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Daniel Day-Lewis Explains His Decision to Retire

Daniel Day-Lewis has had a long and distinguished career in acting, but last June he announced plans to retire after his next film. Now, he’s finally come out and explained why he is doing it.

Day-Lewis’ big break was the 1982 epic Gandhi, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and has since won Best Actor for My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown (1989), There Will Be Blood (1997) and Lincoln (2012). He was also nominated for In the Name of the Father (1993) and Gangs of New York (2002).

His last film, set for release on Christmas Day of this year, is Phantom Thread, a drama about the world of fashion in 1950’s London. It and he are already considered shoe-in for Oscar nominations.

He has thought about retiring before, often while taking long breaks between projects. He says that usually, he would rewatch his old films and be inspired to continue. Apparently, he now finds himself with no real desire to watch this new movie that he is starring in, which he takes as a sign that his passion is gone.

He describes showing his son, who has an interest in musical composition, Tous Les Matins du Monde, which is about the French composer Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, and compared its view of art to his own.

“I dread to use the overused word ‘artist,’ but there’s something of the responsibility of the artist that hung over me,” he said. “I need to believe in the value of what I’m doing. The work can seem vital. Irresistible, even. And if an audience believes it, that should be good enough for me. But, lately, it isn’t.”

Beyond that, he says that he cannot easily explain his decision to retire, but feels it deeply. Certainly, he will be dearly missed.

“Black Lightning” Teaser Now Available

The highly anticipated “Arrowverse” crossover (of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl) has included a brief teaser for the upcoming DC Comics/CW series Black Lightning, which is set to premiere next year.

Lasting only about six seconds, it shows the main character, Jefferson Pierce (played by Cress Williams), standing in the rain. A close-up of his face shows that electricity seems to be crackling within his eyes.

“People out there need me,” his voice-over declares. “Black Lightning is back.”

This line references something that had already been announced—that in this story, Black Lightning begins as a retired superhero, but one who is quickly forced to throw himself back into the fight. He is opposed to The One Hundred, a vicious gang led by the albino villain Tobias Whale (played by Marvin “Krondon” Jones III).

This concept of Black Lightning as an older, retired superhero separates him from the other CW superhero protagonists, all of whom begin their stories in their twenties and inexperienced. Also different is that he has a family—ex-wife Lynn (played by Christine Adams) and daughters Jennifer and Anissa (played China Anne McClain and Nafessa Williams, respectively).

Apparently, Pierce retired from heroics nine years before the series began, worried that his actions were putting a strain on his loved ones. He has since taken up a normal job as principal of a charter high school. The show will use non-linear storytelling in order to flesh out his history as a superhero, juxtaposing it to his modern day storyline about resuming his old mantle.

The show has currently been described as not part of the shared “Arrowverse” continuity; however, the same was originally said for Supergirl, so that may change in the future.

Black Lightning has an interesting history as a character, being DC Comics’ first headlining black superhero (though John Stewart, one of the Green Lanterns, was their first black superhero period).

“Walking Dead” Crossover Character Revealed

Back in October, the creators of The Walking Dead and its prequel/spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead began to tease that one character would cross over from the former to the latter. After weeks of waiting, we finally know that Morgan Jones (played by Lennie James) will be the character to appear in both series.

Before the reveal, the most popular guess was Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), a popular character who has already been killed on the parent show. Since Fear the Walking Dead takes place earlier in the timeline of the zombie apocalypse, this would not present an issue, and Cudlitz has openly said that he would love to reprise his role. (He has, in fact, in a flashback scene.)

Morgan was not a popular guess, but he makes sense. He appeared in the early parts of The Walking Dead, but then disappeared until “Clear,” an episode near the end of season 3; that means that there is plenty of time when he could have been with the Fear the Walking Dead cast. It is notable that only brief bits of information about Morgan’s whereabouts during the intervening time have been given.

And since the prequel takes place in the past, Morgan can continue to appear in the parent show even as he joins the spin-off cast as well. Indeed, in his Talking Dead announcement about the crossover, showrunner Scott Gimple implies that what Morgan is doing in the current time period has a direct relationship with the story that they are going to tell about him back in the Fear the Walking Dead series.

“Morgan’s arc on The Walking Dead season 8 positioned him for the story on Fear,” he explained.

With these tantalizing clues, fans are no doubt looking forward to finding out more and seeing how Morgan’s new part plays out.

James Cameron Brags About Almost Attacking Harvey Weinstein

In a recent interview, famed director James Cameron claims that he almost attacked Harvey Weinstein during the 1998 Academy Awards Ceremony, saying that he nearly beat the media mogul with his newly awarded Oscar.

He made these comments in a recent Vanity Fair story celebrating the 20th anniversary of Titanic.

Before you ask, no, it was not about Weinstein’s recently publicized treatment of female employees, which has made the once celebrated producer a pariah in Hollywood; rather, Cameron took offense at Weinstein’s treatment of Guillermo del Toro, Cameron’s fellow filmmaker and friend.

“It was happening on the main floor at the [theater],” Cameron said of the incident.

“And the music had started to play to get back in our seats. The people around us were saying, ‘Not here! Not here!’ Like it was okay to fight in the parking lot, you know, but it was not okay there when the music was playing, and they were about to go live.”

Weinstein had begun, in Cameron’s words, “glad-handling” him, and Cameron began criticized Weinstein for the executive meddling that del Toro received during the making of Mimic, the Mexican director’s first American production. It almost became his last—del Toro has described the making of that film as the second worst thing to happen to him during the 1990s, a decade which also including the kidnapping of his father.

As you can imagine, tact and subtlety are not Cameron’s strong points; indeed, he is known to be very difficult to work with himself. Nevertheless, he has had great success in the art of filmmaking, directing blockbusters like Aliens, Terminator 2 and The Abyss before achieving mega-success with 1997’s Titanic. It wound up the highest grossing movie of all time, only to be dethroned years later by another of Cameron’s films, Avatar.

Cameron is currently working on sequels to the latter film.

Day Day-Lewis Sad About His Acting Swan Song

Simply from an awards-based perspective, actor Daniel Day-Lewis ranks as one of the greatest actors in history. He’s won three Academy Awards for Best Actor, most recently in 2012. However, his manager announced back in June that the actor will be retiring after what’s now scheduled to be his final film, “Phantom Thread,” which is scheduled to open on Christmas Day.

That movie is being directed by Paul Thomas Andersen, who directed Day-Lewis in his 2007 Oscar-winning role in “There Will Be Blood.” Prior to the announcement, the only person aware that Day-Lewis would be retiring was his wife, Rebecca Miller. While he’s made the decision, he still remains uncertain about how to explain the reasons behind it.

Having been bitten by the acting bug when he was just 12 years old, Day-Lewis indicated that his uncertain life at that time was being salvaged by his ability to perform. Over the decades that have followed, his attention to the craft has clearly been recognized.

Day-Lewis was known for taking long breaks between the film roles he accepted, something that he indicates was connected to previous considerations about possibly retiring. Those instances were always put on hold when he was offered a role that he was eager to embrace. By making his plans public, he believes that it will be able to offer a strong indication that he won’t be changing his mind in the years ahead.

Despite having made that decision, Day-Lewis said that he feels sadness about the drastic upcoming change in his life. He hasn’t decided exactly what route his future will take, with one report indicating that he would be moving into the fashion world. That rumor was largely connected to the fact that his new movie has fashion and design as its main theme.

Day-Lewis himself has indicated that he might like to take up boxing, though not from a professional standpoint, given that he turned 60 years old in April.

How Young People Can Prepare for Retirement

It is important to start preparing for retirement early. Even if you are young, you should be preparing for retirement. There is no reason to push it off. Many young people are starting to realize that. However, not all of them are doing it the right way. Many are preparing for retirement the wrong way. David Giertz has some tips for young people who want to prepare for retirement.

First of all, look at your financial situation and make sure that everything is in order. You need to make sure that your debts are paid off. You need to make sure that you are on stable financial ground. If you have debt, whether it is student loans or a loan for your car, make sure to pay it off. That is the first step when preparing for retirement.

It is also a good idea to do compound interest. This way, you can keep earning more and more money. After many years, if you start early enough, you will be left with a lot more money than you imagined.

Another idea is to start a side gig. This can be freelance or otherwise something that you do in your spare time, besides your job. It is just a good idea to have a steady income stream that does not have to do with your job. This way, you are more secure when you retire.

David Giertz has been helping many people in the financial world for a long time. He has over thirty years of experience in the financial world. He was the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution program. He is a certified coach with WABC. David Giertz was also a financial services advisor to CitiGroup, as well as an Executive Vice President of Sales.

Find out more about David Giertz:

Tom Holland “Researching” for “Uncharted” Film

Tom Holland drops a hint that he will indeed be playing the lead in the upcoming Uncharted film.

On his Instagram account, Holland posted a short video of the video game’s title screen and theme music, with the words “FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES” written across the screen.

The young actor had already been attached to play protagonist Nathan Drake in Uncharted, which will be a prequel to the video game series. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Holland is most well-known for playing the part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He stole the show (and Cap’s shield) in his brief Captain America: Civil War appearances before starring in Spider-Man: Homecoming this year.

Uncharted is a third-person shooter created by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. It tells the story of Drake as he goes around the world with a group of compatriots, trying to uncover historical mysteries. They have been hailed as some of the greatest video games of all time (particularly Uncharted 2: Among Thieves), and are often compared to big Hollywood properties like Indiana Jones. Theoretically, an Uncharted film that manages to avert the usual “video game movie curse” could become a huge franchise.

Attempts to adapt these games have been going on since 2009, but unfortunately for fans, so far they keep stalling as different writers, producers and actors express interest in the film before leaving. Things may finally be moving forward now that Shawn Levy, currently working as a producer of Stranger Things, has been announced to direct the project.

At previous points frontrunners to play Drake have included Holland’s MCU colleague Chris Pratt (Star-Lord from Guardian of the Galaxy, in case you have a hard time keeping the Chrises straight) and Nathan Fillion, who even began a Twitter campaign to help him land the part.

“Justice League” Artbook Reveals More About Greek Gods

The Justice League artbook is out, and it shows some interesting designs were originally planned for that film’s version of the Greek gods Zeus and Ares.

While the actual movie presented the pair about how you would expect—Zeus was a lightning throwing guy in a toga, Ares had the more intimidating armor that he wore in Wonder Woman—the artbook depicts them in decidedly more primitive clothing, wearing loincloths and capes made out of animal skins and leather, respectively. Zeus is also glowing, with golden segments on, or perhaps part of, his arms and forehead, while Ares’ hands glow red as though covered in blood.

It is notable that the Amazons, who worship the Greek gods, were depicted with similarly primitive outfits during the film’s flashback, which showed both groups teaming up with the Atlanteans and an ancient Green Lantern warrior to combat the villain Steppenwolf and his invading army of Parademons.

The aesthetic here is interesting when one considers the film’s director, Zack Snyder. While he is controversial for many reasons—the grimmer, more violent tone that he has chosen to use for these films, the gloomy aesthetic, his at times over-complicated plotting—no one can deny that he has an eye for striking images. Justice League is full of visually impressive scenes, and no doubt the shot of Zeus à la Conan the Barbarian would have made an impression.

It is not clear why these designs were not used in the final product. Were the artbook’s renditions of the characters simply deemed too strange, prompting a return to their more traditional looks? Did the battle scene go through reshoots like much of the movie? It is hard to say.

According to Wonder Woman, the Greek gods are all dead now, though we may find out more about them in Shazam, since Zeus is traditionally one of the hero’s magical patrons.

Drinking Organo Gold Coffees could make you live longer

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published the findings two new studies that found that habitual drinking of coffee could actually be linked to a lowered risk of death resulting from a myriad of diseases such as strokes and heart diseases. For several years now, a number of scientists have been researching on what exactly are the health benefits and shortcomings (if any) of drinking coffee for a prolonged period of time and therefore this is not the first time coffee drinkers are reading such headlines. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

More than 185,000 people from the Americas drawn from a cross-section of society including the Japanese Americans, Latinos, African Americans and even Whites alike were examined by one of the studies. The study found these individuals, whether they indulge themselves with decaffeinated of caffeinated coffee, they were at a lesser risk of dying from lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease or even kidney disease.

The researchers also found out that, the subjects who took at least two to three cups of coffee each day decreased their risk of death by up to 18% when compared to fellow folks who did not take coffee for the 16 years that the study took place.

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The other study was carried out in Europe where over 520,000 individuals were drawn from across 10 different countries and their findings were strikingly similar. The study also came to the conclusion that the people who drank a number of cups of coffee each day had a reduced chance of death when put head to head with the people who did not drink coffee.

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Marv Wolfman Praises Movie’s Deathstroke

Marv Wolfman, co-creator of the DC Comics character Deathstroke, has praised his usage in the recent DC Extended Universe film Justice League.

Posting a picture of him on his Facebook page, Wolfman wrote “Photo courtesy of Joe Manganiello who looks like he stepped right out of the pages of New Teen Titans. Does he look perfect or what? Cannot wait to see where he appears next.”

He also advises people to “stay to the very, very end,” alluding to the fact that Manganiello’s Deathstroke only appears in the film’s second and final post-credits scene.

Deathstroke the Terminator, real name Slade Wilson, is an assassin who originally focused on fighting the Teen Titans, though he has since expanded into a more general DC Comics antagonist and anti-hero. A scientific experiment gave him enhanced physical abilities, and he has his own peculiar moral code that makes him a more interesting villain than just a plain, thoughtless killer.

In the Justice League post-credits scene, Deathstroke meets with Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg), who is revealed to have escaped prison and left a body double in his place. The two discuss the recent formation of the Justice League, and Luthor suggests that they begin “a league of our own,” implying some sort of villain team-up in a sequel film.

In the DCEU, Deathstroke is apparently an antagonist of Ben Affleck’s Batman; he was originally slated to appear in The Batman solo film, though at this point his involvement is up in the air.

Justice League was the first time that fans could see Deathstroke in a live-action movie, but he is no stranger to adaptations: he was one of the chief antagonists of the Teen Titans cartoon, had a smaller part in Young Justice, appeared in several of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies and was a recurring antagonist on the Arrow TV show.