Is Ben Affleck’s Batman on the Way Out of the DCEU?

The superhero movie rumor mill swirls. Things don’t seem all that positive for those who enjoy seeing Ben Affleck in the role of the Caped Crusader. Reportedly, Affleck may not be playing Batman in future DC Extended Universe films. Nothing is confirmed right now. So, Affleck is still officially Batman. Based on rumors, Affleck isn’t being fired from the role. Instead, he’s pondering leaving due to creative differences and unhappiness.

Two major issues that bother Affleck involve the problems surrounding The Batman solo film and the reception for Justice League. Affleck has departed The Batman after unhappiness over Warner Bros. attempting to rush the film into production. The box office failure of Justice League combined with the film’s critical drubbing further disillusioned Affleck. Likely, the overall uneven nature of the DCEU doesn’t give the actor much to be enthusiastic about.

Of course, all these rumors could turn out to be overstated. Affleck may eventually agree to appear as Batman in a number of future films. No one really knows what the whole story is right now. Granted, few would be shocked to discover the rumors turn out to be true and Afflect departs the role. His tenure as Batman hasn’t exactly been all that positive. Every film in which he appeared as Batman received horrible critical reviews. The problems cannot be dropped totally on the shoulders of Affleck, though.

Affleck’s departure could prove either helpful or disastrous to Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. If Affleck were to leave, the production companies gain the potential to revamp and revitalize the classic superhero. Reversing the downward momentum the character currently experiences wouldn’t be a bad thing. The public’s perceptions of Affleck’s departure, however, could be very bad. Impressions of the DCEU may worsen from the negative publicity deriving from admitting Affleck’s tenure was a failure.

Drake Donates $1 Million Music Video Budget For “God’s Plan” To Unsuspecting Miami Folks

Hip-hop stars don’t often get praised for their art and how impactful their music is in today’s culture.

Drake, however, is one huge name trying to make a difference, and this time, he gave it away to the city of Miami. According to an item in the Business Insider, the famous rapper donated his $1 million music video budget for the song “God’s Plan” to a number of organizations and individuals across the Sunshine City.

The Canadian native, 31, made a lot of people happy as news broke on Friday that he was showering unsuspecting Miami folks with wads of cash. For instance, Drake went up to shoppers at the supermarket, popped into a women’s shelter, stopped by a fire station and handed out money. He even donated a couple of cars to young Miami residents.

He gifted $25,000 to a Miami high school and money to a college student. Exhilarated recipients of the star’s generosity were left with their mouths wide open, not believing that good fortune like this could come to them. Tears were flowing, people were jumping up and down, and it was a happy moment for many.

Drake’s new video “God’s Plan” runs six minutes long and has been hot on the billboard’s number one spot since it first debuted almost one month ago. As the video starts rolling, text appears writing that the video production cost came out to $996,631.90. Drake wrote that he donated all of it and not to tell his record label.

The Drake video is a feel-good one and fun to watch as the hip-hop great hands out cash and gives away tons of toys to young children, gifts teens with shopping sprees, etc. Part of the video was filmed at the University of Miami and at the nearby high school there.

“God’s Plan” was launched on YouTube on Friday, and so far, it has garnered more than 1.5 million views.

George R. R. Martin Is In No Hurry, Because Of Course He Isn’t

George R. R. Martin has become as famous for keeping his fans in unbearable suspense as for creating the universe of Game of Thrones. As fans wail that the popular GoT series won’t return to HBO until 2019 (NOT fair), the pitchforks and torches turn to Martin himself, demanding the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Despite hints that the new volume would be available in 2018, the release of The Winds of Winter has been delayed yet again, as Martin informed fans on his blog. The good news is that there is an acceptable reason for the delay: Martin revealed that he is working on a history of the Targaryen family entitled Fire And Blood.

Fire And Blood will be released in two volumes. As of now, Martin plans to release Winds of Winter between the two Fire and Blood books. This news is of particular interest to those who are caught up enough to know of the peculiar romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, which culminated at the end of Season 8 of GoT. Perhaps Fire And Blood will give us more exploration of that relationship, and put to rest any stray theories about Jon’s heritage.

The series has overtaken the books by two seasons, with the two-year-old Season 6 being loosely based on Winds. The common question now is, is the television series based on the books, or vice versa?

Fan theories about the impending doom of the Seven Kingdoms are cropping up all over the Internet, but only one man has the answers we seek.

Dear George, please give us Winds of Winter and put us out of our misery!

What Happened to Zack Snyder’s Original Concept of Superman?

The departure of Zack Snyder from Justice League now forever leaves questions in the minds of fans. Obvious questions center on whether the film would have achieved better box office results and critical acclaim. Another question emerging centers on Superman’s personality. In Snyder’s original concept for Justice League, a reborn Superman becomes the “true” Superman. In other words, Superman’s persona and those of the comic book version wouldn’t be much different. The Superman of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman, however, was significantly different.

In Snyder’s reimagining of Superman, the “Big Blue Boyscout” became much more cynical and violent. To many fans, Superman ceased to be Superman. Snyder seemed to wish to modernize Superman. Now, it seems there was a plan to evolve Superman from a darker version to the more optimistic one.

Harcore fans don’t seem to be the only ones turned off to the new version of Superman. Lackluster box office receipts speak volumes about the apathy fans felt towards the character. Unfortunately, superhero cinema aficionados will never know if Snyder’s original plan would have played out. Removing and replacing Snyder from Justice League ended the “Snyder path.”

Snyder really didn’t seem to be the right fit for the DC Extended Universe. Other than Wonder Woman, the entries disappointed critically. Several films did do well at the box office despite poor reviews, but the bad reviews caught up with them.

Fans still clamor for a release of the original Snyder rough cut of Justice League. How much finished footage comprises the purported rough cut — or if there is even a full rough cut — remains unknown. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment maintain no plans to release the Snyder version, although one could be released in the future. The original version of Superman II saw a DVD release more than 20 years after the film initially hit theaters.

John Oliver Ready to Get Back to Work on Last Week Tonight

On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, the flexibility when it comes to addressing content on the show is something that the show’s host, comedian John Oliver, is cognizant of as he gets ready to begin the program’s fifth season. He’s aware that the business model of the network, which is reliant on its subscribers and not sponsors, is one that trips up many other shows that attempt to tackle tough topics.

The British-born Oliver was hired to host the show in the wake of rave reviews as Jon Stewart’s temporary substitute on The Daily Show back in 2014. Last Week Tonight is similar in that actual news is dissected through a humorous prism. The difference is that Oliver’s current show takes up much of its weekly program with a single topic, as opposed to the three different segments of The Daily Show.

The 13 months that President Donald Trump has been in office might have conceivably offered weekly content to mine, yet Oliver and his staff only periodically delve into administration-based stories. Instead, a deeper look at unheralded stories that get very little attention from either over-the-air news staffs or the three cable news outlets is provided. Many of these might ordinarily be seen as dry stories without the humor component.

One of the key reasons that this approach is taken is that attempting to cover stories once a week when talk show hosts and other comedy programs do it on a night basis runs the risk of offering stale content.

Given the fact that the show is on HBO also allows Oliver to be unburdened when it comes to language, since the network isn’t under the same restrictions as most other competitors. What ends up being delivered by Oliver is often biting in nature and occasionally causes the intended target to angrily dispute the claims made. However, being a comedian means that a show that lacks humor will return John Oliver to the standup circuit.