A Deere of a Different Color

In recent years, internet sensations like Instagram have aided in popularizing many hobbies, and provided millions with inspiration to pursue those hobbies for themselves. Few have been quite as successful at this as Doe Deere. Deere has become a makeup sensation on sites like Instagram and Tumblr, with her vibrant choice in colors immediately recognizable to many of her followers. She’s daring with her looks, and encourages her ‘unicorns’‘, a term of endearment for her fans, to be the same.


Despite her popularity on social media, Deere’s entrepreneurial beginnings started in a much more expected place: eBay. The handle she chose, limecrime, was much like Doe herself – in the moment, and immediately recognizable. While she started selling brightly colored garments, in 2009, she extended those wild hues to cosmetics. The entrepreneur herself never really expected the large following she gathered, but cites her unicorns as the reason she’s become so successful; like minded people who appreciate the vibrancy of life, and who aren’t afraid to reflect that in their makeup looks.


When asked about her first experience with makeup, Deere recalled a night with her childhood friends, saying that it didn’t feel right that their faces didn’t match the outfits – the kids had dressed up in ‘witchy’ attire, and Doe felt that dark pink eye shadow and brown lip gloss made them look more the part.


Doe Deere, even with her wide fan base on social media, claims she ‘wasn’t that good at makeup’, until she was into her 20’s. Wild looks that reflected her personality more than any technical skill were her norm; rhinestones glued to her eyebrows, entire looks composed of nothing but different shades of glitter – looks she called ‘bad’. The point was, Deere says, to experiment and discover what it was that¬†she¬†wanted to look like.


Though Deere would call the looks bad, it didn’t stop her social media following from exploding. There were so many people that applauded her ‘crazy’ choices in color and mediums, and even more that loved that she was willing to put herself out there. Doe Deere became a sensation because she had the bravery to be the flamboyant, colorful woman she is, without stressing about the inevitable negativity of the internet. When asked how she handled insults and internet ‘hate’, she quite simply said ‘I ignore the haters’.

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  1. Deere’s love of color, reflected in the crazy array of hues available from Lime Crime, started at an early age. As a creative and imaginative child, she was always drawn to bright shades, wearing them as much as possible. It make sense that bestdissertations do have a lot of these things to worry about than never.

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