Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

Weinstein, a Hollywood Producer, is one of the most powerful men in arts who have been accused of sexual misconducts lately. Other men who have passed through this include Roger Ailes, Fox News chairman and Bill Cosby who is a comedian. This has made them suffer reputation setbacks in their careers.

1. Weinstein’s case was the latest on the headlines having been accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Some of these women include the famous Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd. This has caused a more impassionate downfall to him.

This scandal was the reason why #MeToo was promoted on Twitter which aimed at airing the grievances of all women who had been sexually harassed in their lifetime. Surprisingly, this went viral as more than half a million women admitted that they had suffered this in their lives.

It caught many peoples’ attention that Lady Gaga, one of the most popular female singers was among these women.

Concern about whether Mr. Weinstein was going to be allowed to get away with that crime as it was the case of many other executives was raised. “This behavior is devastating and pathetic, and the harassed women are therefore going to seek,” one of the victims said.

The grievances have however started bearing fruits as Fatima Graves who is the president of Women’s Law Center nationally addressed the issue recently. She said that more women have continued reporting their harassments and promised to work on that.

There were further positive results seen after Fatima Gross promised to fight for the women’s rights. Mr. Weinstein’s membership was eventually terminated a few weeks ago which served justice to many victims he had harassed. The company said that sexual harassment was highly unacceptable in the company and the community at large.

Hollywood made a wise decision firing this executive. This proved that they were kind and fair to those who had been harassed by their member. Therefore, they gave them what they wanted most: justice.

Waititi Discusses Cut “Thor: Ragnarok” Villain, IKEA Furniture

During a promotional tour for his upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi revealed that he considered using the comic villain Perrikus but ultimately did not use him.

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok will see the Asgardian hero travel into space and join with his anti-villainous brother Loki, heroine Valkyrie and fellow Avenger the Hulk in order to stop Hela, the goddess of death, as well as Surtur, an apocalyptic fire giant.

The reveal came during a game he was playing against actors Tom Hiddleson (Loki) and Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), where the three were given a name and had to guess if it belonged to a Thor villain or a piece of IKEA furniture. (Fafnir: Thor villain. Jorid: furniture.) When given the choice of “Perrikus,” Waititi is sure that he is a Thor villain, and mentions in passing that he was going to be in the movie at one point in development.

In the comics, Perrikus is one of the Dark Gods, cited as the God of Infinite Energy, and accidentally released from imprisonment by Thor. Vengeful about the Asgarians killing his wife, he manages to destroy Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir. In that way he is quite similar to the movie version of Hela, who has the same basic setup, minus the dead wife part. It is unclear if Hela replaced Perrikus or if they were going to be working together in earlier ideas for the movie.

As a side note: the two teams tied with 4 points each. Meanwhile Waititi, who has expressed interest in making more movies with Thor in the future, quipped that one would now include a character called “Norden,” after a type of table. “I was taking these as suggestions,” he said.

Cameron Romero Plans Night of the Living Dead Prequel

Cameron Romero, the son of the late George R. Romero, recently announced he will be continuing his father’s work. The Night of the Living Dead franchise continues and now heads into its 50th anniversary with a planned prequel. Rise of the Living Dead takes audiences to the time leading up to that strange and horrific night in rural Pennsylvania in 1968, a night when the dead first walked the earth.

The younger Romero’s decision to craft a sequel might finally explain why the living dead came to overwhelm the earth. In the original film, a virus of sorts from outer space was mentioned as a possible reason. No one knows for sure if the outer space infection truly did cause the eventual and inaugural zombie apocalypse.

Answers may soon become more definitive. The plot synopsis reveals the origins likely are connected to a government project focusing on preserving human life. The tragic irony here would be the secret experiment eventually led to wiping out mostly all human life on the planet due to the rise of the dead.

No snap decisions went into the plans to make a prequel. Romero has been developing the project since 2014 and has raised money via crowdfunding to start the production ball moving. The time may be perfect for a prequel to the classic horror film. Zombie apocalypse television shows, films, video games, and novels are all the rage. Audience demand exists for such over-the-top entertainment. Cameron Romero has a far greater chance of raising funds for the film before the fad wanes. Then again, he doesn’t have to rush too much. The current popularity of zombie projects doesn’t look like its going to die down soon.

OneLogin Provides Businesses With The Tecnhnology To Improve Productivity And Security

Cloud technologies are being used by contemporary manufacturing organizations to drive their organizational success and enable their businesses. These technologies improve agility across the supply chains by simplifying identity management and improving security at a reduced cost. The identity management systems of twenty years ago are still being used by many manufacturers, and lead to numerous challenges. The manufacturer and vendor supply chain is complex, and may include thousands of vendors. When the interaction is manual, it is often slow due to antiquated systems and tools. This leads to a loss of productivity.

The wealth of sensitive data handled by manufactures causes a higher rate of phishing attacks than with any other industry. Apps able to contain sensitive data securely are required. IT employees are consistently onboarding and offboarding employees, and when the end users forget their passwords, it causes delays. Vendors, supply chain partners and manufacturing organizations are in different locations, the app rollouts are complex, directories are disparate, and the identity management system is complicated.

All this can be addressed with OneLogin’s cloud-based IAM solution. This encompasses multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and active directory integration on a real-time basis with over 5,000 apps. OneLogin centralizes the app for every employee in an easily accessible location with one secure password. This improves productivity, and saves IT time. OneLogin Adaptive Authentication analyses important factors when employees log in including geographic location, time of day, the login device, and network familiarity. The system searches for abnormalities, and responds with the requirement of additional authentication when abnormalities are detected.

Leaving the legacy infrastructure is a daunting proposition for numerous organizations. With OneLogin WAM or Web Access Management it does not have to be. WAM makes the process simpler because it integrates with a business’s webserver. This provides secure access to legacy applications, and all the Cloud IAM features are accessible when a connection is made to the OneLogin Cloud Directory. This means a business is not pressed for time while setting up their cloud infrastructure, the users will have all the apps they require, and the business can simultaneously make all their on-premises operations productive and secure.

George Soros Politico and Philanthropist

George Soros established Open Society Foundation back in 1979. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Soros Fund Management LLC. He was born on 12th August 1930 in Budapest. He graduated with a bachelor’s of Economics at London School of Economics. He also acquired a master’s in philosophy. He began his career by working at merchant banks in England and the United States. He then started Double Eagle in 1969 after acquiring enough experience as his first hedge fund. Profits he gained from Double Eagle created him enough capital to start a second hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, in 1970.

George Soros is also known as one of the notable philanthropists all over the world. He has also been a renowned international democratic principles and causes enthusiast for more than 30 years. He is one of the world’s most wealthy investor, a hedge fund billionaire who donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation. The NY Times describes this charitable action as one of the biggest donation of wealth in the world ever made by an individual to a single foundation. This donation made Open Society Foundation to be recognized as one of the largest philanthropic organization in the United States.

From the NY Times, George Soros has been placed as an advisor for conventional critics in social and political crisis in the country. Open Society Foundation endorses democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries. In the recent years, the foundation has invested in programs to decrease mistreatments and protect lesbians and gays in the United States. The foundation financed the treatment centers during the outbreak of Ebola in 2014. In 2016 elections, the foundation tried to protect people in the United States from hate occurrences and crimes making George Soros spend $10 million.

The Open Society states that George Soros has gone beyond his foundation by funding and supporting organizations such as the International Crisis Group, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the Global Witness the European Council On Foreign Relations. Throughout George Soros’s legacy in philanthropy, he has continuously committed himself to fight the world’s most disturbing problems. He stresses on the advantages of solving losing causes. He has also emphasized on matters that an explanation might never arise. He has continued to take an individual interest in the Open Society Foundation by traveling across the world to support and promote positive policy changes with leaders both privately and publicly.

The Forbes describes George Soros as a legend in hedge fund management; he has handled client money from 1969 to 2011 in New York. He remains a heavyweight investor through Soros Fund Management which is a family foundation owning approximately $26 billion in assets. George Soros is also known in his efforts liberating Eastern Europe from communism to capitalism peacefully between the 1980s and 1990s. He also provided one of Europe’s prominent advanced education awards to the Central European University in his hometown. His greatness in political philanthropy has made him a bugbear of the European nationalists. and Follow him Twitter.com

The Growth of Fabletics

Everyone that is working out likes to work out in comfort. No one wants to find themselves in a place where they are spending money for clothing that are not comfortable. That is why so many people choose Fabletics when they want to work out. This is the clothing that makes it possible for more people to get a comfortable working in clothes that are trendy without paying a fortune for these clothes.


Amazon is a company that has been competing with Fabletics, and Kate Hudson is really trying to get a good grip on the way that she can compete with Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods and athletic clothing companies like Academy Sports. This company has grown over the years because Kate Hudson has been able to continuiusly boost the brand and improve upon the popularity of Fabletics. She has done all that she could to really make people take notice of the brand.


Hudson has appeared on the commercials. She has also modeled the clothes. In fact, she is the first date that people see when they visit the website. That makes it a lot easier for people to associate Kate Hudson with this brand. She is the person that people recognize when they are trying to get athletic clothes. Kate knows that creating a personal connection is going to change everything about the way that people look at Fabletics.


Jeff Bezos has failed to create a true personal connection to customers, but Hudson knows the value of creating a strong connection. Customers see her and they instantly connect her to the Fabletics brand. This is the company that has managed to transition into a mainstream company largely because it has a celebrity that is able to help people discover this brand. That is something Jeff Bezos is unable to do with the clothes that are sold on Amazon.


It is true that Jeff sells just about everything that one could imagine for Amazon. The reality, however, is that athletic clothing often gets buried on the Amazon website with all the other non-electrionic items. Kate Hudson, however, is the one that is catering to a specific audience.


She wants to make sure that she is focused on an audience that is all about athletic clothing. This makes is easier for Fabletics to compete with Amazon. Customers that desire a website that is all about athletic clothing will shop Fabletics.

Talk Fusion is Very Helpful in Advertising

For business owners, marketing is the most important step of getting their business out there. There are many aspects to marketing that people have to understand. One of the most important aspects of marketing is advertising. However, with the changes in the market, it can be done all by itself. The better approach to marketing is to reach out and get involved in the community. One of the most important things for a business owner to do is make himself visible. He can share insights with people in areas that are based on his niche. Then once he gains a following, then he can do the advertising.


The advertising part is one of the parts that require a lot of thought. The marketer needs to come up with a campaign that is catchy and is going to bring forth a lot of attention. Of course the end goal is to have sales. The business owner also wants to make sure that he has the largest chance at getting sales. This is one of the reasons that video marketing is one of the best approaches to getting the sales. It can make a very complicated aspect of marketing become very simple for both the marketer and the customer that is on his list.


Talk Fusion is one of the video marketing solutions that makes it easier for the marketer to come up with a very creative advertising campaign. All he has to do is use every tool he can to capture all of the flattering images that can make it easier for him to get his message across about the product in the way that he wants to. He can also make the product seem more appealing to the customer so that he will actually feel compelled to get the product for himself or others. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial


Logan Stout Roles in the Community

Logan stout is a well-known entrepreneur who resides in Dallas. He is the founder and CEO of IDLife, which is located in TX (Texas). The company was established in the year 2014, and it deals with direct selling of health products like nutrition supplements which are organic. These products are distributed all over the world to people who know and use these products. Some of these supplements are made for the nutritional aim for the body and others for weight loss as well as management.

Logan uses his social media platforms to promote his companies and to promote his products as many people’s needs these supplements and lack a place where they can get the genuine ones. Logan has one motive in life; he always aims at helping other entrepreneurs and business owners to start businesses and others to make them thrive well in the business. Logan helps people who have business ideas, but don’t understand where they will start their business from, and he gives them the way to start and makes sure that their business sees the light of the day.

Logan stout has partnered with other entrepreneurs and other motivational speakers who have the same passion for helping others to succeed as it’s not worthy to have thousands of poor people and one rich person. That is why he collaborated with these speakers and entrepreneur, and together they have made so many successful entrepreneurs that the world has come to know and respected.

Before Logan started the IDLife Company, he founded another venture which he named the Premier Baseball Academy. The Premier Baseball Academy is a school that trains baseball players, as Logan was once a prominent baseball player. He has been assisting people across the world in each country he visits, and he was featured to be the best player in various broadcasts and publications.

Apart from the IDLife and the Premier Baseball, Logan founded other companies like Loganstout.com which deals with training as well as mentoring the essentials of life as well as the potential for success; he is also a key speaker. He has been an author plus a public speaker from the year 2005, and he has been teaching groups and companies. Logan is truly a mentor and an influential person in the community. His ventures helps people in the community to better their life and live a successful life.

Logan Stout’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IDLifeLoganStout/

Talos Energy among the First Private Companies to Sink Oil Well in Mexican Waters

After about 8 decades of having a fully state-operated oil and gas drilling industry, Mexico finally voted to allow private oil and gas drilling companies to operate in the country in 2015. This was due to the poor performance of the industry. Private drilling of oil in the country finally began in May 2017. This was a joint operation of three companies: Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil PLC and Sierra Oil & Gas. The three companies own 35%, 25% and 40% stake in the venture respectively. The Zama-1 well is expected to produce anything between 100 million and 500 million drums of crude oil and the drilling will be completed in about 3 months.

About Talos Energy

While Talos Energy is a relatively new player in the Mexican oil and gas drilling industry, it has grown tremendously over the few years it has been in operation. For instance, the number of employees has increased from just 15 when it was started to well over 100. The company has grown through acquisitions of other companies in  industry, and this has enabled it to create more employment opportunities and increase their production capacity, hence increasing their revenue as well. It has acquired several assets around the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast regions over the years.

In 2013, Talos was named the best place to work by Workplace Dynamics. The CEO of the company, Tim Duncan, said that this was because each and every one of their employees holds a stake in the company, and the company’s performance directly affects their investments. Employees are therefore motivated to work hard and they derive a lot of fulfillment from their work.


Industry analysts are keen to see the results of this bold move by Mexico. Their expectations are high because of the structure and location of the Sureste Basin, which is where the Zama-1 well is located. Talos Energy and the other two companies doing the drilling are known for their individual successes with oil drilling projects, and this makes it even more likely that the project will be a success.

To Learn More : www.talosenergyllc.com/about-us/

Rick Smith And Securus Are Positive About The Future

Since becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008, Rick Smith has developed the company into a prominent force that provides services in North America to the corrections industry. These services include communications, public information, inmate self-service, and incident management. They also have solutions for curbing and preventing crime both inside and outside the prison. Rick Smith‘s experience and knowledge with companies like Frontier Information Technologies,and Eschelon Telecom have given him the leadership skills to take the company to a top position in the corrections communications business.

In addition to his business experience, Rich has an impressive educational resume. He has an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He attended the State University of New York, Buffalo, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. He also has a Master’s Degree in engineering from the State University of New York, and a MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Before coming to Securus, Rick held positions as chief information officer and controller for Global Crossing North America Inc., President of Frontier Information Technologies, Vice President at Midwest Telephone Operations, and Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has improved communications in correctional institutions that enables inmates to stay abreast of events and developments in the world. The company wants to make sure that families and relatives have he ability to talk to their family members who are in prison, and that their calls are safe and secure. Rick has also implemented an email program as an additional service to inmates and their families, and video calling is also available.

Rich is constantly receiving feedback from customers who appreciate the services that Securus provides. He is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for clients, and he hopes to bring the expertise of Securus to all the prison systems in the United States. This past March he held a press conference and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to staying up to date on current developments in communication technology. Once a week he will release proposals for service and product improvements in order to help law enforcement and correctional institutions.