NGP Van is Changing how Democrats Campaign

There is no doubt that the ways in which political candidates can reach possible voters are changing. Impersonal door-to-door canvassing, one of the traditional approaches, is producing little results while utilizing huge amounts of volunteer hours and campaign funds. Also, people are more likely to vote along party lines than they once were, adding additional issues to persuading people to vote for different candidates.

The Democratic party has been looking at these obstacles to effective canvassing and have found a way they believe will be effective in helping them to persuade more voters. They are using software created by NGP Van. This software saves time and money by streamlining many of the activities that were once done manually. For instance, NGP Van has developed MiniVAN software that is called Distributed Canvassing. Distributed Canvassing helps by mapping the best canvassing routes for the volunteers to take based upon the area they want to target. This is something that volunteers once had to do themselves that was very time-consuming. They call it “cutting turf”, and it meant hours of figuring out routes and distributing maps to volunteers. Now this time can be freed up to figure out how to best target each household.

NGP Van also helps find information about each household, allowing the volunteers to talk about issues that might most matter to that household. As an example, NGP Van might mark a household as having a veteran in it. Volunteers can then make sure they talk about their candidate’s views and ideas on veteran care.

This personalization and process streamlining may be what is needed in today’s world to effectively reach possible voters. NGP Van also offers targeted e-mail services, integration with social networks and more. NGP Van is going to help the Democratic party better reach voters and get the right messages to them.

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Dr. Saad Saad, from grass to grace through determination

For the past four decades, Dr. Saad Saad has made a name for himself thanks to the myriads of intricate pediatric surgeries that he has successfully performed on kids across all ages. Besides these surgeries, the pediatric surgeon boasts a lot of accomplishments to his name which we will touch on later.


How did he end up here?


However, like any other successful person, Dr. Saad did not just wake up knowing that he would one day be a successful pediatric surgeon. He grew up and went to school in the arid areas of Kuwait where he and his family lived. Initially, his dream was to follow in the footsteps of his elder brothers and become an engineer.


So what changed? Well according to a statement made by the doctor, he was more of an indoor rather than an outdoor person and seeing the high outdoor temperatures that his brothers had to endure while working, Dr. Saad opted out and chose medicine over engineering. And it was quite an exemplary decision because it is thanks to this turnaround that the prominent doctor is the epitome of success.


Even though he is a man with an excellent sense of humor, his long string of triumphant achievements are sufficient proof that the doctor also has his serious side of things. For instance, Dr. Saad has two major inventions patented to his name and which have helped transform and shape the world of surgical procedures making them more efficient.


As a surgeon who has practiced for more than four decades now, Dr. Saad Saad has performed countless surgeries and he has had his ups and downs. It is these downs that pushed him to come up with his two patented inventions. The first one being a catheter which unlike ordinary ones has a tracking mechanism. Thanks to such aspects, this catheter minimizes the need for X-rays. Dr. Saad Saad also invented the rigid endoscope with an anti-fog feature which offers surgeons and other medical practitioners using it a clear view during an endoscopy procedure thus minimizing errors. Thanks to his vast experience in medicine, Dr. Saad Saad was able to come up with this inventions and we look forward to seeing more in future.


A glance at his background


As mentioned earlier, the renowned pediatrician was born in Kuwait, Palestine. He is an alumnus of Cairo University and holds a degree in medicine and graduated with honors. Even though Dr. Saad and his siblings came from a humble background, it seems success is a character that runs in their bloodline because all of them are doing pretty well.


For instance, today two of his siblings are Ph.D. holders, three others are renowned surgeons, and another one is a teacher while two more hold MD’s in engineering. Dr. Saad’s big break came when he went to Lebanon and successfully completed the ECFMG exam which allowed him to come to the US for formal education. Since then, he has never looked back and forty-five years later, Dr. Saad is a household name in the health sector. Learn more:

How Clay Hutson Works for a Living

Not many people realize it because the phenomenal looks like a lot of fun, but getting big name pop stars on the road and their shows up and running is kind of hard work. When things go right, it means a huge amount of attention from a presumably large fan base, which creates a lot of buzz and a bit of friction. In the recent current events regarding pop stars on the road, a story worth mentioning is that of popstar sensation Halsey and manager Clay Hutson.


In more ways than one, Hutson does more than provide his services to his clientele. He comes to the rescue and saves the day over and over again. But really, that is just another day at the office for this manager. His past experiences include working for iconic figures such as Guns and Roses, Kelly Clarkson and Pink.


But, bringing together resources, expertise and experience to perform on a job well done for big name stars is nothing compared to doing the same thing in the name of big business itself. Hutson actually sees number of similarities between the two. And perhaps, this is part of the success that constitutes a large part of his reputation.


Just like the artist he represents, Hutson knows what it is to start something new and design a crowd-pleasing product from scratch. He also knows that the show must go on, and this includes times of feast and famine. However, there is a thing or two he knows about following instinct and seeing a good idea through no matter what happens.


Ultimately, he can tell you that this strategy is worth the accolades he sees with the industry. And of course he knows all about recovering from setbacks. Like many working professionals, Hutson knows that setbacks could be both personal and business in nature. Ultimately, he gives them all the same remedy. The answer to getting over setbacks is personal perseverance and constant contact with both colleagues and the situation that hand.


Ups and downs happen but they do not have an effect on his overall and long-term performance as a professional. That is what tour managers do. Naturally, when things go right the word on the grapevine is w26hat helps him get through good and bad times. That is to say a large part of Hutson’s business is through referrals. He just can not have a client be unsatisfied with his work. Learn more:


CEO Perry Mandera Talks About Managing A Company In The Logistics And Transportation Industry

After having served in the Marine Corps, Perry Mandera entered the logistics and transportation industry in 1976. He learned a lot about these services during his time in the Marines as he had been in charge of getting people and supplies delivered. He worked for a few companies in the industry. After a few years he launched The Custom Companies, Inc. in a suburb of Chicago and is this company’s chief executive officer (Customco).

Perry Mandera says he prefers functioning on about four hours of sleep a night. He says just prior to going to bed he responds to emails and phone calls and does the same thing right when he wakes up. He says he spends a huge amount of time on the phone. He averages around 9000 minutes on his cell phone each month, in fact. He also says he sends out 300 emails each day having to do with his business. He’s in near constant contact with his employees, vendors, and customers. Perry says he goes out about four times a week to relax which includes sporting events and theatrical shows. The rest of his time is reserved for his family.

Perry Mandera says that he has many longtime employees, so of whom have worked for him for over 30 years. He can rely on his team at The Custom Companies to come through, complete projects, and take excellent care of his company’s customers. He says a lot has changed in his industry over the years because of the advance of technology. Perry says that new tech is constantly being released in the logistics and transportation industry and he needs to stay on top of it all.

At The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera says that long ago developed the mantra of “do it right the first time”. He wants to get his customers and their packages taken care of each and every time. He says that he recently had his management team complete a survey about the stress points they often encounter. He said that around 25-30% of their days were spent resolving problems that one of their 500 plus employees caused.

OSI Group Adds Tyson Foods to its Portfolio Companies

OSI Group recently purchased the Tyson Food plant located in Chicago. Tyson Foods is an old Food services company based in Arkansas. The management of OSI Group says that it is a useful addition to their establishment because it will help them deal with the rising demand for food services. The plant is approximately 200 000 square feet. The management says that with the boosted production capacity, the company is set to meet its objectives of food service to all clients. According to the Executive Vice President of OSI, Mr. Kevin Scott, the Tyson Food Plant Purchase is one of the most important investments that they have made in the recent past.

OSI Service Coverage and Accolades

OSI Group is one of the top 100 American companies that specialize in custom food service to a wide spectrum of clients across 17 countries. The company supplies food to various food outlets and clients with a range of needs. The organization specializes in meat products, especially poultry and beef, although it has added various other meat types and foods to its menu of supplies. They stand out because they developed a business model that allows them to monitor all their food, starting from the supplier all the way to the outlet. Tyson Foods has been around for many years and has acquired the management strategies that make sure that all their products meet the highest standards. The company has over 20 000 employees spread out across 17 countries. OSI is also proud to have been awarded the prestigious Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council in 2016. The company was among 18 organizations that were honored for their environmental conservation efforts.

OSI in Spain

In an effort to keep expanding its revenue catchment area, OSI decided to build one of the largest poultry-processing plants in Toledo, Spain. After the completion of the plant, OSI Spain has the capacity to produce over 45 000 tonnes of chicken and beef products. The plant helped OSI Spain to double its production capacity. The move was informed by the increasing demand for poultry products. The existing production fell short in meeting the demand in the region. The Toledo plant cost OSI over 17 million Euros. However, the management is confident that it is a worthy investment, and that it will not be long before the business recovers the investment and returns impressive profits.

About OSI Employment Policy

OSI Group is an equal opportunity employer. The company advertises for various openings in its outlets across the globe. In fact, their website currently has some job openings. The consideration for employment, the company says, is purely on merit. The company never takes into consideration such irrelevant factors as one’s race, gender, religion or affiliation to the senior officials. Everyone has an equal opportunity to be hired by OSI.

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Ronald Fowlkes in Business and Law Enforcement

Businessman Ronald Fowlkes is based in St. Louis and is a part of the companyEagle Industries Unlimited as their Business Development Manager. Mr. Ronald Fowlkes is in charge of the company’s products in the industries of law enforcement and commerce.



The corporation of Eagle Industries Unlimited provides tactical gear products in predominantly law enforcement. The company strives to provide tactical gear that is modern, resilient, efficient, and powerful, The corporation is based in St, Louise and has been in its line of work for over 30 years.



Business Development Manager Ronald Fowlkes has had an extensive experience in the field of law enforcement as well. He used to work for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for three years as well as for the St. Louis County Police Department for more than ten years.



Before joining law enforcement, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes served in the military of the United States of America. He served in the Marine Corps for four years before retiring in 1993. During his service, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes was in the Gulf War. Mr. Ronald Fowlkes attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry, receiving a full Marine Combat Training. He also took a class in engineering.



In his current role at the Eagle Industries Unlimited, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes communicates with customers around the United States and provides product education for more than 150 sales representative s across the country. In addition to that, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes delivers training and education for other positions along the ranks of the Eagle Industries Unlimited. Mr. Ronald Fowlkes also makes the selection of suitable products for the sales and development divisions of the Eagle Industries Unlimited across the United States of America.



Mr. Ronald Fowlkes became a part of the corporation of Eagle Industries Unlimited back in July 2008. Th company has many offices across the country and recently moved to Fenton in the state of Missouri. The headquarters of the corporation is based in the suburbs of St. Louis. One of the primary goals of the Eagle Industries Unlimited is to provide variety and high efficiency to its clients. The company offers products such as belts, armor carriers, chest rigs, slings, to name a few,



The Eagle Industries Unlimited was recently purchased by the company Vista Outdoor. The Eagle Industries Unlimited function in sixteen different locations and employees over 500 people. Started up in 1974, the corporation was established by business partners John Carver and Lorene Pyles. Lorene Pyles passed away in 2006 after many decades of working in the business.



John Carver is at the age of 51 and continuing to operate in his line of work. He used to be Seargent in the Earth Defence Forces before he moved into business and co-founded the corporation.



OSI Food Solutions Has A History Of Making Big Waves In Food Markets Around The World:

OSI Food Solutions has been making waves in Europe recently with big expansions taking place over the last few years in the United Kingdom and Spain as well as the acquisition of a Dutch company that has a huge reach across Europe. All of these expansions and upgrades are aimed at continuing to build the OSI Food Solutions brand in the critical European market. In the end, it is part of OSI’s core value of being dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the foodservice and retail industry and to always not only meet but exceed its customer’s expectations. OSI Food Solutions is a company that has built a global reach by being an organization that receives its greatest satisfaction when its customers succeed in businesses.

Partnership with Pickstock:

Pickstock is a leading producer and distributor of beef in the United Kingdom. 2014 was the beginning of a partnership between OSI Food Solutions and Pickstock. The partnership has been a perfect match for OSI as Pickstock has a true insight into the British market. OSI has always sought out these sort of partnerships during its years of expansion.

Acquisition and Rebranding of Flagship Europe:

Another big move for OSI Food Solutions came in 2016 when the company gained control of another United Kingdom-based operation. Flagship Europe, a producer and distributor of speciality foods is now a member of the OSI Food Solutions Family. As part of a new marketing effort related to Flagship, the company will be rebranded as Creative Foods Europe.

Acquisition of Baho Food:

Dutch company Baho Food which operates primarily out of the Netherlands and Germany is also a new member of the OSI Food Solutions family as of 2016. Baho Food has a huge reach across the European continent and OSI President David McDonald feels confident that the acquisition is sure to help OSI Food Solutions in bringing in the next wave of customers. The upgrade in OSI’s portfolio is significant and will serve to help the company continue to delight customers both current and newly acquired.

Major Upgrades in Toledo Facility:

OSI Food Solutions has also made some massive upgrades at its facility in Todelo, Spain. The upgrade to the facility’s production line is in direct response to a huge increase in the demand for processed chicken that OSI has observed is trending in Spain and Portugal. The result of the upgrade is that OSI Food Solutions has now doubled its production of processed chicken at the facility from 12,000 tons per year to a massive 24,000 tons per year.


Nick Vertucci: The Founder Of The NV Real Estate Academy

Real estate saved Nick Vertucci, the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy. Vertucci was unemployed, the bills were piling up and he was in danger of losing his home. He had lost his computer company when the bubble burst and he couldn’t find work. Nick Vertucci’s fortunes changed dramatically after he attended a real estate seminar. He began to earn a steady income and within a few years he was independently wealthy and very happy. But he never forgot how difficult it had been for him to get on his feet. And decided he would do all he could to help others improve their lives.

In 2014, Nick Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy. His goal was to provide anyone that was interested with the tools and training that would allow them to earn a comfortable living through real estate. Students at the academy are taught the simple steps it takes to find and buy distressed properties and rent or sell them and make a great profit. Through the NV Real Estate Academy Vertucci has been able to help thousands of people to go from being broke to becoming very wealthy. And he is happy to do it. Helping others is the way Nick Vertucci gives back.

Someone had introduced him to the lucrative world of real estate investment, so he wants to do the same for others. What makes the program at the NV Real Estate Academy so special is that anyone can use the teachings to become successful no matter their background. Men and women, young and old, high school dropouts and college graduates have all been able to take advantage of the lessons Nick Vertucci offers and earn a consistent income. At the NV Real Estate Academy people are taught where to find available properties and the sources of funding to buy them regardless of the state of their credit.

The NV Real Estate Academy is a resource anyone can use to learn the skills necessary to build a full-time career in the real estate industry or work part-time to generate some much-needed income.

Investments in ppps to increase, Felipe Montoro Jens

Public Private Partnerships are increasingly being used as a viable solution for the Brazilian government to cut the huge deficit and stimulate the economy. Infrastructure specialist and Chief Executive Officer at Odebrecht Properties reports Rio de Janeiro’s plans for a public private partnership. Rio de Janeiro has hired the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for R $ 2.3 million as public private partnership consultants on the expansion of the children network. The public private partnership is scheduled to expand 20,000 day care center and 40,000 preschools.

Felipe Montoro Jens reported on 57 projects that are included within 22 sectors for an R $ 44 billion investment by the federal government of Brazil. The majority of these particular public private partnership projects are scheduled for the last quarter of the 2018 fiscal year. The Investment Partnership Program (PPI), was created to create more opportunities for public private partnerships to thrive. The Investment Partnership Program will be responsible for the R $ 44 million investment in these projects that include road projects, airport managing, and private takeovers of public enterprises. The government companies: Mint Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espirito Santo are going to auctioned to the private sectors, to help reduce the economic burden of the federal government. The Mint on the other hand will be able to utilize the much more advanced technology available in the private sector. Scheduled to take place at the end of 2018 is the auction of terminal ports Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES). Visit  to learn more.

Belo Horizonte is pathing the way for other cities regarding public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the details of Belo Horizonte implementing a 20 year public private partnership that is the biggest ever for a capitol city in Brazil. Belo Horizonte’s ppp project is set to replace all the public lighting in the capital, accounting for over 100,000 lights and is scheduled to be completed by 2020. There are also plans, according to Felipe Montoro Jens in the state of Maranhao to use public private partnerships to build four prisons.

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Snyder Hints at Anti-Life Equation

Since Justice League came out last year, Zack Snyder has been on social media giving some cryptic hints about what he would have done according to his original plans. Now, he has hinted that the Anti-Life Equation may have fitted into his plans at some point.

This came on the Vero True Social app, where someone posted a picture from the movie where the main villain, Steppenwolf, has slammed his axe into the ground, causing cracks that seem to form a strange symbol. Tagging Snyder’s name, he asks if he’s correct in assuming that the symbol has some kind of deeper meaning.

“Do the math,” Snyder said simply in response, which the fan, and probably many others, take as a reference to the Anti-Life Equation.

For those unfamiliar with the comics, Steppenwolf works for Darkseid, the immortal, alien ruler of the dystopian planet Apokolips. Already a master of mind control and manipulation, Darkseid’s ultimate goal is to acquire the Anti-Life Equation, a supernatural formula which would give him the power to override all free will and take over the entire universe. His interest in Earth is largely based on gaining the part of it that humans possess.

Justice League was originally planned as two movies, and most fans believe that the second part would have had Darkseid as the main villain; indeed, this was set up in the “Knightmare” sequence of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which used Darkseid’s Omega symbol. However, that movie failed to live up to Warner Bros. expectations either financially or critically, leading to the second Justice League being cut; Snyder himself then left the director’s chair during production, getting replaced by Joss Whedon.

Fans are still interested in finding out more about Snyder’s plans, if not him getting his own cut of the movie; it remains to be seen what other information he may reveal/hint as time goes on.