Clayton Hutson Makes Music Production and Sound Engineering Look Easy

Clayton Hutson is an exceptional live production manager and sound engineer. His team offers clients a turn-key solution that is also affordable. From idea creation to execution of the onsite event, his company is well-known for being the one place to shop for complete production needs. His services include managing events, producing music, production design, and show production. Additional services also include managing an event’s logistics and complete rigging.


One of Clayton Huston’s memorable projects was working with DiGiCo’s first SD11 console. The equipment made its debut with the rock group Staind, and Aaron Lewis who acted as frontman. The tour was a success with the help of Clayton Hutson. He wore a number of professional hats for this event that included FOH/Monitor engineer and production manager of day-to-day operations during the tour. Clayton knew about the SD11 and was eager to break it in during this tour.


Hutson has utilized just about every DiGiCo console there is in existence. He employed the SD7 on a Maxwell tour along with several SD8’s on other gigs. He has worked with the very best bands in the industry. The first D5, hand-built, was used on a Marilyn Manson tour. The tour was a success, considering the group’s unpredictability and the new console at the time.


For many in the industry, DiGiCo offers the best sonic combination of digital clarity and analogue smoothness in the business. For the company, expectations are large and continue to rise. Their consoles address every major application for sound engineering. The company’ consoles include mixing, application, broadcast, and theatre.


Clayton Hutson can trace his love for music back to his childhood days. After years of hard work, he turned his passion for music into a viable career. His resume includes having worked with Guns N’ Roses, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Garbage to name several. His passion is design, production, and engineering for the music industry. A typical day for people like Hutson revolves around performers, producers and others to determine the best sounds and rigging for production. With Huston’s reputation and experience, he will likely be in demand for years to come. Learn more:


George Cloony Generously Gave His Closest Friends $1 Million Each

George Clooney is a Hollywood star that men want to be like and women want to be with. He’s good looking, has a lovely and accomplished wife, and loves to have fun. It’s clear he cares deeply about his friends and family, particularly a group of men he hangs out with known as the boys. All of these men, some of whom are famous and some of whom are not so famous, have been friends and have supported each other since before Clooney was a star, and long before he was named most eligible bachelor.

There have been numerous stories about how loyal he is to his friends and how far he will go to protect them, including a famous story about how he created a fake wedding for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to throw off the paparazzi. Randy Garber, a friend of Clooney’s and a member of The Boys who is married to Cindy Crawford, told E!News just how generous Clooney can be.

According to Garber, Clooney invited all of the Boys to dinner at his house in September of 2013 and offered them a surprise. After dinner, Clooney gave each of them a briefcase and after thanking them for helping him in his early years. He then had them open the briefcase to reveal that he had given each of them $1 million in cash. Garber initially refused the money because he didn’t need it, but Clooney insisted that they all take the money or none of them would get it. Some of the men could really use the money, so Garber took it and donated his share to charity.

This kind of generosity is one of the reasons why so many people love and admire Clooney. He’s a great example of the kind of person every man should aspire to be. If more men were like George Clooney the world would be a much better place.

Prominent Painter’s Home Granted Historic Status

New York’s State Historic Preservation Office announced last week that they have added painter George Bellows’ home in Woodstock to New York’s State Register of Historic Places. The artist’s residence is also being considered for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

The two-story frame house was designed by Bellows himself and is featured in many of his paintings. He constructed the house with enormous bay windows and a solid sandstone foundation. Located only minutes from downtown Woodstock, the home is situated on Bellows Lane. Bellows lived in the house from 1922 until his death in 1925.

Bellows is best known for his realist depictions of city life as part of the Ashcan School of modern art. However, his country home greatly influenced his later work. In the latter part of his career, Bellows painted landscapes with fields and lakes and found inspiration in the Catskill Mountains surrounding Woodstock. His more recent work has become more well known in the 21st century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Georgia Museum of Art, Chicago’s Terra Museum and the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York have all hosted exhibitions showcasing his Woodstock paintings.

George Bellows was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1882. He moved to New York City in 1904 and studied art under Robert Henri, a pioneer of American realism. In 1909, Bellows painted his most famous work, Stag at Sharkey’s, a modernist depiction of a prize fight. He also later immortalized the overflowing tenements of the Lower East Side with his 1913 painting, Cliff Dwellers.

When Bellows arrived at Woodstock in the summer of 1920, he found a burgeoning community of nonconformist artists. He joined the Woodstock Artists Association and soon became one of its most prominent members. During his time in Woodstock, Bellows immersed himself in his craft along with other well-known artists like portraitist Eugene Speicher and landscape painter Charles Rosen. Bellows divided his time between the country home and a residence in New York City. In 1925, his career was cut short when he died from peritonitis after failing to seek treatment for a ruptured appendix.

As part of the state’s Register of Historic Places, Bellows’ former home may be subject to protection from development. Woodstock’s Town Board hopes that the the National Park Service will make a final decision sometime next year regarding the house’s proposed addition to the National Register of Historic Places.

Artists Damien Hirst’s Unusual Work Made Him Richest Artist In England

Damien Hirst is most likely the richest artists in the United Kingdom with an estimated net worth of 215 million British Pounds, or roughly one-half billion in U.S. dollars. Much of his work in centered around shocking images of dead animals.

A classic example of a Damien Hirst work is a large tank in which a dead calf is suspended in formaldehyde. Perhaps his best-known work it titled, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” This piece is a 14-foot tiger shark also suspended in formaldehyde inside a vitrine display case.

Born in 1965 in Bristol, Hirst became a prominent member of a group called the Young British Artists. This was a lose group of visual artists that began to display their work in 1988.

To say that the art of Damien Hirst is unusual would be a vast understatement. An example is a creation for which he won the prestigious Turner Award. The work featured dead cows suspended in tanks of embalming fluids, but an original non-embalmed creation featured rotting cows. The work was banned by New York health officials because they feared it would cause public vomiting. He sold the piece for more than $55 million.

It was this work that made Hirst a world-renowned figure in the art world.

Although much of Hirst’s work consists of dead animals displayed in various states of suspended death, he also creates “spin paintings” and other creations that might be considered more traditional forms of art.

His career has also been controversial on a number of levels, and not just because of the highly unusual subject matter of his work. For example, Hirst sent shock waves through the art world in 2008 when he sold a complete show of his work at Sotheby’s while bypassing galleries.

The sale netted him nearly $200 million, but also caused outrage among Hirst collectors because of the negative price effect is had on his completed works.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Husband, Father, Entrepreneur and Committed Community Servant

Tulane Medical School graduate Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine and perform surgery in both Georgia and Florida. He is also a very successful entrepreneur. He has grown the boutique real estate development firm McKenna Venture Investments to include Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. At its height, the companies offered financing, turnkey design-build, as well as real estate closing services. His company employed more than 50 people. Then in 2005, Hurricane Katrina wrecked New Orleans and with it Dr. McKenna’s real estate company.

But Dr. Mark McKenna has deep roots in New Orleans. He was born there and had practiced medicine there with his father after completing medical school. He was on both the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival’s board. A dedicated community servant, Dr. McKenna worked to help rebuild the city. He constructed affordable housing for low and middle income people to help get New Orleans residents back on their feet and help re-energize the city. Then in 2007, the passionate patient advocate moved to Atlanta, Georgia and started the wellness and aesthetics medical practice ShapeMed.

The company prospered and Life Time Fitness bought it in 2014. Dr. Mark McKenna was national medical director for at Life Time Fitness for two years before leaving to become the founder and CEO of a new company called OVME. His new business is a technology enabled medical aesthetics company through which he plans to reinvent elective healthcare. His 10 years involved with medical aesthetics helped him identify the need for this new company. And the Entrepreneurs Organization member is always looking for a new challenge, so he started OVME.

Now a husband and father, as well as the owner of a new business, Dr. Mark McKenna has a hectic schedule. But he always joins Milana his daughter each morning for breakfast and has a meal with Gianine, his wife, each evening. He also makes time to read, meditate, do creative visualization and practice martial arts. All those things provide him with the balance he needs to be successful and enjoy his life.


OneLogin And 3 Tips For Enterprises Using Legacy Software

Businesses are steadily moving towards programs that integrate login procedures into one, simple infrastructure. OneLogin is a cloud provider of such services, also called identity and access management.

However, some programs fail to provide the benefits that OneLogin is able to. Here are three of the biggest problems that businesses experience when they don’t trust identity and access management service providers like OneLogin.

It’s Very Expensive

Legacy web-access infrastructures are very expensive to bankroll, in terms of both one-off costs and regular maintenance. Hardware must be purchased in the first place, which is exorbitantly costly.

Businesses must subscribe to various digital services, pay people to physically maintain IT infrastructures, and invest in customer service representatives to help customers through problems.

Legacy Infrastructure Causes Serious Security Concerns

For large enterprises that use several different programs to keep up with information, it’s difficult to keep them all on the same page. Simply trusting a service provider like OneLogin quickly eliminates problems caused by the overlap of various programs businesses rely on.

Productivity Remains A Big Problem With Traditional Layouts

Whenever legacy software is updated, it’s difficult to make sure it stays online throughout such updates.

Further, if your business relies on its own infrastructure, making sure it doesn’t go down is highly challenging, and can cost tons of money to properly do so.

About OneLogin, A SAAS Provider

OneLogin was created in 2009 by a pair of brothers well-tenured by the technology industry, Thomas and Christian Pedersen. The company is a provider of identity and access management services, all of which are offered from a secure cloud.

More than 2,000 unique companies use the services OneLogin provides, helping beef up security against cybercriminals around the world. Another key benefit of OneLogin services is added convenience, as workers no longer have to keep up with various logins – simply log in one time, and the ability to access all accounts is at their fingertips.

OneLogin’s online interface works closely with several cloud programs, helping businesses take care of responsibilities far easier than without its help.

Richie Sambora Looks Forward to Hall of Fame Induction

Even though Richie Sambora left Bon Jovi several years ago, he’s still a big part of the reason for their longevity and success. He last played with them in 2013, but after being with the band for 31 he is very much a part of the reason why the band won the nomination and will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. While not completely surprised by the award, after all the buzz and the online polls, Sambora is still very excited by the news.

Recently he was able to talk to a reporter at Rolling Stone magazine about the upcoming inauguration, his long history with the band that shaped his career, and whether or not he’ll be playing at the induction ceremony (spoiler alert- he will). During the interview, Sambora emphasized the fact that there wasn’t any bad blood between himself and the other members of the band, just that 31 years is a long time, with the implication being that he just felt it was time for a change.

Despite the fact that he had no regrets about quitting, he was definitely excited not only about being awarded such a great honor, but about the prospect of being able to play with Bon Jovi again. He’s continued to record music, working with his partner, Orianthi and is working on recording an album. Despite all of this he’s looking forward to the opportunity and is hopeful that everything will turn out well.

While there has been no official word on exactly who will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony, let alone what songs will be played chances are “Livin on a Prayer” will be one of the three songs chosen. Fans are sure to be excited about the news as the full band has not played together in more than 4 years. It’s sure to be a memorable event and one that many fans will be looking forward to.

Millionaire Nick Vertucci Started Small

Nick Vertucci believes the future is not dictated by the past, he was raised in a loving family and while they were not extremely well off he was provided for. His father died when Nick was ten causing his mother to begin working long hours in order to support the family not making it home until the children were asleep. At the age of eighteen Nick was virtually homeless living in a van.

Nick Vertucci started a computer part selling business after the stent of homelessness, he loved being his own boss because of the freedom he gained. Nick married and had three children during this time and things were going well forhim until the 2000 dot com crash when he watched his finances vanish. Nick had not invested in the future for nearly a year and a half he had very little income and his debt was increasing.

Nick Vertucci managed to keep his home while losing almost everything else. He was invited to attend a three day training seminar for real estate and with a little assurance from a friend he reluctantly agreed to attend the workshop. While he did not understand everything something clicked and he knew that he had the answer to ending his financial troubles.

Nick Vertucci began to feel inspired and began to learn everything that he could real estate while training and studying. It took ten years for him to get all the information required for success and eventually he was able to make a profit in real estate through a system he developed for himself.

When Nick Vertucci hit millionaire status he became determined to teach others his system so they could eliminate debt while making a profit to change their financial situation for the better. He believes that while people have the drive and desire to change their lives do not know how to go about it and that’s why he devotes himself to teaching them.