All-Stars Join The Eagles Onstage in Tribute to Glenn Frey

The convergence of musical legends doesn’t occur too often, yet those attending The Eagles concert on July 15 at Dodgers Stadium were treated to an unexpected duet. That was when Bob Seger joined the band onstage to sing their signature tune, Heartache Tonight.

The Eagles were appearing as part of their Classic West concert series with Fleetwood Mac, with the concert marking the first time the band had performed a full concert since the death of Glenn Frey 18 months ago. Frey was an integral component for the band and wrote a number of its biggest hits.

Seger’s connection to the band was related to the fact that nearly a half-century ago, he and Frey had recorded the song, Rambling Gambling Man. That took place in 1968 and remains one of Seger’s own signature songs.

Video that was posted online of The Eagles and Seger singing together was quickly taken off, yet Seger wasn’t the only one to help the band sing along. Country singer Vince Gill, who in the past has cited The Eagles as a heavy influence in his own songwriting, joined the group for three songs: Lyin’ Eyes, New Kid in Town and Take It to the Limit.

Yet most likely the most poignant part of the evening was when Frey’s son, Deacon, joined the band onstage. Three songs that his father had written and made famous: Already Gone, Peaceful Easy Feeling and Take It Easy, were the selections and were met with rousing applause from the audience.

The concert series itself, which involves two concerts in Los Angeles with Fleetwood Mac, followed by two more in New York, was something most Eagles fans never expected to see again. That was because two months after Frey died, Don Henley indicated that the group would never perform again.

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