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Vijay Eswaran is Making a Difference in Many People’s Lives

Vijay Easwaran is a philosopher who uses his life experience to help people develop some insight about life. Easwaran is a believer in living life like if one has no more time to live. His inspiration installs idea to the majority of his followers.

Easwaran advises every personality in the community. He gives inspirational talks, writes books and articles targeting various people in the modern life. Easwaran is a resource for managers and leaders who are ambitious to leading their organizations with wisdom and insight.

Vijay Easwaran addresses different issues in life. He understands almost every character, feeling and emotion such as fear, excitement, dilemma, pride, confidence, change and loneliness.

According to Vijay, fear can drive success. He states that every person is prone to fear. He understands that some people may embrace doubt, use it and harness it to propel them to their success while fear may consume others. Vijay maintains that the difference between two people, the one who embraces it and the one that is overwhelmed by it, is that the former uses fear as their stepping stone to success while the latter leads a miserable life full of unhappiness.

He continued that fear is capable of paralyzing people or strengthening them. It only depends on how one takes it. Throughout his entrepreneurial life, Vijay has learned that today is the only thing that counts in life. He says that how one lives today reflects their lives. No one knows when life is going to end. Easwaran encourages people to maximize how they spend their today.

According to Vijay, three tips describe fear. The following tips address the meaning of fear.

  1. It can either paralyze or strengthen the conceiver.

Vijay believes that fear is unwelcome feeling in one’s life. He says that fear comes in when people pursue things that they truly want. He describes that kind of fear as a signal that one is on the right track.

  1. Fear motivates growth

Vijay noted that humans live in fear of uncertainty, unfamiliar things and change. He traces this fear back to the caveman who lived his entire life in a survival mode of life. He dismisses life predictability and familiarity saying that it is not a life of development and growth.

  1. Fear can be a masked excitement

Vijay notes that fear is more of an imagination than the real thing. He takes an example of skydivers. A skydiver is excited to throw himself into the air and feel the excitement just like the bird does. On the other side, fear consumes other people who are afraid of skydiving. They only imagine the worst scenarios.

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“Incredibles 2” and #MeToo

Brad Bird, director of the upcoming Disney/Pixar film Incredibles 2, says that the decision to make Helen (Holly Hunter) the protagonist of the new movie has nothing to do with campaigns like #MeToo or #TimesUp.

As he noted during a press event earlier this month, these campaigns are relatively new, while animated films take a long time to create—since 2015, in this case, long before the Harvey Weinstein scandal and its fall-out happened last year. Helen’s newfound prominence in the narrative is thus a coincidence, not a response to any particular movement.

“I had that idea right on the heels of the first film,” he explained. “That’s the oldest idea in this movie, that and exploring Jack Jack’s powers. We don’t really respond to whatever the thing of the moment is because our lead times are so long. We just gotta tell the stories we want to tell.”

Fans of Pixar might actually recognize this pattern: with the exception of the Toy Story franchise, its sequels have opted to focus on secondary characters from the first film, for better or worse. The obvious comparison here is Finding Dory, both as the most successful example of this trope and also because it, too, worked to the benefit of a female character.

This also makes sense when you realize that, at its core, the plot of the new movie is basically one that has been used in sitcoms since at least I Love Lucy—the husband and wife switch roles, in this case getting her out of the house to campaign for superhero rights while Bob (Craig T. Nelson) stays behind and tries to keep baby Jack-Jack from blowing up the house.

While Helen’s role may not have been intended to fit the zeitgeist, it nevertheless seems timely, and will hopefully work for the film’s success when it comes out June 15.

Fortress Investment Group: Leading pioneer in the investment sector

Fortress Investment Group: Leading pioneer in the investment sector. Fortress Investment Group LLC is a renowned international investment manager. As of the end of 2017, the total number of assets that were managed by the corporation was evaluated financially to be in the proximity of 43.6 million U.S. dollars. Its client base includes private investors as well as corporations or institutions. The assets handled include private equity, real estate management and capital investments. The corporation has a total of 953 employed personnel. The company is headquartered in New York City with various branches all over the world. The company was launched in the year 1998, and its sole purpose was handling private equity investments. Its governing body includes Peter L. Briger, Jr who is the Co-CEO and Principal and is based in San Francisco. Wesley R. Edens who is a founding member and a Co-CEO, he I based in New York. The last principle is Randal A. Nardone who is the Co-Founder and is also based in New York.

The company specialises entirely in investments of assets of all types. The expertise of the company’s assets includes: pricing of the assets, owning as well as financing and managing the assets. The said assets are both physical as well as financial assets. It has an expert team with specific specialisations towards their goal and a healthy relationship with globally known institutions and individuals. The company has a vast experience in acquiring a lower cost of investments with a small risk.SoftBank Group Corporation headquartered in Japan completed the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The agreed buy out was a 3.3 billion U.S dollars which were paid for in cash. This meant that SoftBank had full ownership of all shares of the company. The announcement was made after every legal matter were completed and had full approval of the deal by the company’s shareholders. This also includes receipts of all adoptions. This merger was finalised in 2017 in December.

The outcome of this transaction implied that every Class A share of Fortress Investment Group was changed to a receivership of 8.08 US dollars. The merger of the two companies also outlined the process by which payments were to be made. The Proxy of the company entirely indicated this.The merger of Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank Group Corporation meant that the acquisition company would stop being publicly traded and hence would be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. This also implies that the financial statements of Fortress were now reflected the financial statements of SoftBank.The merger also implies that Fortress Investment Group will run its operations as a privatised business for SoftBank with its headquarters still in New York. The governing board would still be running the company as they are an intricate part of the company’s success.Fortress Investment played a significant role in the construction of the CAD athlete’s village in Vancouver over the 2010 Winter Olympics. The company was the principal investor in the project in British Colombia. It also had an acquisition for Intrawest in the year 2006.

McQuarrie Expresses Interest in “Man of Steel 2”

Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the upcoming Mission: Impossible—Fallout, says that he would be interested in directing a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel.

The question came up on a Twitter Q&A (or “McQ&A,” as he called it) to help promote the movie, which comes out July 27, 2018. When asked if he would be willing to direct a Superman movie, he responded simply “They know where to find me.”

This is amusing because Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DC Extended Universe, also worked on Fallout, where he plays August Walker. He worked on that movie shortly after “finishing” up Justice League, which did wind up causing problems when the latter film needed to do reshoots.

See, for Fallout, Cavill grew a mustache. It was in his contract that he could not shave said mustache until filming was complete—even though he now had to do reshoots for Justice League, where Superman was clean-shaven. Warner Bros. solution was to remove it with CGI, which looked… weird. It also made it easy to tell which scenes were reshoots, and that most of Superman’s original arc had been scrapped.

In any event, one cannot necessarily blame McQuarrie for this spat between studios. It is also worth noting that he has reportedly been eyed to direct a Green Lantern Corps movie, so he may have his pick of what DCEU film he wants to helm.

The first film of the DC Extended Universe has yet to get a “real” sequel; though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sort of counts, Warner Bros. claims that a Man of Steel 2 is still part of their lineup. Of course, that lineup seems to change every week or so, meaning that it is hard to determine when or if it will ever get made.

Talk Fusion Top Reasons Users Love their New App Fusion on the Go

For companies that are looking to increase their revenue, the first thing they need to focus on is their marketing efforts. Better are the marketing efforts; more would be their sales. With better sales, the revenue generated would automatically increase with time. Even though the companies are trying new and unique methods of marketing from time to time, one of the marketing methods that have gained high popularity in recent times is video marketing. It is a marketing medium that has gained a lot of popularity primarily due to its ability to engage the customers and help get better click-through rate. The conversion rate with the help of video marketing is also very high, and Talk Fusion is a company that has been reigning at the top of the video marketing niche since it started in 2007.


Talk Fusion has products and services that are embedded with video marketing features that help the companies to reach out to their target audience in an interactive and conversational manner. One of the most popular products that Talk Fusion offer is video e-mail, which is being used today by hundreds and thousands of companies and individual freelance professionals. Anyone would agree that an e-mail with a personalized video would be more engaging than a simple e-mail with just a few glossy words. It is this power of video marketing that Talk Fusion wants to capture and promote through its wide range of products and services. Its recently launched product named Fusion on the Go is a video chat app that is getting wildly popular among the individuals as well as the companies for its scalability. The Fusion on the Go video chat app can be used to hold online video conferences and meetings as well as for personal video communication with your friend and family.


Fusion on the Go helps companies not just create high-quality video marketing emails, but also allow them to send it to their customers. The new app is set to change the way people interact with each other. Talk Fusion has always been the first to introduce new video marketing features and Fusion on the Go is just another feather in the cap. Learn more:


Reeves Reveals Favorite “Batman” Stories

Matt Reeves, director of the upcoming DC Extended Universe film The Batman took time on Twitter to discuss some of his favorite stories featuring the Caped Crusader.

“There are many… I love Year One, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Ego… Many others… Neal Adams is awesome… Love the original Kane and Finger… I could go on…!” he said, answering a fan.

Batman: Year One, Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory are all in the same continuity, and the first two in particular are frequent additions to fans’ lists of favorites. The former tells of Batman’s origins and how he developed the trademarks of the persona that fans recognize today; the second is about Batman’s hunt for a killer called Holiday, with Dark Victory a sequel dealing with its aftermath and Dick Grayson’s origin as Robin.

Batman: Ego is a bit of a surprise, as it is a lesser-known story and a bit of a trippy one, largely made up of “Bruce Wayne” arguing with “Batman” inside the character’s fracturing mind. There is no major mystery or crime-fighting like in the other books, but instead a thorough exploration of what his dual identity means and what he can and cannot do.

Neal Adams was a major writer of the “Bronze Age,” who created Ra’s al-Ghul and recreated the Joker and Two-Face as legitimately interesting and scary villains. Kane and Finger, of course, are the original creators of Batman from back in the Golden Age.

Reeves is set to direct an upcoming Batman film for the DCEU, and says that he is working on ideas and scripts, though production is unlikely to start for a while. Not much of his plans is known, except that he says that he wants his story to be a noir-ish take on the character that emphasizes his detective skills. The above stories are generally consistent with that.

Clayton Hutson Knows How to Make Concerts Better

While Clayton Hutson is a musical engineer, he focuses on concerts instead of working in studios like some of the other engineers in the industry. He knows there are things he can do that make a difference and that’s part of the work he does for artists who use his help. He always wanted to make sure people had the help they needed and that’s a big part of the way he did things. Clayton Hutson likes giving other people the chances they need for success and he isn’t afraid to keep showing them that things will continue getting better despite the hard work he puts into the concerts. Even the concertgoers see the things he’s doing as a way to keep offering different opportunities. His goals are important to Clayton Hutson and he knows what it means to keep giving back to other people who are a big part of the industry.


When things got difficult for Clayton Hutson, he knew how it would help others. He didn’t give up even though he was struggling. He also knew his career was important because it helped him and other people who relied on him. The artists needed him to make sure they sounded as good as possible. They also needed someone who knew how to help others and get more from the things in the different areas. Because of the experiences Clayton Hutson puts into place, he feels good about helping other people and giving them a chance at a better future.


Even though Clayton Hutson knew things would continue changing for the artists, he wanted others to realize they could get more opportunities from the things he was doing. It was his goal of helping people and showing them how things would change. No matter what issues people ran into or what they did to get where they were at, Clayton Hutson felt good about the experiences. He didn’t want to make things hard on people and, instead, focused on giving them experiences they could benefit from on their own. He felt it was important to keep showing people how everything would change. Learn more:

Clayton Hutson Is The Go-To Tour Manager For Hundreds Of Musicians (UPDATE)


The Reporter Expert recently credited Clay Hutson to the Kid Rock Tour being a great success. Ravi Mandalia of Reporter Expert gave the background to the obstacles that Clay Hutson had overcome as Kid Rock’s Stage Manager.


The first obstacle to overcome was initially Kid Rock’s controversial statements regarding the NHL that was not well-received by hockey fans. Another scenario that led to an obstacle was Kid Rock’s “bid” for senate in Fall of 2017. The artist had created a website stating his intentions to run for a seat in 2018 but later stated that he was not serious about being a political figure. Even though Kid Rock did not end up formally running for a seat, the attention up until his later statement raised awareness towards his upcoming tour.


The Greatest Show on Earth was the initial tour name for Kid Rock. Once the owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Feld Entertainment Group, heard of this name their legal team filed a lawsuit. The implications of a lawsuit meant paying for damages therefore Kid Rock’s Tour was renamed to “The American Tour.”


Despite the obstacles leading up to The American Tour, millions of fans still came out to support Kid Rock on his tour dates. Clay Hutson’s prior experience as both a stage and production manager helped diffuse the obstacles the tour had. During interviews, he remained confident and embraced the challenge of any doubts about the tour and technology for small stages with big shows.


Hutson has worked with a number of big-name artists including Prince, Kanye West, and Pink. He praised artists who utilize evolving technology equipment to push their form of art. Going beyond their music, they are expressing themselves through their shows including stage design. He excitedly shared in a recent interview just how cutting-edge the industry is, where if you get too comfortable with observing that you can become obsolete. Specifically for show equipment, technology is continually getting more mobile, faster, and brighter. The trends of the industry are ever-changing and as a stage manager, Hutson stays on the heel of these changes.




Production Management Specialist Clayton Hudson

Clayton Hudson is a events production manager. He has worked his way up in the events scene over the past twenty years. Clayton is a Michigan native who attended Central Michigan University and earned is degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He continued his education at the University of Michigan’s Steven M. Ross School of Business and earned his Master’s degree in Business Management. While Clayton attended school he worked with many events setting up equipment, driving equipment trucks, handling lighting and performing audio duties.


Nashville may be the current home of choice for Clayton Hudson but his popularity puts him on the road for many events tours. Some big name bands that he has provided production management for include Alice in Chains, Pink, Prince, and the Smashing Pumpkins, Kelly Clarkson, Guns n Roses, Garbage, the Backstreet boys and Gwen Stefani. In addition to musical artists and bands Clayton Hudson has also been employed as a production manager for the well-known televangelist Billy Graham.


A very notable career moment for Clayton Hudson was when he served as a technical consultant for the 2016 Rio Olympics. For the span of over two years Clayton was sought out for his advice on the technical aspects of the live ceremony for the Olympics’ organizing committee.


Clayton Hutson credits his ever growing popularity to his work ethic. He continually works hard and pays extreme attention to all details. His eye for detail enhances his reputation amongst the big name performers. Clayton embraces long days and believes in a hard worth ethic. One aspect of paying attention to detail includes rechecking work continually throughout set up. The equipment checks help him to check for mistakes that may degrade the quality of his work and compromise safety for performers. He strives to organize and set up his equipment in the most effective and safe way for each event he manages. Clayton also stays on top of new equipment such as lighting and sound boards that become available. Often equipment becomes lighter and easier to move around. He embraces technology and changes in stage equipment. Clayton’s hard work ethic, willingness to embrace technology and equipment changes combined with his attention to detail has made him a highly sought after production manager.


The right tour manager can make or break any music tour. And for many musicians, one tour manager, in particular, has been the go-to person for tours big and small. That person, Clayton Hutson has brought success for many musicians for several decades.


When the frontman of Stained, Aaron Lewis, decided to go on a solo tour, he relied on the expertise of Clay Hutson to ensure that each tour stop went off without a hitch. More importantly, the artist relied on Mr. Hutson’s musical expertise to ensure the sound and engineering of the performance was top notch.


During the Arron Lewis tour, Mr. Hutson brought along the very first SD11 console on the road. The console was the first of its kind to go out on the road and was a great success. This equipment choice by Mr. Hutson is just one example of deep knowledge of musical engineering and mixing that the experienced tour manager usually brings to his clients. Learn more:


In addition to his work as a tour manager, Clay Hutson is also an accomplished live sound engineer. Working with the top artist from many different genres of music, Mr. Hutson has helped put together some of the most memorable performances of the past few decades. Mr. Hutson’s expertise includes production design, production management, rigging, stage management, logistics management, monitor engineering as well as live show production.


Clayton Hudson operates his own live event production company. The company has worked with many artists on a number of tours of all sizes and budgets. With a number of services available, Mr. Hudson’s live event production company has been a top choice for a number of artists.


Mr. Clayton is involved in every part of the live show process from the idea phase to the budgeting to the execution. As a creative tour manager and live event producer, Clayton Hutson knows the complicated challenges that can arise from any live show. And the tour manager always seems to have a solution that not only satisfies the artist’s vision but can be executed within the desired budget.


Some of the live show credit for Mr. Hutson include monitors, production manager, stage design and lighting design for the 2014 “Appetite for Democracy 3D: Live at the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas” for the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses as well as monitor engineer for the 2005 “Bleed Like Me” tour for the alternative rock band Garbage.

Rick and Morty Appear in “My Little Pony”

It was easy to miss, but Bronies might have noticed the title characters from Rick and Morty make a cameo in a recent episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

It was originally discovered on the Ricky and Morty page on Reddit.

Of course, they appear as ponies, since humans do not seem to exist in the world of Equestria. Nevertheless, they are recognizable: Rick has his spiny blue hair (mane) and fur the same grayish color as his skin. He’s also wearing a lab coat and has a chemistry flask as his cutie mark.

Morty, meanwhile, is yellow, like his human counterpart’s usual shirt, has a brown mane similar to Morty’s hair. His cutie mark, if he has one, is blocked by another pony’s head. As is usual, he looks like he does not want to be in whatever weird dimension it is that Grandpa has dragged him to this time.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has a lot of opportunities for silly little cameos and pop culture references like this, but if you are a fan, of course, you want to stop and overanalyze this. Given that Ricky and Morty has its title characters regularly travel through space and other dimensions, one could easily imagine that Rick’s Portal Gun took them into the pony universe. Perhaps the show’s “no humans” rule was so strong that it transformed them into ponies when they arrived, or maybe this is a product of another of Rick’s experiments.

Some fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic took offense at this brief inclusion, arguing that the creators should not be advertising a very raunchy, violent show on a program for kids. Others, however, note that it’s all in good fun. Note also that Rick and Morty has had several “crossovers” with Gravity Falls, since their creators are friends.

Russo Brothers Say “Infinity War” Harder than “Avengers 4”

In a recent interview as part of the international promotional tour for Avengers: Infinity War, the directors say that that movie has been harder to make than its upcoming sequel, to be released next year.

“I think [Infinity War] only because it was a compressed time frame and we were posting it while we were shooting Avengers 4,” said Joe Russo when asked by GamesRadar in London.

His brother and co-director, Anthony, agreed, saying that they “were really doing double duty while we were making that movie.”

The two Avengers flicks were shot at the same time, and indeed, were originally slated to be a two-parter; that designation has changed, however, as the two films are apparently quite different from each other. How remains uncertain, though, as next to nothing about Avengers 4 has been confirmed—even its title is apparently a spoiler for Infinity War, and thus will not be revealed until sometime after that movie’s release.

Shooting the two movies together makes sense, given that they both involve the very large cast from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a reported 80 or so characters. Also, Avengers 4 is going to be released on May 3, 2019, barely a year after Infinity War (and one day shy of a year from its original release date).

The Russo brothers made a name for themselves in the MCU with Captain America: The Winter Solider, and followed it up with Captain America: Civil War. Both are deemed some of the best films in the franchise, so it makes sense that they were trusted with these projects. The two films will be a culmination of the entire MCU until now, so they need a lot of talent to pull off.

For now, fans are eagerly anticipating Avengers: Infinity War’s release on April 27.