to arrange hits all from within the confinement of shackles. Throughout the country, eight inmate correction facilities have implemented the use of these wireless units, with three jails being located in Florida.



To facilitate the attempt of better public safety and to further assist prisons around the country with various concerns Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay as a wholly owned subsidiary. This acquisition promptly addressed multiple issues related to payments made by correction facilities, education of staff at prisons, tighter security within jails and overall smoother operation of jails while implementing the latest technological advances in the sector.



Securus Technologies was also given an added accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, as the dedicated teams working for Securus Technologies, have continually strived to provide excellent resolutions, prompt deliveries, honest advertisements, all based on a transparent operation that is run honestly and holistically.



Over 25 million people in the USA rely on Securus Technologies for resolutions especially in times of crisis. Securus Technologies takes this responsibility very seriously and has created a dedicated call center that resolved over 2.5 million concerns every single month. The most impressive part of the new operation is the first call success rate is at 99%, with resolutions given by the agents, all on the first call. The customer satisfaction rate is phenomenal as well; the recent total was 4.3 out of a scale of 5.


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