From Humble Roots to International Recognition: The OSI Group Story

OSI group is one of the globe’s largest suppliers of food. The business’ history has deep roots in the American immigration experience. It was started by Otto Kolchowsky, a German that migrated into the booming Chicago population during the 20th century. He opened a retail meat market center as well as a butchery to provide services to the community. His amazing business ethics, as well as aptitude, allowed him to expand into a wholesale and in 1928, the business rebranded as Otto & Sons. After the rebranding, the several following decades opened up the firm to new opportunities. Such business opportunities came up in the form of partnership with a newly established McDonald’s restaurant that expanded its profit margins as the industry expanded. The company became McDonald’s main supplier of meat for hamburgers. Hence due to the consistency embodied in McDonald’s products, they became a central part of the global expansion of the business, giving them international exposure.

A significant aspect of the OSI group’s global transition into newer markets and adoption of more modern technology was the entry of Sheldon Lavin. After entering the firm as a CEO, he utilized his international financial exposure to bring OSI group to other markets outside the United States. OSI group entered into different partnership agreements with various firms including Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994. The expansion initiative introduced by Sheldon Lavin allowed the firm to have substantial investments in poultry, bacon, sausages and many of the meat products primarily consumed in the industry. Majority of these growth ventures happened via mergers and acquisitions. Although by the end of the first decade in the 21st-century majority of OSI Group’s business were outside the United States, it maintained its original headquarters in Metropolis. All international ventures consisting of acquisitions and mergers that the company attained in its diversification drive never attained oversees management. The firm maintained its original culture with the goal of keeping the companies‘ initial effect on the market but still link efficiently with the parent company.

Globally, there are very many products that are under the OSI Group brand including non-meat products. This is in fulfillment of their core objective of developing new and better products for market consumption. They have integrated new technology in value addition and safety standards with their partners on the ground. Considering the simple start of OSI group as an ordinary butcher shop and growth into one of the biggest food suppliers in the globe, it has wholly benefited from its business effort.


Prince Left A Legacy For Other Man In The Arts

When people think about men in the arts, they probably think of old painters whose paintings hang on the wall of museums. Or, maybe a vision of the starving artists on the streets of major cities come to mind. In today’s society, men in the arts include those who render services or products in the visual, audio, or any type of performance industry. Clothing designers, furniture designers, singers, actora, craftsmen, and many others fit into the profile as men in the arts. Everyone remembers the beloved singer, actor, and writer, Prince, who left an entertainment legacy when he passed away.


One of the things that Prince will be most noted for is his extravagant style in fashion. There were no boundaries for him. From his many purple outfits, his pants with booty cut outs, his many hair styles, or his choice in shoes, and high heels, he was always full of surprises that pleased, and amazed his fans. It was not only his singing that people loved, but his sometimes bazaar fashions that left them talking. Prince was also versatile in his music styles. He was a pop, R&B, and rock icon who inspired people, and other artists, to take risks. Your text to link…


Whether he was called by the name of Prince, The Purple One, His Royal Badness, or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, his music, and singing style was unmistakable. This man of the arts was proud of the feeling of freedom that he got from his music. He was free to exhibit his body, his sexuality, and music freedom in every aspect of his entertainment endeavors. Very few men in the arts can take claim to the many attributes that Prince embodied. Regardless of his many, sometimes, outrageous outfits, and the many liberties he took on stage, Prince was still a valuable role model who gave unselfishly. The world will always fondly remember the fantastically superior performances of the icon, Prince.

Crossover to Country – Steven Tyler’s Influences and New Documentary

Steven Tyler is well-known as the lead singer of famous rock band Aerosmith. The band was formed in 1970. Their unique sound catapulted them to the top of the rock charts. Their momentum has shifted over the years, but they remain relevant despite the new music they’re up against. Their sound is rooted in blues, funk, R&B, rock, and country. Steven Tyler recently stepped into his country boots on a solo offshoot. His new documentary is Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb, and it details the events leading up to and during his temporary departure from Aerosmith.

The rock hero is most recently known as a judge on the hit show American Idol. Before that, he spent decades as the drummer and frontman of Aerosmith and made an impression on the country music scene. There’s hardly a country song today that doesn’t have melodies of rock mixed with it. Tyler’s long career in rock music surely made an impact. He released his first country solo two years ago with We’re All Somebody from Somewhere. The band Loving Mary backs Tyler currently. His contributions to country music enabled this smooth transition.

Tyler has performed with Aerosmith for over forty years. This small departure marks the need for a break for the entire band. Artistically, any singer needs time away from their band after a period like that. His new backing band will be mentored by him and possibly provide the collaboration effort Tyler is searching for.

In the new documentary, guitarist Nathan Barlowe talks about their songwriting influences. He explains that the new songs performed by Steven Tyler with Loving Mary were co-written by fans of Aerosmith. They may have been inspired by the many Aerosmith songs which have gritty country sound themes to them. Covers like Back Back Train and Jesus Is on the Main Line, or songs such as The Farm, Back in the Saddle, Last Child, and Mama Kin all have that country influence. Famous Aerosmith song I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing was even covered by country artist Mark Chestnutt. There are endless examples. Tyler obviously has a reverence for the style.

The new documentary may have been misnamed. The rocker may be from Boston, but he has the edge that any country artist needs. He stays true to his Boston roots while authentically grinding into the edge of country music with his new work. Check out Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb to learn more about his crossover.

Is Male Artists’ Domination A Sign Of Gender Inequality?

Despite the efforts that have been established to ensure that women receive equal treatment with men, gender inequality continues to be a social concern. Today, the number of male artists surpasses that of female artists. Several questions arise from this situation. Does it mean that women are not as talented as men? Or are women looked down upon such that they have to overcome several obstacles before they can achieve prosperity in the arts just like men?




According to the Forbes Magazine,




Discrimination against women in the arts is noticeable. Male artists tend to receive more respect and recognition on several occasions. Looking at the 60th Grammy award that took place this year, it is clear that the society promotes the domination of male artists. It is regrettable that men received most of the awards. Notably, out of the 84 awards, only 11 were won by female artists. It is even worse that only one woman was awarded the solo award. Arts amongst other activities are one of the best tools that can be used to create gender balance in the society. Instead, arts are used as the tools to propagate the discrimination of women. The Grammy Awards was an indication that it will take a lot to do away with male artist dominance. The president of the reporting academy at the Grammys even went ahead to bash women saying that they should step. Such comments are not acceptable considering that women are working as hard as their male counterparts.




The dominance of male artists in art is not a problem that has just resurfaced. It has been there since time immemorial. While it is not right that male artists are recognized, and women are criticized, the society is the one that has propagated the existence of this situation. It is time that people acknowledge that women in the arts also need to be respected. Sadly, it will probably take a very long time.

Doe Deere and Unrivaled Colors

Doe Deere is the catchy moniker of the gal who established Lime Crime, a famed cosmetics brand that operates out of Los Angeles, California. Her eye makeup is always flawless and precise. Her hair is eye-catching and memorable, too. People who look at Deere even for a second know that she’s not the kind of lady who likes to keep to herself. Her makeup company isn’t one that ever stays low-key and subdued, either.


Deere defines “cult” in a clear way. She thinks that things that have cult labels are distinctive and one-of-a-kind. She indicates that cult sensations are entities that offer the public things that are inimitable. Deere thinks firmly that Lime Crime has been lavishing consumers with items that cannot be copied by others for a decade now. The noted brand came into reality in 2008.


Lime Crime is a brand that’s known for making products that are totally devoid of cruel practices. It’s a brand that’s completely vegan, too. Animal byproducts and the Lime Crime name simply do not go hand in hand. Deere wouldn’t have it any other way, either. She’s in no way, shape or form someone who ever endorses testing on animals. The company manages a significant amount of charitable activities for organizations that center around animals. That’s the reason she thinks that it’s totally logical for it to take a vegan approach.


Deere understands that errors are inevitable for all human beings. She knows that they’re par for the course in the business universe, too. She doesn’t think that entrepreneurs should ever beat themselves up about errors. She thinks that they should employ them as precious chances for expansion and education. Deere states that Lime Crime has been through its share of ups and downs throughout the years it’s been around. She also states that it has navigated these issues. The issues only made it even more powerful.


This makeup genius has an enthusiasm for life as an entrepreneur that may be difficult for others to fully comprehend. She has some superb suggestions for younger individuals who want to launch makeup brands by themselves, too. She recommends that they search for openings that may be available within the scene. She recommends that they constantly ponder up-and-coming crazes as well. She wants them to go with their guts.


Deere in the past was solely in charge of creating beauty items for Lime Crime. She currently has the assistance of a skilled staff, however. She reveals that coming up with unparalleled products is something they all do harmoniously.


This lady loves color and taking complete advantage of it. That may be the understatement of the century. She knows that there are many people out there who are uncomfortable with sporting colors that are rather conspicuous. That’s why she frequently tells them that they should test noticeable colors out before they set foot outside of their front doors. This can help them adapt with much more ease. Home experimentation can make people feel a vibe of relaxation. Learnn more: