A Look at the Life of Arthur Cinader

The world of art and fashion was recently shook. A recent article gives people a chance to consider one man’s impact on the world. Arthur Cinader, founder of fashion line J Crew, passed away of natural causes. At 90, it’s easy to say that he managed to live a full life. But the fact that he’s a man in an artistic field gives one a chance to reflect a bit more on his life and legacy.

One of the more notable things about him is that one doesn’t even really have to know who he is to know his works. Basically, anyone who’s seen more than a few examples of male fashion from the 80s should be well aware of Arthur Cinader. It might seem like an exaggeration at first. But his really was a vision that defined a decade.

His love of bright pastels often ran in stark contrast to a very down to business look in his own life. But that’s also part of how he changed the way people look at things.

The style that he created with J Crew is often thought of as yuppie. It’s a very well tailored, but still somewhat casual, look. Perhaps a step past business casual. But still quite distinct in its own way than either option had been seen before him.

This might well be one of the strongest points of his legacy. In a time when men and art were often in contrast to each other he pushed his vision. And the same can be said of fashion in general. When people look at male fashion designers it’s often within the framework of his legacy.

In his wake he’s left a singular vision for those who follow. The lesson might be a bit more geared to men in the arts. But really, it’s a case study for everyone. A reminder that men and women can strive to reach any professional goal they desire.

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