Dr. Mark Mofid has been featured in articles by TechNewsSpy and As a renowned board certified plastic surgeon with an emphasis in gluteal augmentation, he makes his home and practice in the La Jolla suburb of San Diego where he owns and operates his own private practice. Along with his practice, he is an educator and a staff surgeon at some of the local area hospitals. Along with being a Harvard graduate, he also attended John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is also a publicist for his reconstructive surgery work.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s most notable accomplishments are from his elective surgery practice. He is known for using innovative technology and advanced procedures which ensure invasive options and minimum recovery times. One innovated piece of equipment well known to his patients is the cutera laser which allows for less discomfort for his patients and results in a better look and feels after the procedure. He is also known for his work with buttocks enhancements and has revolutionized the implant surgery field by procuring more natural looking implants. His experience with buttocks implants comes mostly from Brazil’s Dr. Raul Gonzalez, a pioneer in the field of buttock’s implants. Mofid’s reputation in implant surgery is contributing to the field’s rise in popularity in this country.

In all of the articles, Dr. Mark Mofid has a reputation for putting patient’s safety first, even though these same patients ask for larger implants. He will only work on procedures that are deemed safe and always elects to not put his patients at risk for later problems. Mark pays special attention to detail when it comes to science and is known for thinking outside the box and revolutionizing the industry as a whole.

The future is bright for Dr. Mark Mofid. As an innovator and industry leader, he continues to learn, explore and think of other ways to improve the entire industry. Personally, I am not one to judge someone for what they do for a living but I can respect someone who helps cancer and trauma survivors and enjoys their work.

OSI Group is Moving Food Service Products into the Future

OSI Group is a privately held food processing company with local ties and a global reach. Based in Aurora, Illinois, the company operates more than 50 facilities in more than 15 countries and provides food services and retail brands to its customers. The company realizes its most important asset is its employees. They believe every person can make a difference and provides such a climate that attracts the best and brightest and allows them every opportunity to flourish and grow while bringing new and improved innovations to the operations.

The company got its start back in 1909 when a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky opened a family owned meat market in the Oak Park neighborhood of Illinois. A few years later, he expanded his business and became a wholesale meat trader. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for offering quality food products.

OSI Group acquired the former Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago and added the facility to its line-up of production and distribution. Since Tyson was closing this particular plant, the remaining employees found employment opportunities with OSI Group. According to OSI, the 20,000 square foot acquisition will further support OSI business growth.

Also being acquired was Baho Food. They are a Dutch owned operation and focus on the manufacturing of snacks, deli meats and convenience foods. By adding Baho to the OSI family gave them a broader reach in Europe. Baho’s offerings are the perfect complement to OSI’s offerings. Baho is made up of subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany and serve customers in 10 countries in Europe. The OSI and Baho team collaborated on a growth strategy for the combined offerings. The management team at Baho was very excited about becoming part of the OSI family. It would help them better leverage their capabilities being a part of OSI. The acquisition of Baho Foods by OSI has accelerated Baho’s growth and gives them a giant step closer to their goals.

The OSI Group works with each customer to create and manufacture custom made products to meet their specifications. OSI will also bring to the table supply chain solutions that address a company’s most challenging distribution. Even though OSI works globally, they also work within the local markets and take advantage of the local talent. They are also conscience of local customs and culture and plan and prepare food accordingly. The company has accrued a vast array of experience and creativity over the years and has the ability to develop what clients need to achieve their food service goals.

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Doe Deere: Entrepreneur and Pioneer

Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free makeup company, was founded by Doe Deere in 2008. Her mission was to provide something new, that would stand out among other makeup giants already in the marketplace. Doe Deere wanted to found a company that was in line with her beliefs about not testing on animals and working with animal charities.

Lime Crime is known for being bold and new and having a cult following. Founder, Doe Deere, thinks that this is because her product, and the way they market it, is unique to their brand. For example, Lime Crime just launched new products with the Pantone color of the year, ultraviolet. This is just one example of the way Doe Deere has created a product so keen on innovation and inspiration. In fact, she would advise up and coming entrepreneurs to think about gaps in the market place and where they might be able to fill those gaps with a really neat, new product. She goes on to recommend thinking about what you would like to see in the market place and making that happen!

Another thing that Doe Deere wanted to incorporate in her company was makeup that was completely smudge proof and that’s what Lime Crime has become known for. Doe Deere will not release a new product unless her entire team believes in it and is behind it.

Bold and glittery products can often be found in the Lime Crime line. Doe Deere thinks that this is because we are in an age where self-expression is extremely valued and fostered. People are able to express themselves using makeup in ways that they may not have been able to before. And now Lime Crime is here to help them.

There is so much thought put into every product and every pallet that Doe Deere says there is a story that goes with every color pallet. Usually it is focused on a certain look or style that could be conveyed through the colors, their products are never random. This allows users to have a more complete and thoughtful look as they experiment with bold colors and glitter.

If you are not used to using bold and glittery shades in your makeup, Doe Deere suggests that you start with something small to see how you like it and to try wearing it at home first. She explains that the more you see yourself in these bold colors and interesting shades, the more comfortable you will become with being out in the world looking bold. She also explains that it will help project more confidence as you rock your new look.

People have been raving about the packaging of Lime Crime, in fact, Instagram cannot seem to get enough of it. Her product packaging is inspired by nostalgia, toys and things that remind her of candy. Nothing dull or boring and always unique to Lime Crime.

Instgram has been very helpful in terms of launching new products and getting the Lime Crime name out there. Doe Deere explains that her company loves to interact with people on Instagram and loves to see people using her product. Lime Crime has also branched out into hair dye, another passion of Doe Deere.

Everything that Doe Deere does, and the mission of Lime Crime, is to help people foster their individualist. Learn more:

Author David Faris Releases Widely Anticipated Second Book

In the wildly oversaturated field of political commentary there is no shortage of hot takes and clickbait titles, so when an author releases a well planned and thoughtful piece of political commentary it is worth celebrating. On April 10th, author David Faris is releasing his second book It’s Time To Fight Dirty which promises to be a refreshing breath of air in a political sphere that, to say the least, has been marred with polarization.

This is the second book from David Faris, a political science professor who resides in Chicago and teaches at social justice institution Roosevelt University (as well as serving as Chair of the Political Science Department) is going on sale through respected publisher Melville Publishing. Faris first book Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age: Social Media, Blogging and Activism in Egypt was positively received by scholars of the Middle East region and this turn to American politics promises to showcase the diversity of Faris writing style. The pivot to focusing on American politics for Faris is a relatively new phenomena, as he outlines in his “Behind The Book” series for Melville Publishing, but he has routinely been putting out articles for respected progressive websites such as The Week.

While the release of the book marks just the beginning of the journey for Faris and his publishing team April 10th is a day of excitement about the things to come. Book reviews have been rolling in and they have been wildly positive thus far including Taegan Goddard of the Political Wire featuring the book in one of her columns. The new beginning in American politics is a welcome one for Faris in an era that so desperately needs his wit and humor as well as his insightful takes on how the country can begin to move forward. Keep an eye out for the book at your local stores, and don’t be surprised if you see a review in your favorite newspaper or website soon!

Rodrigo Terpins and His Confidence That Brought Him More Racing Victories

The modern metropolis we live in today is replete with exciting amusement and activities that we can hardly know where to start. We have so many new technologies that let us enjoy sports that before were just left to the elite. Truly, the world today is getting more exciting and wonderful. A witness to such excitement in the environment today is Rodrigo Terpins, the Brazilian racer who is now making a name in Brazil for consistently joining rallies and race car events that only the brave can dare.



The Brave Daring of Rodrigo Terpins



According to hackronym, with his brother Michel Terpins, who is the vice-leader in the Rally Cuesta Off-Road race in 2016 that Rodrigo Terpins joined, he has joined in many of the race rallies today that helped define his racing career. The 24th Edition Sertoes Rally was not an easy task. There was such a high degree of tension and intimidation from the competition, but that wasn’t a reason for Rodrigo Terpins and his brother to really push for what they think should be achieved. The pilots joining the race were using the T-Rex vehicle that Rodrigo and his MEM team developed. This was already the 7th participation of Rodrigo Terpins in the said rally category, and fortunately it still paid off because of the overall ranking that they gained.



The Confidence From Previous Victories



It’s already a little surprise why Rodrigo Terpins joined the last Sertoes Rally. He already is not new to victories. He’s already built a name with his team of winning a series of rallies before such edition. In fact, the T-Rex vehicle they had was already even awarded the Carbon Free Seal of the Green Initiative because of the efficiency in the fuel usage it has without compromising the quality of the car’s speed. For more info you can visit




With such record of victories, there’s little wonder that Rodrigo Terpins would still be reaching incredible heights and series of victories that would not have been possible without the help of his team. Rodrigo Terpins can go further because he doesn’t also stop in his current achievements. He moves on and looks for newer challenges to confront.

YouTube’s Top Videos Including “Despacito” Were Hacked

According to Rolling Stone, some of the most popular YouTube videos including Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.”, were recently hacked and defaced for political purposes. The Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” Video is part of the elite group of videos with over a billion views on YouTube. However, this wildly popular Spanish love song was not the only video hacked. Videos from Drake and Taylor Swift and a few other stars were hacked as well.

The point to the hacking was unclear because it appeared there were several different hackers with some having political messages such as “Free Palestine” and others indicating it was “just for Fun”. The basic content of the hacked videos were unchanged. However, in all these cases there was a message in the Title Box that appeared and the still shots of the video had been replaced in quite a few of the videos as well.

Some of the videos were signed with “Hacked by Kuroi’SH & Prosox”. After YouTube became aware of the breach, they had to remove some of the videos from their list of video clips for a period of time. YouTube said they worked quickly to restore the videos to their original condition. These videos are now up and running again as normal.

Prosox who has a Twitter account sent out a message to YouTube saying he did it just for fun and that he loved YouTube. He also seemed to address VEVO who carries some of the videos as well. He cautions YouTube to not leave their account settings open to hackers. He also made specific reference to their top video” despicato” and tried to make light of what he had done to hack their videos.

He ended his post to them in broken English saying, “it was a fun —if we would like to harm your customers—- we would delete all the video but I did not delete “despacito” must believe me.”

Samuel L. Jackson Was an Activist in the Sixties

Most people know Samuel L. Jackson as a tough, smooth taling movie actor who made his claim to fame in Quentin Terintino’s Pulp Fiction, but long before he was an actor, Samuel L. Jackson was an activist.
While a young university student in the sixties, Jackson recalled the change that occured after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered and how that experience changed his life. Because of his drive and passion after King was murdered he ended up being an usher at King’s funeral. On the 50th anniversary of King’s asassination, he took the opportunity to reflect on the experience.

According to his essay, despite the fact that civil rights and the treatment of his people was important to him, he was not particularly active in the civil rights movement, but King’s death inspired him. One of the remarkable things about Samuel L. Jackson’s story is how a singular moment can really change the course of someone’s life and the way they are thinking. He said he went to see a movie, which was not all that memorable and that halfway through he left because someone came to tell them King was dead.

As soon as he heard that King was dead he started protesting in the streets with other students and his momementum took him to the funereal. Despite not knowing King or being much of an activist previously he volunteered to help as an usher, because he learned that they were needed to help organize people. His passion and the momentum carried him to be more active and to fight for civil rights. Some people know that he was expelled from the school he was going to at the time. It was these protests and his passion to be a part of the movement that led to his expulsion.


For the best results in building and restructuring of any construction, Aloha Construction is the best choice to select. This is because they ensure they provide services that are of great value and quality. The company is located in the United States and is made up of professionals and staff who work with a lot of effort to ensure there is perfection in their deliveries. As a result, the company, over the years, has been rated among the best as it is projected in the projects they undertake.

Aloha Construction is categorised among the best in service providence as they give personal advice on the construction and personal preference. Therefore, they are chosen by many clients who are assured of good solutions and renovations that would bring total satisfaction. These services of advice and evaluations are done for free unlike in some other construction companies.

Removal of unnecessary, assessments, cleaning, remodelling and restoration are some of the areas that Aloha Construction provides services in. The company is also specialised in exterior services such as roofing and building of gutters.

The company has grown from rags to riches. It started as a small organization to a big company which now serves in several areas in the United States. It has grown to earn a good reputation as they ensure quality service from staff that can be trustworthy and are excellent as they ensure safety and affordability.

As the saying, hard work pays, Aloha Construction has been awarded for various achievements. For instance, it got the Better Business Bureau [BBB] Torch award which aims to highlight companies that are effective and growing in their service providence. The award is also given to companies that are consistent and exemplary. It is therefore a conclusion that Aloha Construction got recognized due to its efficiency.

It is also exemplary and different as it gives charity to many people living around the region. The company works to satisfy the customers as it knows that their growth relies on their satisfaction. They also do inspections which ensure repairs are done before damages occur. It also got the award as the company gives a decade warrant.

To conclude, the construction company is the one to turn to as it gives privileges to the customers providing good services.

John Krasinski’s Directorial Effort in “A Quiet Place” Proves to be a Hit

Will the third time be the charm for John Krasinski? After two less than well-received film directorial efforts, Krasinski’s third attempt, “A Quiet Place”, opened at number one in the box office this past weekend. Taking in over $50 million, “A Quiet Place” more than doubled the amount of revenue that box office analysts had predicted the film would gross. The PG-13 horror film starring Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt opened to rave reviews from both critics and theater-goers, boding well for another stellar weekend to come. The modern monster movie is set in a post-apocalyptic time and details a family of four being forced to remain quiet in order to evade mysterious creatures who hunt their prey by sound.

Krasinski credits the revitalization of the horror genre to generating interest in his new film. The former star of the hit sitcom “The Office” now has bragging rights over Steven Spielberg, as the “The Quiet Place” bumped Speilberg’s “Ready Player One” to second place at the box office. With the film’s $17 million budget, Krasinksi is being hailed for making a lot out of a little, a sure sign of great things to come in his career as a director. Krasinski also implemented some clever marketing strategies to build interest in the film, such as using the Austin music and film festival South by Southwest to promote the movie over more traditional routes like the Sundance Film Festival. The film was also marketed in movie theaters with a series of custom previews showing audience members being attacked. The $50 million opening weekend lands “The Quiet Place” in second place for the highest opener so far in 2018, trailing only “Black Panther”.

What Makes Knockaround Guys Lawrence Bender’s Most Underrated Film?

On its surface, Knockaround Guys may not have the appearance of a film that should be the best work of someone who has the resume of Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender. However, sometimes appearances can be deceiving and the fact of the matter is that despite producing movies like Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting, Knockaround Guys is my favorite Lawrence Bender film.

Knockaround Guys is the story of the son of a mob boss named Matty and his efforts to gain his father’s approval and earn a place at the top of the hierarchy of the family business. Matty gets his chance when someone begins stealing money from his father and his father gives him an assignment to retrieve a bag of money to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Matty enlists the help of his friend Johnny to fly his plane to pick up the bag of money. However, on his way back with the money, Johnny stops in Montana to refuel his plane and while there, the money is stolen. Matty and his friends Chris and Taylor head up to Montana and together with Johnny attempt to retrieve the bag of money before Matty’s father finds out.

Knockaround Guys may sound like your standard fish out of water mafia movie, and that is because in many ways, it is. However, what sets this film apart and makes it my favorite Lawrence Bender movie to date is the performances, particularly those of Barry Pepper (Matty) and Vin Diesel (Taylor), and the chemistry of the cast in general. Chemistry is sorely underrated when it comes to critiquing films and as a result, movies like Knockaround Guys, which have superior chemistry but may be lacking in other areas, are often underrated as well.

Lawrence Bender graduated from The University of Maine with a degree in Civil Engineering, which is a far cry from where the Bronx native’s life would eventually take him. After deciding to pursue a career as a producer, Bender came out of the gates on fire. His early films include Reservoir Dogs, Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction, with the latter two winning Academy Awards. Lawrence Bender has also produced other groundbreaking films, including Jackie Brown, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 and An Inconvenient Truth.