Jesus Christ Superstar Returns

Most people of a certain age probably remember Jesus Christ Superstar that was a rock opera performed on Broadway back in the 1970s. The rock opera spawned a succession of hits, an album, and a film. The rock based opera was more of an interpretation of Jesus’s life. Fast forward a few decades and Jesus Christ Superstar Returns with a live concert on NBC. This is exciting news for fans of the rock opera. It is also surprising and exciting news for fans of John Legend. The surprising news is that John Legend is in the title role of the musical. The exciting news is that the accomplished singer is going to demonstrate his acting chops to the world.

The Legend Begins
John Legend had plenty to share about his taking over the title role of the iconic rock opera. He relates about the story having a very special meaning for him. Certainly, the rock opera has a very strong meaning for thousands of fans across the country and the world too. Legend states that the cast is filled with very talented people and he is very excited about working with them and the entire project. It is interesting to note that this is a Live Performance and it is going to air on television April 1.

An Amazing Talent
Certainly, John Legend is an amazing talent. The talented singer won numerous awards over the last few decades. In fact, he is a ten time Grammy winner too. Now, the talented singer and songwriter is stretching his wings a bit and entering the acting world. John Legend feels humbled by being selected to play the title role. It should also be noted that selecting John Legend to play the title role is a bit of a legend in the making too. Selecting him goes against the usual type casting of this powerful role in the rock opera. Other notables in the casting include Alice Cooper playing the role of King Herod.

Artist Joel Iskowitz Has Designed An Astonishing 50 Coins for the U.S. Mint

The art of Joel Iskowitz can pop up in the strangest places. For example, the latest 2017 issue of Analog, a pulpy science fiction magazine, features a drawing by Iskowitz – the work illustrates a bizarre tale of time travelers who trade genetic materials 40,000 years in the past.

While getting one’s art featured in an obscure publication is nice, it doesn’t create that wide exposure artists crave — something that’s never been a problem for Mr. Iskowitz. In fact, millions of people see his work every day, even if they don’t realize it.

That’s because Iskowitz is among the most prolific designers of money – specially, coinage issued by the U.S. Mint. Also, he is among a tiny group of living artists whose work can be seen at the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Pentagon in addition to dozens of legal tender coins.

Working for the Mint has been a kind of second life for Iskowitz. He was chosen for the U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program in 2005. The program had been established in 2003 to bring more vibrant and innovative talent to U.S. Mint products. Joe’s designs have been have been accepted for an astonishing 50 U.S. coins.

To say that Iskowitz is among the prolific coinage designers of all time would be a vast understatement, and his work doesn’t stop at the U.S border. Iskowitz has created artwork for private medals and stamps in 40 countries. These works number more than 2,000.

Additionally, Iskowitz has long had a keen interest in space travel. That’s why a lot of his works finds its way into science fiction magazines, but also the real world of rockets and astronauts. For example, Iskowitz was commissioned to produce work for NASA’s Space Shuttle missions. Much of this work on the former Shuttle program is still on display at the Kennedy Space Center Museum.

Today, at age 71, the artwork of Joel Iskowitz remains in high demand.

Why Troy McQuagge Initiated The HOPE Program At USHEALTH Group

In 2010 Troy McQuagge became the president and chief executive officer of Dallas, Texas-based USHEALTH Group, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has a degree in legal studies. Once he graduated he started working in the insurance industry. His first job was at Allstate Insurance Company. Once he found success there he jumped to UIC where, as president, he increased the sales of their insurance department to over $1 billion.

When Troy McQuagge Son joined USHEALTH Group the company was in pretty dire shape. Sales were really poor and employee morale was at a very low point, especially in the sales wing of the company known as USHEALTH Advisors. One of the ways that he turned this around was by instituting a new company mission known as HOPE. This stands for Helping Other People Everyday. It’s not just a silly acronym at this company but is instead the fundamental way they now do business. Under his leadership and ongoing HOPE initiatives the company is now thriving and employees really enjoy working for it.

The first HOPE initiative took place in 2010 after Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans. USHEALTH Group teamed up with a local nonprofit called Phoenix of New Orleans. By working together they were able to rebuild homes in the city which had been underwater for weeks. The team at USHEALTH Group donated hundreds of hours of their time in this effort.

The next company-wide HOPE project was in 2011. There was a Scottsdale, Arizona nonprofit called The Crisis Nursery which provides a shelter to children. They were very low on vital supplies such as baby formula, diapers, shoes, and clothing. The management of USHEALTH Group started to collect donations of these items and cash as well. It was all delivered to The Crisis Nursery as a way of giving back to the community and helping some of society’s most vulnerable people. Read more on about Troy MacQuagge Son

The team as USHEALTH Group thinks that business should be more about profit. The HOPE program gives them a way to help people in all of the places in which they do business.

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A Great Man In Design Remembered 40 Years Later

There are billions of people on our planet and while each person will be remembered by family and loved ones very few leave a lasting legacy after they are gone. Charles Eames passed away 40 years ago but his influence and style still live on through his work. He was a man of many talents with a great mind for design. Eames famously perfected his craft at architecture, design, and filmmaking.

Charles Eames was born in 1907 and by the tender age of 23, he had already opened his own architectural firm after dropping out of college. He met famous Finnish architects Eliel and Eero Saarinen, a father and son duo. That chance meeting changed the course of his life. He decided to finish his degree at the Cranbrook Academy of Art located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. There he met his second wife and future design partner Ray Kaiser.

Together with his friend Eero Saarinen, Charles created a lightweight splint out of plywood. There was a high demand due to World War II injuring men at record numbers. While practical, there design was praised for being visually appealing as well. After the war ended people felt it was time for a change in design style. That is where Charles and Ray stepped in to create innovate furniture designs with a purpose. Quickly their chairs and other pieces became a mainstream success with simple and bold designs.

A long, successful career in furniture design and architecture helped Charles Eames leave a lasting impression on the world. Art school students today still learn from the original design plans and innovative view on furniture and buildings. The shape and feel of his plans are still mimicked today. There is no better way for a designer to be remembered then through their pieces especially after the passage of time to a new, very different generation.

Ian McKellen Expresses Interest in Playing Gandolf on Amazon’s LOTR Series

Sir Ian McKellen has publicly stated he has a strong interest in reprising the role of Gandalf in the forthcoming Lord of the Rings Amazon series. McKellen, of course, played Gandalf in the incredibly successful Lord of the Rings motion pictures. He returned for the follow-up fi`lms based on The Hobbit. McKellen remains so fond of the role that he doesn’t wish to see anyone else play Gandolf in the planned five-season series. Amazon probably would consider McKellen’s offer to play Gandolf again. Amazon could benefit in a host of ways by casting McKellen.

Amazon’s online streaming service has not been as successful as Netflix’s. Licensing a property such as Lord of the Rings could prove to be wise from both a financial and strategic perspective. Lord of the Rings has been clearly established as maintaining a strong fan base. The billions of dollars the motion pictures earned prove how strong the popularity is.

Can that popularity be extended to an Amazon series? That question cannot be answered until the series debuts and the financial impact is measured. The Lord of the Rings program won’t be debuting on HBO or a broadcast network. Potential audiences do need to be motivated to view the series on Amazon. Casting McKellen in the role may help draw in a large number of cinematic J..R.R. Tolkien fans.

Amazon truly does need a hit. McKellen could help Amazon achieve this goal, but Amazon may want to start completely fresh with the new series. This could mean going with another actor other than McKellen. Completely rebranding the new series with a completely new cast might allow Amazon’s project to escape from the shadow of the Peter Jackson films.

No matter who eventually plays Gandolf, McKellen does deserve credit for not wanting to give up his legendary role. Few actors possess the level of passion and commitment McKellen displays. Maybe this passion would be the biggest asset the Amazon series could acquire.

How The Greg Secker Foundation Helped Filipino Victims Of Typhoons

The Greg Secker Foundation has replaced over 100 homes that were destroyed by typhoons striking the Philippines. These homes were presented to the typhoon victims in three cities, Lemery, Capinahan, and Iloilo. On hand to witness this turn over of the homes was Nonito Donaire, Jr. He is from the Philippines and is a former world boxing champ. He has said that one of his missions as a former athlete is to encourage others in sports to give back by being socially conscious.

Nonito Donaire, Jr. and his wife made a two-day trip out of this, flying back and forth to the Philippines from their home in Las Vegas, Nevada. He said that boxers can inspire people outside the ring just as much as they can inside of it. He has contributed before to rebuilding housing in the Philippines, for example, such as in 2009 when he donated P1 million to efforts of this type.

Greg Secker took Nonito Donaire, Jr. back and forth to the airport. His foundation supports communities around the world. Beyond rebuilding housing in the Philippines quite a bit of his charity revolves around helping children, particularly education and developing leadership skills. He started his nonprofit foundation in 2010.

It was Forex trading that Greg Secker built his fortune in. After a career on Wall Street, he moved back to his native England and started a company to teach others how to make money trading. He founded and runs three companies which are Learn to Trade, FX Capital, and SmartCharts Software. Learn to Trade is an award-winning program which shows people that strategies to trade Forex markets which he learned during his time on Wall Street. FX Capital is also in the Forex industry while SmartCharts Software is a platform on which to do trades in real-time 24/7.

In addition to his charitable work and teaching trading George Secker is also a public speaker and author. He has spoken at many motivational conferences around the world over the last several years. He was born in Norfolk, England in 1975 and now lives in London.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is an independently owned connection of facilities that provide elderly adult patients with personal care. They are originally located in the United Kingdom with other surrounding locations in East Sussex, West Sussex and London.

This company was founded back in March of 1985 and now has over 500 employees. There are also 20 different homes combined that include specialized doctors and nurses to help the elderly with different issues concerning dementia, neurological disorders, along with other mental and physical disabilities. This Healthcare organization has partnered with multiple companies to provide assistance and a voice for their patients.

At any rate, sending a loved one into a nursing home or special care facility can be hard and very emotional for the whole family. This is where Sussex Healthcare provides plenty of accommodations to make sure their patients are kept safe and as comfortable as possible. In fact, Sussex allows plenty of family and friends to visit their loved-ones any time and bring gifts for them as well. Their main concern and priority is to keep everyone happy and cozy in their new environment. A lot of their homes are privately designed to feel like an actual home with warm and inviting decor. Throughout the day, patients are able to enjoy nice relaxing baths, warm meals daily, comfortable beds, and cozy furniture. The elderly are also welcomed to get involved in extra activities such as:

craft classes
and different social gatherings!


These activities provide the maximum comfort level and a lot of therapeutic treatments at the same time. Another great addition to this company is their new state-of-the-art gymnasium for their residents. This gym provides excellent quality machines, different relaxation methods, and equipment for hydrotherapy such as:

elliptical machines
stationary bikes
underwater treadmills
free weights
indoor pool
hot tubs

They also have included different fitness programs and training exercises to residents. These programs help residents with their disabilities, and to keep them moving daily. It is also a healthy way to have fun and socialize with others. Sussex incorporates a complete wellness environment to all of their patients and is dedicated to serving them in the most professional and caring way. It is one of the most important things when it comes to a healthcare facility. The demand for nurses and caregivers has exponentially gone up and Sussex plans to keep their company growing! Overall, Sussex Healthcare has been extremely successful and ranked high in serving their patients for over 25 years now and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon!


An Insight to The Acquisition of JPay Inc. by Securus Technologies

The world that we live in is not the safest place to raise children; however, this might soon change with the efforts made by a few companies such as Securus Technologies. This firm was recently applauded for its endless pursuits towards improving public safety in the nation through creating and providing Wireless Containment Units to correction facilities. The purpose of these units was to block incoming calls received by contraband devices that inmates smuggle into the compounds as well as bar outgoing calls made through illegal cell phones that are used to arrange hits all from within the confinement of shackles. Throughout the country, eight inmate correction facilities have implemented the use of these wireless units, with three jails being located in Florida.



To facilitate the attempt of better public safety and to further assist prisons around the country with various concerns Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay as a wholly owned subsidiary. This acquisition promptly addressed multiple issues related to payments made by correction facilities, education of staff at prisons, tighter security within jails and overall smoother operation of jails while implementing the latest technological advances in the sector.



Securus Technologies was also given an added accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, as the dedicated teams working for Securus Technologies, have continually strived to provide excellent resolutions, prompt deliveries, honest advertisements, all based on a transparent operation that is run honestly and holistically.



Over 25 million people in the USA rely on Securus Technologies for resolutions especially in times of crisis. Securus Technologies takes this responsibility very seriously and has created a dedicated call center that resolved over 2.5 million concerns every single month. The most impressive part of the new operation is the first call success rate is at 99%, with resolutions given by the agents, all on the first call. The customer satisfaction rate is phenomenal as well; the recent total was 4.3 out of a scale of 5.


How Brian Torchin Helps Company Fill Healthcare And Legal Positions

Brian Torchin was born and raised in Plainview, New York and is a graduate of the University of Deleware. He graduated with a bachelor of science in exercise science. He then attended New York Chiropractic College and graduated with a chiropractic degree in 1995. He has spent in career in the healthcare industry.

For seven years he worked for Practice Management, Inc. where he was the director of medical marketing. He joined HCRC Staffing in January 2007 and is the company’s chief executive officer.

The company that Brian Torchin leads is a staffing and consulting business. He and his team place job candidates at companies in both the healthcare and legal industries. He says that his company can fill a staffing need in just 72 hours. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

As he can provide flexible staffing solutions and makes building long-term partnerships with his clients, HCRC Staffing has many clients who have used his company to fill job positions for years. He now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Due to his expertise filling positions for a company, Torchin has been featured in the media as a staffing expert. He once has had an article written about him called, “Torchin Staffing The Global Healthcare Industry”, for example.

He has also been written about on both and The former article was specifically about recruiting chiropractors while that latter one had to to with recruiting medical professionals in general.

Brian Torchin has an active Facebook page. He posts about jobs that are available around the world that his company is looking to fill. Anybody that works in the healthcare field can access his Facebook pages and get a listing of many of the jobs that HCRC Staffing’s clients are hiring for, such as a job as a chiropractor in Dublin, Ohio.

Other samplings include a nurse practitioner physician assistant position in Alexandria, Louisiana, and a position in Santa Monica, California for a company looking to hire a medical assistant.

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How Lime Crime Has Expanded Worldwide

You can’t knock Doe Deere’s hustle and how she has managed to make her company one of the world’s most prominent and successful cosmetic lines out there. Most cosmetic lines never make it this far and never see this much success going for them. She obviously knew what she was doing and continues to work on perfecting her strategy. Now, she’s focusing on expanding her brand into entirely new countries in an effort to give Lime Crime the recognition it deserves. So far, it seems that her plan is working and others are trying to follow suit with emulations of her approach.

When Doe Deere decided she was going to take over China, she encountered a number of challenges to her process. She had to face issues with her stance on animal testing for instance. Deere does not believe in anything that may harm animal welfare so this was especially difficult for her. Nonetheless, she managed to find a way by partnering up with Revolve. Revolve understood the market and helped her find a way to expand her involvement in China. Ever since then she has taken their help she’s been able to enter the Chinese market without any problems. Her products are popular and taking over by storm.

You can look at the history of Lime Crime and see a classic success story. This brand has managed to get as far as it has by doing everything and anything necessary to reach the top. Deere has made it a personal mission to try anything that will help her expand the business and its scope in a way that her rivals haven’t. The future of this brand is going to certainly amaze people when it becomes one of the most prominent in China. By sticking to her values and creating something she wanted, Doe Deere has made something amazing. Now, she wants to do this in China and beyond with this new relationship with cosmetics producer Revolve. From the looks of it she seems to be working out just fine and she’s bringing in new fans from far across the world.

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