Adam West of Batman Fame Passes Away

Millions of people around the world are coming to grips with the sad news the legendary Adam West has passed away. Adam West was, of course, the man who donned the cartoonish cape and cowl in the 1960’s Batman television series.


West passed away at age 88 after battling leukemia. Although the Batman television series only aired for three seasons, the programmed lived on in syndication and cable television for decades. West’s campy portrayal of Batman is among the most memorable of all portrayals in television history. Although he was not the first person to play Batman in a live-action setting and he definitely was not the last, Adam West is the actor most associated with the role.


Children grew up watching the reruns of the series, a program designed more for lighthearted comedy as opposed to the dark, grim origins the Dark Knight found in the comics. The Batman program of the 1960’s was perfect for the time period. Unfortunately, the series was short-lived since it became part of a fad.


After the series ended, Adam West found acting roles limited although he did an enormous number of live appearances through the 1970’s.


Over the past two decades, West has received greater appreciation for his performance as Batman. Very few actors could have made Batman as memorable as West. He truly captured the fun theme of the show, which did require really having a pulse for what the audiences wanted at the time.


Adam West definitely did not slow down in his later years. Appearances on Family Guy and lending his voice to animated projects kept him busy and in the public eye. He will be surely missed by legions of fans.



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