In 2007, Rapper Jay Z sold his Rocawear brand to Iconix for 200 million dollars. This sale is now being questioned by The Securities and Exchange Commission in a court case. The government body has been investigating the brand that bought Rocawear for accounts misappropriation and the rapper has been subpoenaed to testify about this in court.

The rapper whose real name is Shawn Carter has ignored several subpoenas that SEC has sent him. The SEC started investigating Iconix Brand Group Inc in 2015 after the company allegedly flaunted the law on federal securities. The government body isn’t investigating the rapper, they, however, want him to discuss his affiliation to Iconix. Previously, Jay Z has been sending his attorney to represent him in the court proceedings. He has also not been presenting the SEC with any other alternative dates of appearing before them. The SEC revealed these facts to the judge who was presiding over the case. Subsequently, the Judge Paul Gardephe ordered the rapper to ensure that he is in court on May 8th. It is on this day that Jay Z will clarify why he doesn’t want to provide evidence in the investigations against Iconix.

However, through his spokesperson, Jay Z sent a news release to a reputable American TV station that stated that the rapper didn’t have any role to play in the finances of Iconix. The statement revealed that the rapper was never involved in the public company’s affairs. This is because he is a private American citizen who was never involved in Iconix financial affairs.

Just this week a renowned international media outlet reported that Jay Z (Shawn Carter) was hit with another lawsuit this Thursday on 3rd May. The report revealed that the rapper’s lawsuit was from a law firm in Sweden that allegedly claimed the rapper’s company hasn’t completed paying the dues accrued from a deal they made of purchasing Aspiro AB in 2015. The Swedish company owned the Tidal streaming service that S. Carter Enterprises now owns.

Infinity War’s Joe Russo Has Solid Advice About “Shared Universe” Franchises

Joe Russo, the co-director of the smash hit Avengers: Infinity War has advice for studios interested in created a “shared universe” of films. He said, in essence, “Don’t do it.” That might be strange assessment coming from someone who recently scored such a massive hit. The shared Marvel Cinematic Universe has done nothing but make money. Why would the director make an assessment that A shared universe is a bad idea? Simply put, creating a shared universe isn’t easy And can set the stage for losing a lot of money.

Actually, Russo went a little further in his assessment. He pointed out that Marvel Studios didn’t start out with a massive shared universe strategy from day one. The shared universe developed after the success of a series of films. Also, audiences basically demanded a shared universe. They wanted complex storytelling in new films. They didn’t want to see any rehash. So, a shared universe grew naturally as part of a progression of new films and sequels.

Universal Studios and DC Entertainment both ignored these truths and decided to craft a massive shared universe without ever testing the waters to see if audiences wanted one. No real appetite exists for Universal’s reboot of its classic horror properties. Universal tried twice to launch a pilot for the horror universe and stumbled.

And then there’s the DC Extended Universe. Almost every film produced under the DCEU banner has been a disappointment. This shared universe was also launched without actually determining whether fans wanted one.

Russo understands what fans want from their entertainment experience. At the very least, the fans want to be treated with respect. Rushing to produce a dozen films and throwing them out into theaters doesn’t exactly meet the definition of respect. Audiences become treated as nothing more than commodities. Studios should not be surprised that audience responses to such treatment is cold indifference.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Future Economic Trends

Current Economic Position


The economy of the United States is healthy. Unemployment rates are at the lowest point in many years. There are even some industries experiencing a labor shortage.


The vast majority of investing professionals believe that the stock market will continue increasing in value for the foreseeable future. However, Shervin Pishevar recently made a series of predictions related to economic growth. He firmly believes that the United States is going to experience an economic contraction.


Early Career


Shervin Pishevar is a renowned investor who has years of experience running a hedge fund. He was an early investor in various technology companies. His most significant investment was in Uber. After making millions of dollars as a venture capitalist, he now spends his time helping investors manage their money.


Shervin Pishevar recently made the news when he spent an entire day tweeting numerous economic predictions. He thinks that the stock market is going to collapse and that the economy will take many years to recover. If he is correct, millions of people are going to be impacted in the coming months.

Stock Market


For the vast majority of investors, the stock market is the easiest way to save for retirement. Most people have a 401(k) option through their place of employment. Few investors understand how volatile the stock market can be.


In the last recession in 2008, the stock market lost nearly half of its value in just a few months. To prepare for a potential crash, Shervin Pishevar is warning clients to diversify into other asset classes.




Unlike many investment professionals, Shervin Pishevar recommends that people invest a substantial percentage of their portfolio into gold. He thinks the value of gold will increase tremendously in the coming years. Gold increases in value during times of economic calamity.



Talks of Rambo 5 in the Works

Rambo 5 is set to begin shooting later this year in the fall. With a tentative shoot date of September, Sylvester Stallone is rumored to be taking up his classic role as the famous Vietnam vet. In this fifth installment of the Rambo series, Stallone will be taking on one of the most violent Mexican Cartels.

While working on a ranch, he crosses the border in order to battle the entirety of the cartel after the kidnapping of his friend’s daughter. While many are surprised to see the Rambo series come out of retirement, there are also rumors that Sylvester Stallone may also be taking up the role as director for the upcoming movie.

While Sylvester Stallone’s participation has not been confirmed, there are very strong speculations that along with acting he will be taking up the role of director for the film. At Cannes, the founder of Millenium Films production company, Avi Lerner, will begin launching sales for the project that is connected to Stallone. Avi Lerner was also a collaborator for the Expendables film series that also featured Stallone. Last year, Stallone had announced that he would no longer be participating in the franchise due to disagreements on the script and director. He surprised fans everywhere when he went to Twitter and teased the prospect of a fourth installment of the popular film series.

This reservation to return to a well-known franchise is rather familiar to Stallone who had previously expressed that he didn’t necessarily want to be part of another installment of the Rambo series. The first installment of Rambo, First Blood was released in 1982 with the fourth installment being completed in 2008. Rambo 4 not only starred Stallone but also saw him in the role of director. Currently, Stallone is filming Creed II.

Joe Russo Reveals Venom Isn’t Part of the MCU

Joe Russo has been speaking a lot to the media about superhero films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, Russo — the director of Avengers: Infinity War — discussed the subject of the difficulties associated with crafting a “cinematic universe.” He’s also getting specific about who or what actually exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A highly-anticipated superhero movie’s trailer seems to be heralding the arrival of a new hit. Venom takes the one-time Spider-Man villain and positions him as a vigilante anti-hero. The film also veers slightly into the horror genre considering the gruesome nature of the title character.

According to Joe Russo, no matter what Venom turns out to be genre-wise, the character isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though Spider-Man, a character shared with Sony Studios, exists in the MCU, Sony’s Venom does not.

Russo made the statement that Venom isn’t part of the MCU at a Q&A at a high school in Iowa City. Russo noted that Venom remains a Sony property, which precludes the character from being part of the MCU. Actually, one thing could bring Venom into the MCU: a new licensing agreement.

Spider-Man and various “Spider-verse” characters were licensed to Sony. Marvel Studios do not own the rights to them. The reason Spider-Man appears in the MCU is thanks to a revised licensing agreement Sony agreed to. Sony simply agreed to let “their” Spider-Man star in MCU movies. Sony had good reason to do this. The two Amazing Spider-Man films were disappointments. Sony felt Marvel Studios could reboot the character.

No shared licensing agreement exists with any other acquired properties. So, Venom the character won’t be showing up in the MCU at this time. At present, Joe Russo is correct. Things can change in the future based on how big of a hit Venom the movie turns out to be.

Whigene Taylor is Mixing Art and Fabric

When one thinks of art, they often think of paintings or sculptures. They think of art greats such as Picasso and Michelangelo. They go to museums like the Louvre in Paris or the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. A new, local artist in Pensacola, FL is seeking to change art.

Whigene Taylor spent years struggling with a dark past. Several years ago, he decided to change his life and pursue his passions. He wanted to create art. Taylor thinks art can have multiple layers and has proven it. When you walk into his studio at First City Arts Center, you see the typical artist easel. But you also see items for sewing and colorful fabrics.

Taylor’s art is unique because he sews fabric straight into the canvas, making it a mixed paint and fabric media. Taylor enjoys making birds that come to life with a depth given them by the fabric used, and a beauty that is unreal. He also does hand carved prints that are amazing to see. Some of these prints have been put onto fabrics that make the design really pop! Many of the prints have a funk-pop theme, with a traditional Taylor twist.

Taylor also thinks that art can be worn every day. He has created beautiful clothing that is truly a work of art to wear. He coordinates unique colors and makes one of a kind items that are a perfect fit for a person’s style and body. He has created his own prints for t-shirts and is always chasing his next inspiration.

Taylor is even more inspiring because he has been pursuing this passion for art while working hard to get an education. Taylor is an artistic inspiration!

How Tony Stark Solidified the Marvel Universe

Ten years ago, the fledgling Marvel Studios decided to take a change at adapting one of their B-List heroes with an actor more famous at that time for his struggles with drug addiction than his filmography. It was a risk that ultimately paid as Iron Man became a box office hit, Robert Downey, Jr became of the biggest stars in the world, and Iron Man as a character became as popular a superhero (if not more) as Wolverine and Spider-Man. The movie also became a preliminary step towards a large, interconnected narrative known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe which became fully realized in 2012’s The Avengers and hit its next apex with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Through Tony Stark, Marvel has become the most lucrative brand at the box office.

One way that the Armored Avenger might have accomplished that was by discarding a well-worn trope of the superhero mythos: the secret identity. While the character had traditionally kept his identity secret by posing as his own bodyguard, the cinematic Tony Stark decided instead to acknowledge he was Iron Man to press at the end of the first movie.

This set a tone for the Marvel movies. Thor paid lip service to the Donald Blake alias but ultimately did nothing with it. Throughout the movies, the entire world knows Steve Rogers is Captain America to the point of holding Smithsonian exhibits about it. Even the one hero whose identity must be secret– Spider-Man– gets outed to just about every important character by the end of his solo movie. This eliminated an urge to follow well-worn tropes already exhausted in previous superhero movies such as Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies.

On the other side of the tracks, DC films have not been quite so successful with the approach. The Superman of Man of Steel barely spends anytime in the traditional Clark Kent disguise and Ben Affleck’s Batman seems to out himself to just about anyone. As DC’s pantheon more heavily relies on the secret identity trope, their attempt to emulate the style has not been as cohesive.

Boyega Hints at “Star Wars” Time Skip

There may be some kind of time jump between the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the upcoming Star Wars Episode 9, at least according to hints offered by John Boyega.

The actor, who plays Finn in the new movies, made his comments in an interview with Yahoo:

“I can’t wait to start shooting the next and final leg of the franchise,” he said. “The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why.”

Obviously, a bit of time must pass in-universe for Finn’s hair to be noticeably longer. His comment about the trailer implies there may be even more to the story; will the jump be more than fans might have expected?

The Last Jedi took place immediately after the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but that was a break from the series’ usual practice; every other film had a time jump in between them, usually of only a few years within the same “trilogy,” and a whole generation from one trilogy to another.

Here, however, the time jump may have a greater purpose: allowing the moviemakers to deal with the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, who played Princess-turned-General Leia. Fisher died in late 2016, after having already finished filming for The Last Jedi, but that movie ends with her character still alive, and the creators have already clarified that they have no plans to recast her.

Presumably, Leia will be said to have died off-screen, and a bigger time skip will allow that to seem more natural. Alternatively, it could be used to explain her absence in another way if the powers that be wants to keep the character alive for later media in the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars Episode 9 is currently unnamed, but is expected in theaters on Dec 20, 2019.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Expels Cosby and Polanski

In a move clearly meant to show solidarity against the rape culture in Hollywood, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has decided to remove both Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski from their ranks. Last week, Cosby had been found guilty of aggravated indecent assault following decades of rape allegations. Polanski has been a member of the Academy for decades in spite of the director’s self imposed exile from the United States to escape charges of raping a minor in the 70’s.

For a decade, Cosby had been plagued by whispers of “America’s Dad” drugging and raping multiple women for decades. Cosby had admitted to a pattern on drugging and sexually assaulting women during a deposition in 2005. Following a stand-up bit by Hannibal Burress that called Cosby’s misconduct out, momentum grew that culminated in Cosby’s trial for assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Cosby now faces prison time for up to 30 years.

The memberships of Cosby and Polanski had previously been decried as emblematic of the Academy’s ambivalence towards sexual misconduct in the film industry, especially seen in Polanski’s Best Director win at the 2003 Oscars. Whereas Cosby’s expulsion is rather timely, Polanski’s shows the Academy’s commitment to tackle Hollywood’s rape culture. Last October, the Academy had made the choice to excommunicate Harvey Weinstein whose decades of rape and sexual harassment against women in the industry became the tipping point towards battling rape in the film industry.

It remains to be seen whether more Hollywood figures under the cloud of sexual assault and harassment will be cut from the Academy. Weinstein, Cosby, and Polanski were not the only accused in the industry. Figures such as Woody Allen, Casey Affleck, and Kevin Spacey were also film giants exposed as predators and it remains to be seen whether they will face similar consequences. Nonetheless, the move to expel Cosby and Polanski shows the Academy’s willingness to take real steps towards battling rape culture in Hollywood.

Sir Paul McCartney Donates Family Photos To The V&A

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has been the home to many pieces of pop culture memorabilia including a beloved exhibition of more than 400 objects associated with the life and work of iconic musician, actor, and writer, David Bowie. A new addition to the collection of the legendary museum is a series of never before seen photographs by the wife of The Beatles Sir Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney was well-known for her work as a musician and campaigner for animal rights but initially found fame as a photographer in the 1960s before meeting and marrying Sir Paul in 1967.

The Evening Standard reports the announcement of the 63 strong photographic donation will form part of the opening of the newly realized V&A Photography Centre which is due to open in October 2018 and will feature some of the most famous artists from the history of the genre.

Linda McCartney had already made her mark as a photographer in the 1960s before meeting her future husband in 1967 and marrying the bass player in 1969; McCartney’s place in the V&A Museum cements her legacy as a photographer following her 1967 win as the U.S. Female Photographer of the Year despite her lack of patience in completing formal photography classes. One of the main claims to fame of Linda McCartney was her record as the first woman to have photographed a “Rolling Stone” cover and later appear on the cover as a subject; in 1968, Linda McCartney shot a portrait of guitarist Eric Clapton for the cover of “Rolling Stone” and featured as a subject alongside Sir Paul as a member of Wings in 1974.

The 63 images donated to the V&A Museum by Sir Paul McCartney and his family include family snapshots and professional images produced in the 1960s when she was most active as a photographer. Linda McCartney died in 1998 following her diagnosis with breast cancer in 1995 with Sir Paul McCartney pledging to continue her work as an animal rights campaigner after her death.