Dr. Mark Mofid and his role in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Based in San Diego, California, Dr. Mark Mofid is an accomplished plastic surgeon. He is certified by the American board of reconstructive surgery and the American board of facial surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s rich experience and immense dedication make him one of the most reputed surgeons in California. He has an unusual educational background having attended prestigious institutions.

Dr. Mark Mofid obtained his undergraduate degree in Medicine from the Harvard University. He was later honored with an advanced craniofacial research fellowship from the John Hopkins University.

Dr. Mark Mofid specializes in facial and body reconstructive surgery. He has successfully done buttock augmentation and breast reconstruction following skin cancer removal in the past. He also owns a Cutera laser for vein treatments and hair removal.

He established a platform that nurtures individuals to become plastic surgeons and dermatologists. He dedicates them to at most four years of practice. On completion, some of the practitioners remain to work in the facility while many others go to work in medical centers as nurse practitioners.

He owns an outpatient medical center in San Diego. The facility is equipped with highly skilled and dedicated surgeons that aid patients through the surgical operation and the recovery process.

He is married to a dermatologist wife who helps him to perform skin surgery on patients. Most of the clients that visit his facility seek cosmetic, reconstructive and dermatology services.

He launched a low profile Round Gluteal Implant that helps patients to have a more natural outlook after surgery. This is one of the best innovations of Dr.Mark Mofid in his career.

His commitment and passion for medicine make him one of the best in the field. His clients and colleagues highly respect him. Dr. Mark Mofid currently works in the clinical facility at the University of California, a plastic surgeon at the Sharp Chula Medical Centre, and a surgeon at the Escondido based Palomar Medical facility.

He has written and published several articles on facial surgery and body reconstruction surgery. Most of his work has been featured in many medical journals including the global Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.



Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME

There used to be somewhat of a stigma surrounding botox, one which has significantly waned as the product and practice have become increasingly popular. One of the individuals who has decided to not just practice botox injections but to pioneer the field itself, is Dr. Mark McKenna who has recently launched a new project called, OVME (“of me”), which, the good doctor hopes, will be to the cosmetics field what Uber has been for personal transportation.

Dr. Mark McKenna acquired his degree at Tulane Medical School where, after graduating, he discerned that he could forge a more successful career as a entrepreneur than as a practicing doctor. Due to this realization, Dr. Mark McKenna began a series of businesses, starting with ShapeMed which operated out of a series of offices in Atlanta, offering cutting edge cosmetic treatments such as botox and laser hair aesthetics and general health and fitness advice and was highly successful due to McKenna’s aptitude in key-word indexing. Once 2015 rolled around Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to sell ShapeMed and joined up with a company called Lifetime Fitness, a gym chain; he quite around a year later and it was then he decided to once again found a new company called OVME, which remains his primary focus to this day.

OVME today operates under the promise of delivering cutting edge “curated medical aesthetic experiences in contemporary and welcoming environments.” In interviews Mr. McKenna has stated that his previous experience has revealed the importance of putting one’s business premium upon user experience, thus, the goal was to build a brand around a already established brand. As McKenna explains it in one of his recent interviews, there is a lot of customer recognition and trust in Botox, but very few retailers and businesses have the same level of trust with the product user base; OVME, hopes to change all of that and present a business which users will appreciate and trust as much as Botox itself.


PSI-Pay and Alternative Banking Solution across the Globe.

PSI-pay is the leading regulated Fintech Company in the UK that provides digital payments card facilities and account services. Over half of financial transactions in the UK are made through the use of credit cards, and this has contributed immensely to its growth. PSI-pay has partnered with Kerv wearables which are the leading innovators and manufacturers of contactless payment rings to ensure that cashless payments dominate the market. However, the partnership fully utilizes the use of PSI-Pay’s MasterCard license that allows users of the Kerv contactless payment ring in over 38 million locations in the world to pay.


On the other hand, Digital wallets vary based on different consumer practices across the globe. PSI-Pay has stepped in to close the gap by integrating the market. Digital wallets in Europe carry cash balances, and they can hold up multi currencies such as pounds and euros. This strategy is only operational in regions where service providers and retailers accept mobile payments. However, users should be cautious if need be to carry large balances as many governments don’t ensure electronic money. Digital wallet companies are also restrained from offering certain services that financial institutions offer such as interest payment to users. However, in America, these wallets include Masterpass and Walmart payment which unlike to European-style, they protect sensitive information and reduce the risk of the user losing money to database hackers. The American-style digital wallets cannot be an alternative to a bank account. This completely illustrates how Digital wallets vary depending on consumer practices worldwide.


PSI-Pay cubs down the gap by introducing contactless payment program. This method has a higher degree of financial security which makes it domineering in the American and Europe market. It is more efficient, fast and convenient now that the payment devices are manufactured as wearables such as rings and users do not have to carry along their smartphones, enter PIN or sign names and change batteries. This rings can transact business with any offline or online merchant who accepts MasterCard payments. Lately, relatively a small number of individuals use wearable devices to purchase goods, but they stand out to have a promising future as time runs by. Both American and European varieties of digital wallets are fast and secure even though they don’t offer the same benefits. Wearable and contactless devices, however, do the same only that they will acquire popularity because many people may opt out on waiting lines and avoid merchant-specific data breaches.

Shervin Pishevar’s Expansion of Entrepreneurship Beyond Any Border

During the first week of February 2017, Shervin Pishevar exploded the Twitter universe with a 5o tweet-storm of comments on the American economy that lasted 21 hours. People paid attention as Shervin Pishevar has proven to be a guru of sorts on the American economic stage. With his successes in business and the accuracy of his comments about what travails Facebook and other social media giants would soon experience coming to fruition, his opinions are hard to ignore.

Over the course of the tweet-storm, it became clear that Shervin Pishevar saw several signs on the economic horizon that led him to his conclusions. One of the central tweets (#27) dismissed the long-held belief that entrepreneurship is limited to America. “As I said before Silicon Valley is it longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement. Bordless.” The typos in the tweet indicate how quickly thoughts were moving through his mind. From where did such thoughts sprout? From his experience in the business world.

Recognizing that ideas have no national borders is not a new thought. The actuation of the thought through a business perspective is something new. Looking back, the process that created the thought is evident. After WWII, businesses came to believe that what was good for the United States was good for business. That moto worked its way to the smallest communities. Businesses that expanded beyond the borders of the community to create copies of themselves in other communities looked to the original physical business as the model on which to build their business in a new community.

Those businesses that continued to succeed and expand sought to protect their first model as an example of loyalty to the community that spawned them. By the 1970s, that type of loyalty fell out of favor as distant stockholders demanded attention be shifted from the community and the workers that produced the product to the dividends that the product brought to them.

What Shervin Pishevar is suggesting is a revolution of sorts. No longer is entrepreneurship a product of a culture that rewards that culture. The idea is the kernel from which success sprouts; entrepreneurship is the expansion of the idea into action. Ignoring Shervin Pishevar’s tweets on the matter will not make the revolution go away. It is already here.


Botox at Home

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine in 1999. By then had already realized that he would never get wealthy from just practicing medicine. So after medical school, he joined his father’s medical practice in their hometown of New Orleans and established a real estate company. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he lost millions of dollars. After rebuilding he dissolved the real estate company and, relocated to Atlanta in 2007.


In Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna founded ShapeMed a company offering wellness and aesthetics focused elective procedure centers.

In 2015 ShapeMed was purchased by Lifetime Fitness. After spending a year with the company it was bought out by a private equity firm and Dr. Mark McKenna has moved on to a new endeavor.


OVME is Dr. Mark McKenna’s vision for a nationwide network of cosmetic medical offices offering elective cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, nutritional and weight counseling, laser hair removal, etc. But what makes Dr. Mark McKenna’s concept unique is the OVME also features virtual patient consults and an app which functions as an Uber for Botox patients. The app allows a customer to connect with a freelance practitioner who can make on-demand consults and house calls.

In an interview with Forbes, Dr. McKenna states that a network of practitioners will be established that function similar to Uber or Lyft. Practitioners consist of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that they have raised more than 4 million dollars led by an Atlanta investment firm and that the first two centers will open in Atlanta and Nashville. He states that the primary competition for OVME will be local and regional competitors. He goes on to say that presently there is no national competition for OVME and he projects that the business will grow by 25 million dollars over the next five years.



Waiakea Water: Better than the Tap.

Founded in 2012 by CEO Ryan Emmons Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a safe, clean and healthy alternative to tap water, or even most other bottled water.

Using a family-owned water source on the big Island of Hawaii, Emmons first had the idea of bottling the water on his uncles land at the base of Mauna Loa as a young man. After finishing college he followed through on the idea and founded Waiakea.

On Mauna Loa- the second largest volcano on Earth- it rains nearly every day. The volcano is one of the rainiest places to be found on Earth making it a perfect source of fresh water. The water itself is filtered through 14K feet of volcanic rock which naturally filters the water and removes the acidic compounds while adding minerals to the water supply.

Acidity in liquids consumed, including water, can lead to health problems. Most sodas are extremely acidic. Acidity is measured by the pH scale: The higher the number the less acidic compounds in the water. Soda usuallt comes in between 2.5 and 3.5 on this scale, making it as acidic as vinegar. Waiakea has a pH of 8.2, which is decisively non-acidic, or alkaline. Most bottled water is under 7, which is considered neutral.

Alkaline waters such as Waiakea can help with acid re-flux & other stomach acid issues by providing a neutralizing presence in the stomach. It is also easier for the body to absorb hydration from alkaline water as opposed to acidic water. Waiakea also contains more than a full days worth of silica, a compound that helps maintain cognitive function as the body ages.

Waiakea is also deeply concerned about and involved with fighting climate change. They use recycled plastic for their bottles which results in 90% less water use to produce packaging for their water than most companies. They have been certified CarbonNeutral and made it to the top of “10 Best Waters” list in 2015. They also have programs that help bring water to drought areas, participates in reforestation programs and uses only low emission companies for shipping their products.

Funds And The Best Overseer: Count On Fortress Investment Group

These years are bringing in a tremendous need for those who are trying to save money or find a way to invest money. The Fortress Investment Group, located in New York, finds the financial goldmine for all of their clients or keep their investments from folding. Currently, Randal Alan Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer. He has been in this position since August of 2013. He has strived to achieve goals that are simple but detailed. Randal Nardone allows his company to run on the fact that his clients are happy with their reports.

Fortress seems to have a way to keep all investments in order to keep any confusion down. For example, if a person has purchased a certain amount of stock in a company but are busy doing other projects, Fortress is the company to hire in the event that you don’t have time to look into what you have invested in every day. Fortress Investment Group takes on bigger companies that have become international as well. Nardone stays current with the figures that are needed in each report. He does have assistants that step in to help achieve a huge amount of success.

Nardone takes the time to ensure that each client knows about the investments that they have chosen, be he knows that his company depends on it. Randal Nardone is currently number one in his category on the Forbes list. Fortress Investment Group is said to be a hedge fund. Basically, they help to keep businesses together and their finances debt-free by using a pool of companies and overseeing their assets in this business pool. With all of the ideas for Fortress Investment Group in place, Randal Nardone will continue to be successful. Before becoming the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone became a graduate of Boston University School of Law along with graduating from the University of Connecticut with English and Biology degrees.