Louis Chenevert; the Man Who Marries Management to Leadership

It is critical to celebrate people who highlight alarming issues early. Moreover, it is essential to surround yourself, top performers, because you are as good as your team. Those are the words of Louis Chenevert, an executive business leader, a revered professional, entrepreneur, and mentor.

The Interview

Over the years, this Canadian businessman has gained tremendous popularity following his contribution to United Technologies Corporation where he served as the chief executive officer. In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Chenevert admits that there were challenges appended to leading the pack. However, being a dedicated business leader, he grasped every challenge with some strategy put in place to deal with the issue. Here is a short excerpt about his career and life before joining UTC.

Early Life and Career

When talking about legacy and excellent leadership, Louis Chenevert is the ideal figure that should come to mind. For starters, before joining UTC, he ensured that he cemented his career around different yet revolutionary projects as well. Therefore, he worked at General Motors for about fourteen years, followed by Pratt & Whitney. In both capacities, Chenevert held senior positions in which he managed to serve diligently and ensure that the organizations’ shares plummeted. Other than that, he has often admitted that his career took a positive turn when he joined UTC.

Joining and Working at UTC

It is factual that Louis Chenevert has been instrumental in growing United Technologies Corporation. At the mention of the company, everyone realizes that even the employees are impressed by his contribution to elevating the firm into an international service provider. Moreover, he has vastly contributed to the mending of great partnerships. Therefore, when he stepped down at the end of his reign, it was clear that his legacy would rein on. For that reason, Chenevert has been defined as a great influencer who dedicates most of his time to developing great working strategies for every client.

The General Observation

It is true that management and leadership are intertwined. Therefore, for a leader to be described as not only successful but also instrumental, he or she must have the capacity of marrying management to leadership. As illustrated by Chenevert, a great business leader, it is highly possible to link the two and attain excellent results.


Cedric the Actor? Comedic Entertainer Trying his Chops at Drama

It is not uncommon for actors well-versed in comedy to branch out and try their chops at the more serious roles in an attempt to gain recognition for something outside of their comfort zone.


What isn’t as common is for a comedian to take this road twice, after failing the first time.


Cedric the Entertainer is back at it a second time after his first shot at Cedric the Actor failed miserably in 2008. Cedric’s first attempt to recast himself in the eyes of Hollywood was through a Broadway play co-starring Haley Joel Osment and John Leguizamo. Despite the high-profile cast and being head up by writer David Mamet, the production of “American Buffalo” was a bomb and Cedric’s attempt to reinvent himself was dead on arrival.


Not one to give up, Cedric is back with a serious role in the film “First Reformed”, playing the role of a head pastor guiding a junior colleague played by the venerable Ethan Hawke. Opening in limited release on May 18, “First Reformed” is a big departure from Cedric’s roles in recent years which have focused solely on comedic performances.


Early reviews bode well for the success of “First Reformed” as well as Cedric’s performance. An early leading candidate for one of the year’s best pictures will certainly boost Cedric’s stock and catapult him from the pigeon-holed comedic roles of his past to being considered for more thoughtful and serious roles.


In addition to the new opportunity in film, Cedric is reinventing himself through a variety of mediums including his new sitcom, “Welcome to the Neighborhood”. The new show on CBS will enable Cedric to push the boundary of his creative license and subsequently open even more doors.

Josh Brolin Currently tearing Up Hollywood

You probably knew Josh Brolin for his star-turning performance in ‘No Country For Old Men’, at least if you weren’t much of a comic book fan. Nowadays, it is hard to talk about the grounded actor in any way other than his work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The reason being? Brolin is the defining villain of Marvel’s decade of work, culminating in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ which stars Brolin as the iconic Thanos. On the other side of the movie theater aisle, Brolin is starring in ‘Deadpool 2’ as the iconic villain-turned-antihero, Cable. ‘Infinity War’ is currently on track to become one of the highest grossing films int he history of cinema while ‘Deadpool’ will likely follow track, albeit at a more measured rate due to its R-rated nature.


If you were to roll through Josh Brolin’s IMDb resume before his work on Marvel, you’d likely see the ultimate actor’s actor. Brolin is notoriously fickle with the work he chooses to pursue and his dominating stature and gravely voice can make it hard to see the actor in any other kind of role. However, Brolin has been leaning into his turn atop the comic book ladder and now he is even getting a comic book made after him, the actor, Josh Brolin!


While Thanos was largely a CGI construct in ‘Infinity War’, albeit, with amazing graphical work, Brolin’s turn as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’ required an intense fitness routine. Brolin was able to completely reinvent his body in order to inhabit the character of Cable, a super-soldier with biceps that would fit right alongside people like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The comic book that we mentioned above, named ‘Cable Built’, is essentially just a clever piece of media that follows Brolin’s nutrition and weightlifting routine during his transformation process for Cable. Fans who want to get ‘Cable Fit’ now have the outline laid out for them. With that being said, unless you have some of Brolin’s resources (namely Marvel’s intense interest in your endeavors), you might have some trouble getting there.

Sheku Kanneh-Mason, 19, Plays Cello At Royal Wedding And Instantly Becomes Star

He is only 19, and his name is Sheku Kanneh-Mason, and on Saturday morning, he shot to fame within seconds.


Kanneh-Mason played the cello at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and right away, social media began swooning over the handsome musician. On Twitter, women went wild and dubbed Kanneh-Mason the “Cello Bae.”


According to a report in Saturday’s BBC, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted a different royal wedding, one that featured tradition and black culture. The newspaper reported that royal wedding watchers across the pond in the United States had welcomed the black influence during the moving nuptials. Folks went to Twitter to tweet about the “gospel choir,” “Sheku Kanneh-Mason” and “Martin Luther King”.


Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had seen the young cellist perform in London last summer and were blown away by his talent, so they asked him to be a part of the royal nuptials.


Kanneh-Mason says he was so honored, he could not turn down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He called the invitation an honor and a privilege, and he couldn’t wait to perform.


He was supposed to have a gig elsewhere on Saturday. According to one news source, Kanneh-Mason was going to be the guest soloist with the L.A. Chamber Orchestra during a performance in Glendale, California over the weekend.


Sheku Kanneh-Mason said he was “bowled over” to play at the royal wedding, and his performance was very moving and so graceful. Check him out here on YouTube.


Kanneh-Mason was accompanied by an orchestra and played three pieces, and these included Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” Gabriel Fauré’s “Après un rêve” and Maria Theresia von Paradis’ “Sicilienne.”


Sheku Kanneh-Mason is studying at the Royal Academy of Music. He’s been playing the cello since age six.

Kamil Idris on Trump’s Trade Wars and Intellectual Property Rights

This past March, U.S. President Donald Trump shared plans to impose a strict, new regimen of tariffs on Chinese imports. Dr. Kamil Idris, a professor at the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM) in Switzerland, notes the tariffs are valued at around $50 billion. With his work at ICAM falling under the International Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Idris is well-versed in the intricacies of international trade.

President Trump believes, as do many observers, that China is advantaging itself through acquisitions of U.S. tech patents and innovation. According to a United States Trade Representatives Report from 2017, China’s actions amount to intellectual property (IP) theft numbering hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Kamil Idris worries, though, that these tariffs, which affect most U.S. trading partners, though Mexico and Canada are shielded, for the time, by NAFTA, may lead to a trade war, not only with China, but Europe as well. A trade war could lead to a slowdown in economic growth that the embattled U.S. President may want to avoid.

These perceived financial losses in IP stem from government findings that China, purchasing ownership stakes in American companies, forces those businesses to share technology and IP with Chinese subsidiaries. There is an added concern, says Dr. Idris, that resources in China are conducting outright cyber theft of American IP. None of this is helped by the fact that many international firms are willing, in effect, to buy access to the lucrative Chinese market by trading IP secrets and technologies. Idris also has concerns about whether the President’s actions are legal and justified, noting that civil and criminal law proceedings are more effective when the IP theft is at the hands of individuals, rather than governments.

Dr. Idris also lends his background in trade law and intellectual property law to the mission of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), acting as the Director of the Geneva-based organization. Under his leadership, WIPO launched World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated April 26 each year, to bring attention and awareness to complex issues surrounding trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

With his work at ICAM, Kamil Idris is able to channel his knowledge into a historic forum for addressing and resolving international trade disputes and matters of IP. His talents and knowledge are much sought-after, and he works tirelessly, outside the framework of these organizations, to carry out their missions. Dr. Idris is frequently invited by some of the world’s biggest organizations to handle matters of arbitration, working towards his goal of international cooperation.



Comparing SEO to Talk Fusion

The internet marketers that have been around for years will admit that the internet has changed a lot in the past couple of years. Less than five years ago, the way to succeed online is by using SEO. The techniques that were needed to succeed as an internet marketer did not require actually reaching out and engaging the community. Introverts had the easiest time making money online through online marketing. Then the changes in algorithms have caused people to have to make a lot of changes to their approach to marketing. Many sites that have succeeded have failed under the new system.


One of the methods that marketers have looked into is email marketing. However, they had to find some kind of way to bring people the content they need to succeed. Fortunately, Talk Fusion has come into the market as the solution to the challenges that came with online marketing. Talk Fusion offers people video usage. People can now send videos in their emails with Talk Fusion. As more marketers have seen this type of feature, they have seen how much of an advantage they can have over other marketers, and they have increased their sales with the use of this app. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial


One thing that customers are looking for is convenience. The marketer that makes things easier for the customer is going to make the most sales. This is one of the reasons that Talk Fusion has been such a success. Bob Reina has seen a challenge and come up with an opportunity to help marketers overcome this challenge. One other thing about Talk Fusion is that it is a lot easier to make money using the app than it is through SEO. Therefore, marketers have something to look to when one of the methods fail them in making money.


The Evolution of Cedric the Entertainer

Fans of Cedric the Entertainer have known him for his comedy routine over the years. A lot of people are able to recognize him from The Steve Harvey Show. This is one of his lifelong buddies that he has made a lot of successful moves within the entertainment business.


Over time there have been a ton of people that have been interested in seeing the growth of Cedric the Entertainer as an actor. He has been able to deliver in television shows and movies. Over time Cedric would move away from Steve Harvey and create an even bigger name for himself. He would gain shows on various networks where he was the lead.


Cedric is currently working on a TBS show with Tracy Morgan and Tiffany haddish, but in this role he is still playing a comedic role. When it comes to the arts people are only going to look at your evolution as an artist when you can transition from the thing that you are most commonly known for.


What Cedric the Entertainer has become known for over the years is comedy. It has now been said that Cedric has arrived because he has transitioned from a comedic role in one of his upcoming projects to that of a drama role for an actor.


This is big news because Cedric has been in the show business game for more than two decades. He has even done stand-up comedy shows. His ability to capture a whole new audience with dramatic roles will be groundbreaking for his career. This is typically the thing that makes people pay more attention to an actor because they have to reach deep.


This is one of the reasons why there has been critical acclaim for dramatic roles that have been taken on by Will Smith over the years. He has been someone that has been taking much more seriously as an actor because he was able to move beyond his comedic roots.

Nick Vertucci’s Tips on Flipping a House

There are multiple ways to generate income as a real estate investor. Some people enjoy investing in real estate because they like looking at homes. Others want to make as much money as possible. With so many real estate investing strategies, the entire process can be arduous for some people. Learning from a real estate mentor can help people take their income to a new level.

Nick Vertucci is one of the most prominent real estate coaches in the country. He operates a real estate academy that helps thousands of people each year. Nick teaches people how to flip homes for a profit. Flipping a house refers to buying a home quickly and then selling it for a profit. Although flipping a home can be risky, it is also a great way to earn additional income.


One of the most significant challenges when investing in real estate is developing a financing plan. Few people have the cash to invest in real estate with loans. Nick teaches his clients how to prepare themselves to talk to a bank. If a person cannot get a loan from a traditional bank, there are other options available to get capital. For example, online lending is becoming a significant trend in the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci teaches people to borrow money up to a certain point based on their income. Some people borrow too much money and end up with a financial disaster.

Fixing Up A Home

Buying a home in need of various repairs is the best way to make a profit flipping a house. Homes in lousy shape generally sell for much less than market value. For a small investment of time and money, a home can be transformed into something much more beautiful. The real estate investor can then sell the house for a massive profit. It is not uncommon to see people selling a home for tens of thousands more than they paid. This strategy is exceptionally profitable in real estate markets with little inventory.

Nick Vertucci recently released a book, and he plans to continue growing his business in the future. Anyone who wants to learn about real estate should work with Nick Vertucci.

From Humble Roots to International Recognition: The OSI Group Story

OSI group is one of the globe’s largest suppliers of food. The business’ history has deep roots in the American immigration experience. It was started by Otto Kolchowsky, a German that migrated into the booming Chicago population during the 20th century. He opened a retail meat market center as well as a butchery to provide services to the community. His amazing business ethics, as well as aptitude, allowed him to expand into a wholesale and in 1928, the business rebranded as Otto & Sons. After the rebranding, the several following decades opened up the firm to new opportunities. Such business opportunities came up in the form of partnership with a newly established McDonald’s restaurant that expanded its profit margins as the industry expanded. The company became McDonald’s main supplier of meat for hamburgers. Hence due to the consistency embodied in McDonald’s products, they became a central part of the global expansion of the business, giving them international exposure.

A significant aspect of the OSI group’s global transition into newer markets and adoption of more modern technology was the entry of Sheldon Lavin. After entering the firm as a CEO, he utilized his international financial exposure to bring OSI group to other markets outside the United States. OSI group entered into different partnership agreements with various firms including Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994. The expansion initiative introduced by Sheldon Lavin allowed the firm to have substantial investments in poultry, bacon, sausages and many of the meat products primarily consumed in the industry. Majority of these growth ventures happened via mergers and acquisitions. Although by the end of the first decade in the 21st-century majority of OSI Group’s business were outside the United States, it maintained its original headquarters in Metropolis. All international ventures consisting of acquisitions and mergers that the company attained in its diversification drive never attained oversees management. The firm maintained its original culture with the goal of keeping the companies‘ initial effect on the market but still link efficiently with the parent company.

Globally, there are very many products that are under the OSI Group brand including non-meat products. This is in fulfillment of their core objective of developing new and better products for market consumption. They have integrated new technology in value addition and safety standards with their partners on the ground. Considering the simple start of OSI group as an ordinary butcher shop and growth into one of the biggest food suppliers in the globe, it has wholly benefited from its business effort.

Learn More: www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

Prince Left A Legacy For Other Man In The Arts

When people think about men in the arts, they probably think of old painters whose paintings hang on the wall of museums. Or, maybe a vision of the starving artists on the streets of major cities come to mind. In today’s society, men in the arts include those who render services or products in the visual, audio, or any type of performance industry. Clothing designers, furniture designers, singers, actora, craftsmen, and many others fit into the profile as men in the arts. Everyone remembers the beloved singer, actor, and writer, Prince, who left an entertainment legacy when he passed away.


One of the things that Prince will be most noted for is his extravagant style in fashion. There were no boundaries for him. From his many purple outfits, his pants with booty cut outs, his many hair styles, or his choice in shoes, and high heels, he was always full of surprises that pleased, and amazed his fans. It was not only his singing that people loved, but his sometimes bazaar fashions that left them talking. Prince was also versatile in his music styles. He was a pop, R&B, and rock icon who inspired people, and other artists, to take risks. Your text to link…


Whether he was called by the name of Prince, The Purple One, His Royal Badness, or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, his music, and singing style was unmistakable. This man of the arts was proud of the feeling of freedom that he got from his music. He was free to exhibit his body, his sexuality, and music freedom in every aspect of his entertainment endeavors. Very few men in the arts can take claim to the many attributes that Prince embodied. Regardless of his many, sometimes, outrageous outfits, and the many liberties he took on stage, Prince was still a valuable role model who gave unselfishly. The world will always fondly remember the fantastically superior performances of the icon, Prince.