Christo Set to Bring His Art to the UK

Christo is one of the most well-known artists in the world. He has created art projects on a massive scale. His most notable project to date is the wrapping of the entire German Reichstag building in white fabric. The artist also made a stunning display in Italy when he created a series of floating piers on Lake Iseo.

Now, Christo is planning to design and build a piece of his art in the UK. Christo’s project will begin on June 1 in the middle of Serpentine lake in London. The artist will be using 7,506 55-gallon barrels for his project. When finished, it will weigh nearly 150 tons.

The name of the project will be the London Mastaba. According to Christo, a mastaba was a structure common among cultures in the ancient Mesopotamian area. He states that the Egyptians used the mastaba as the basis of the design of the pyramids.

In a rendering of what the completed project will look like, the mastaba will be triangular except it will have a flattened top. The structure will be 20 meters tall, 30 meters in width with a length of 40 meters. The sides of the mastaba will be red and white while the ends will be red, blue and purple. The entire structure will rest on a structure that will float, but it will be anchored so that the mastaba remains in one location.

Christo is moving forward with the project in London at this time because he has abandoned a work that he had planned to do in the United States. The artist was planning a work that would span the Arkansas River. However, Christo has stated that he abandoned the project due to the election of Donald Trump as president.

When the project in London is complete, the public will be able to view it free of charge. No tickets will be required.

A Look at the Life of Arthur Cinader

The world of art and fashion was recently shook. A recent article gives people a chance to consider one man’s impact on the world. Arthur Cinader, founder of fashion line J Crew, passed away of natural causes. At 90, it’s easy to say that he managed to live a full life. But the fact that he’s a man in an artistic field gives one a chance to reflect a bit more on his life and legacy.

One of the more notable things about him is that one doesn’t even really have to know who he is to know his works. Basically, anyone who’s seen more than a few examples of male fashion from the 80s should be well aware of Arthur Cinader. It might seem like an exaggeration at first. But his really was a vision that defined a decade.

His love of bright pastels often ran in stark contrast to a very down to business look in his own life. But that’s also part of how he changed the way people look at things.

The style that he created with J Crew is often thought of as yuppie. It’s a very well tailored, but still somewhat casual, look. Perhaps a step past business casual. But still quite distinct in its own way than either option had been seen before him.

This might well be one of the strongest points of his legacy. In a time when men and art were often in contrast to each other he pushed his vision. And the same can be said of fashion in general. When people look at male fashion designers it’s often within the framework of his legacy.

In his wake he’s left a singular vision for those who follow. The lesson might be a bit more geared to men in the arts. But really, it’s a case study for everyone. A reminder that men and women can strive to reach any professional goal they desire.

OSI Group: the Food Company of the Future

OSI Group is a private US meat processing company that provides high-quality foods for many restaurant and food-serving industries and companies. In 2016, OSI Group was awarded by the British Safety Council the prestigious award of the Globe of Honour. This marks OSI Group’s success as a meat processing company, as it was only one out of eighteen different companies from across the globe to be awarded with this honor. The British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour is specifically given to companies that have extremely high-quality when it comes to environmental management. In other words, in order for the OSI Group to have received the Globe of Honour, it had to pass and achieve the highest rating, which is five stars in what the British Safety Council refers to as an “environmental management audit scheme” in the period of only one short year. On top of this, the OSI Group also proved themselves to the British Council as having a team of what can only be described as experts and professionals in the environment management business.

The OSI Group is no stranger to expansion. The organization continue to grow and flourish. Only recently, the company expanded its roots into Spain. The organization did this in order to increase its production of chicken products. After its expansion into Spain, the OSI Group boasts about “double” the amount of chicken product capacity it once had. Also recently, the OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, which is a company in charge of dressings and sauces, as well as pies, sous vide products, and frozen poultry products. Russell Maddock, the CEO of Flagship Europe states that this will tremendously help Flagship Europe in its success, as it will become more accessed by other “global markets,” which translates to new and even more customers. In addition to these two expansions, OSI Group also boasts of recently purchasing what was known as the Tyson Food plant. While many left the company due to a change in management, those remaining in the Tyson as it shut down officially as Tyson, were later kindly offered jobs by the OSI Group, to stay and work for them. Many of the remaining 250 employees did just that. Up until recently, OSI Group also purchased Baho Food, which was a Dutch organization that manufactured ready-to-eat foods such as, deli meats and snacks. David G. McDonald, the president and COO of OSI Group states that acquiring Baho Food will give OSI Group a more “broader presence in Europe.”

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Robert Finley a New Career for Music Legend

Robert Finley is a blues singer and songwriter and was born in Bernice, Louisiana. He began playing gospel music at a young and taught himself how to play the guitar. He was a helicopter in the U.S. Army and played guitar during his service. When he returned home, he became a carpenter and a street performer. It was determined that he was legally blind in 2015, but he never gave up pursuing his music career. He has performed with Robert Lee Coleman and has gone on to work with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys

Finley has been performing for more than 52 years and is a member of the Music Make Foundation. This organization assists aging musicians and has helped him revise his career. He is a guitar player as well as a talented singer. Currently, he is playing at the Showbox in Seattle and giving his fans a recap of his life’s journey. He has had struggles and lived in squalor for many years until partnering up with Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Revue. He has just turned 64 years old and will soon begin a nationwide solo tour.

During his shows, Finley talks about his life and gives his audience advice on how to cook. He keeps an upbeat attitude and makes plenty of jokes. He shares his experience in church and as a little boy singing in the choir. He remembers being inspired by the music that he heard in his neighborhood. He would play music any place he could and has performed in fish fries and nursing homes. He has gone through a divorce and lost his home. He believes that these difficulties were signs for him to go back to music. It must be true because years later he has found success.

How Sheldon Lavin Helped Turn Around OSI Group’s Fortunes

Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO and chairman of OSI Group, has one great vision for his company, bringing modern food processing to all countries around the world. This explains why he is continually stretching the food processor’s global reach through acquisitions. The achievability of Sheldon’s vision for the company can be pegged on the transformation that he has helped the food company achieve in the last four decades.

Sheldon Lavin’s history at OSI Group

Sheldon joined the meat industry as a financial advisor for Otto & Sons Company, now OSI Group, when the company was experiencing stressed financial challenges. While it had a national outlook, Otto & Sons had just missed the opportunity of being the largest hamburger suppliers to McDonald’s. His previous experience in the banking sector came in handy as he helped the company gain funds from lenders that proved instrumental in turning around their dwindling fortunes.

While here, Sheldon Lavin developed a huge interest in the food manufacturing and packaging industry. He went out of his way as a financial advisor to explore the market and look for local and international opportunities that the company could exploit. He not only helped source for local and international investments, he also brought a lot of business to the company.

This helped solidify his position within the company and when Mr. Otto decided to retire, Sheldon agreed to partner with the sons in furthering the company’s goals. The partnership would be occasioned by the change of the company’s name from Otto & Sons Company to OSI Group.

Managing partnership and acquisitions

Over the years Sheldon worked hard towards the expansion OSI Group, a fact that saw him acquire a controlling interest in the company and subsequent takeover of the company management. Nonetheless, achieving a controlling interest hasn’t stopped him from pushing the company’s goals even further. Rather, it served as a motivation. The food manufacturer’s expansionary moves started in the 1970s, when the company opened branches in North America and Europe.

Sheldon also oversaw an expansion of operations in South America, China, Japan, and South Africa. Today, OSI Group runs over 60 facilities spread out in 16 countries across the world. Most importantly, the food company has adopted new cost-cutting operational rules, under his management. This includes the acquisition of existing food companies in different countries across the world and expanding their operations as opposed to setting up new branches that take time to gain root in these new markets. It has also managed to bag the Globe of Honor awards severally and the man himself was recently recognized for his brilliant and innovative approaches after he was awarded the Global visionary award.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Has Some Ideas on How Government and Private Companies Can Work Together

Felipe Montoro Jens is a managing director at a private partnership company. He has also worked for PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Enron and Enel. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from FundaçãoGetulio Vargas in Brazil. He received his master’s degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Master of Business Administration, MBA, in Finance and General. A major project he has worked on is expanding the child education network in Rio De Janeiro to develop educational equipment and non-pedagogic teaching styles. He is working towards building 20,000 new day care centers, and 40,000 new preschools by the end of 2020. Visit for more info.

PPP (public-private partnership) laws in Brazil were created December 30, 2004, which established rules for an alternative government to address the scarcity of resources in the provision of public services. The PPP is a model of a contract that is established because of an administrative concession agreement that can be the Union, the States, the Federal District, Municipalities, and private partners. Brazil’s private industry is being developed more because of Felipe Montoro Jen’s work who works in finance with a need to make sure that the money and stocks of their clients are kept together with security in mind.

He has views on the partnership with Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal in Brazil as he was a board member who later became elected chairman. Jens wants to take care of waste problems in Brazil. Besides working in various roles in a private partnership company, Jens takes care of hiring at times looking for the perfect type of talent to fill a position. He worked his way to the top with available management positions made ready for him to take that job on. He has always been interested in how large corporations operate since childhood, which lead him to his life’s work as one of the most influential leaders in South America. He started the Municipal Housing Company and the Municipal Housing Secretariat for the Municipality of Sao Pablo on January 18th, 2018. This is Sao Paolo’s first Public-Private Partnership Housing Capital which is envisioning the construction of 34,00 new housing units.

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Shervin Pishevar predicts that gold will rise as U.S. assets tank

Shervin Pishevar has been at the forefront of Silicon Valley’s rise for the last 20 years. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, the veteran financier and entrepreneur has been behind the creation of many of the biggest names in tech. Companies that Shervin Pishevar has financed include Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop. He has also been personally responsible for the founding of names like Social Gaming Network, WebOS and Ionside.

In his spare time, Shervin Pishevar frequently tweets about a wide range of topics. His Twitter feed has nearly 100,000 followers, making him one of the most influential thinkers in Silicon Valley. Recently, Shervin Pishevar unleashed a 21-hour tweet storm in which he expounded on everything from the U.S. economy to the state of Silicon Valley.

One of the hot-button issues on which Pishevar held forth is the overvaluation of many asset classes within U.S. markets. Pishevar says that affordability indexes point towards the majority of real estate markets in the United States being overheated. When residents in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco need to work 35 hours per week just to afford the average mortgage payment, the housing market is due for a major correction. Pishevar says that he has watched many bubbles in his lifetime from a front-row seat. All of the hallmarks of bubble economies are now currently being seen in many of the big-city real estate markets across the nation.

At the same time, Pishevar says that stocks are valued at historic highs by almost any measure that one chooses. The current Schiller P/E ration of 33 is among the highest ever recorded, with a historic average being around 20. Pishevar says that equities, like real estate, will almost certainly undergo a correction in the near-term future.

But even the bond markets are severely overblown. Pishevar says that gold and other precious metals provide one of the only safe havens for investor capital. He says that cash will soon become unsafe due to the inflationary pressures put on the dollar by the endless open market operations of the Federal Reserve bank.

Delving into Successful Internet Marketing with Market America

Without a doubt, the benefits of internet marketing are vastly staggering and cannot be ignored in any way. Whether an individual is a small business owner or just the owner of a large conventional organization with a huge employee base, raising the company profile online is an essential aspect that equates to colossal profit revenue. Market America is an internet marketing company based on providing a stable trading platform for suppliers and consumers.

Establishment and Growth

Founded in 1992, the company has grown into a product brokerage institution that specializes in internet marketing and one-to-one sales as well as social shopping. The mission of this company is to provide a stable platform for entrepreneurs to stabilize their income while at the same time, providing clients with a worldwide shopping opportunity. Alongside a revolutionary technology that empowers people and human resources, Market America is without a doubt, improving the economy of the trading industry.

Mission and Values

Moreover, the company was built on essential, fundamental values; the thought that parents deserve financial and time freedom with their families. Even better, the founders thought that it would be irrelevant for an individual to spend more than forty hours a day at work, just to make someone else in the name of an employer, wealthier.


Market America’s SHOP.COM is a shopping site with a tremendous following of consumers online. Currently, the platform offers more than 30 million products as well as services from some of the world’s best internet retailers. Alongside SHOP.COM, the company’s business model utilizes the power as well as the scope and mechanism of internet marketing with tailored one-on-one marketing to supply clients with their wants.

Employment Opportunities

With its central office in Greensboro North Carolina, the company has provided over 800 employment opportunities internationally with significant operations in Canada, Mexico m Taiwan, Australia and the United Kingdom just to mention a few. Alongside that is the fact that Market America has generated more than $7.3 billion in retail sales through independent distributors as well as UnFranchise Owners. Until now, Market America has made more than $2.4 billion in profits.

The Stansberry Research Provides Insight on the Melt Up

The renowned financial and investment advisor Mr. Steve Sjuggerud is a dedicated editor at True Wealth. For those who avidly read the Stansberry Research column, it is evident that this editor is a major contributor. Therefore, all too often, people read from him because he has a lot of insight to provide in regard to wealth creation and financial investments. On the recent column for example, Steve Sjuggerud offers a lot of vital information that every investor should look into.



While speaking to a group of investors in the New York Stock Exchange meeting, Steve Sjuggerud was referred to as Mr. Melt Up, a title he refers to as respectful. Of course, Steve has been the head cheerleader of the Melt Up, always trying to make people understand that how it works and how it will affect the future of stock market. Since 2009, Sjuggerud has insisted that the Melt Up will be the biggest push in terms of increasing stocks. And now, everyone has delved into the business of monitoring the Melt Up.


The Melt Up

While most investors are waiting for the bull to succumb to the Melt Up, Mr. Sjuggerud insists that stocks are caught up in the Melt Up. Therefore, the bull market is somewhat here to stay for a while. Moreover, Steve Sjuggerud believes that investors are in their last innings of en emerging Melt Up. Consequently, he has been urging his avid readers to utilize this moment and capitalize on stock markets before the opportunity elapses.

Furthermore, Steve Sjuggerud explains that there is a new trend he never foresaw. However, he has not given on this new trend but insists that he will share in time.


Describing Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a virtual publication company that offers investors with critical information regarding business, investment and market shifts. All too often, Stansberry Research strives to provide its clients with the right information. All this is entirely in the light of publishing information from qualified analysts whose qualifications cannot be matched by any means. Additional services provided by Stansberry Research include portfolio and capital management.


Sean Penn Has Done It Again

Sean Penn provides us with a book that leaves us wondering what in the world we just read. “Bond Honey Who just do stuff” first made his debut in 2016 with Sean Penn. In his hilarious, no lesson, no plot story about “Bob Honey who just do stuff” he is brought a new outlook on the elderly community.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a novel written by Penn that has no plot. You are figuratively following around Bob Honey while he kills old people and gets irritated with anything and everything that has to do with leaving the comfort of his couch. In this book, there are climaxes in which Bob blurts out his frustration more than a few times. The hilarity of this novel is one that will keep you interested even if you are unsure why you are continuing to read.

Which leads us to the question of, who Is Bob Honey?!

Bob Honey is a midlife, according to USA today, Californian an ultraviolent skepticism toward the messaging and mediocrity of modern times. He is a hitman for the older generation and other off the wall activities. I guess when your ex-wife starts shacking up with your divorce lawyer, you can lose your mind just a bit.

Although, some people may enjoy this kind of read, he has lead other people to wonder what is he actually thinking when he wrote this. It has no rhyme or reason and doesn’t seem to go together very well as some people say, but I’ve never been one to read stories based on what other people enjoy. So what do you think? Have you read it? Will you read it? I would venture to say most people who read this are reading it to see what the big deal is about it. So maybe he is a genius? Don’t let others make up your mind about it.

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