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How George Soros Grew to Becoming a Great Billionaire

George Soros was born from a middle-class family in the year 1930 at the great Kingdom of Hungary and has worked tirelessly for his success. He has been on the frontline fighting and dedicating his efforts for success. He was born and then raised by a Jewish family, and his father Tivadar was a known lawyer. They were a middle-class family who felt uncomfortable with their titles as Jews like any other person. His father had also been imprisoned during the world war one until he decided to escape from Russia that was a hotbed of wars to joining his family in Hungary. His father decided to change the family name and that when they got the name, Soros. George Soros at the age of only 13 years witnessed wars that were historic. That was when the Nazi Germany decided to invade the Hungary, and they started attacking the Jewish families. That is when Soros and fellow Jewish children were denied the right from attending schools and were being advised to report to the Jewish council. That is when his father decided to look for false documents that changed their identity to Christians and therefore helping them survive. The father of Soros also took the initiative of helping as many people as possible, but it was late for them to help everyone. Read more on about George Soros.

Later in the year, 1945, they faced the mother of all attacks during the Siege of Budapest that took away the lives of over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. That was when his life changed completely, and he started seeing things in a different perspective. He has been on the frontline working for success and have always dedicated his life towards making the lives of others better. George Soros is famous for his skills and love for the people who are despised and discriminated for who they are. George Soros today has become that the world’s biggest philanthropist and have given out $18 million through the famous Open Society Foundations. He has been helping people from over 100 countries and has financing have benefited more than 5,000 groups that advocate for justice and equality, accountable governments among others. Follow George Soros on Twitter.

George Soros immigrated to England in the year 1947 after the wars had ended. He joined the then famous and prestigious London School of Economics whereby he pursued a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and later a master’s degree in the same field. At the University, he was mentored by a great author, Karl Poppers who also happened to have been a great philosopher. Immediately after graduation, he left for the United States whereby he could start his career in the Finance Industry. He was employed by various companies as a European Stock analyst and later a vice president. During all that time, he used to follow great forex traders closely until later when he formed Soros Fund management. The company has tremendously grown over the years and has managed to become the leading giant in the industry. It is therefore very clear that Quantum Fund is the leading Hedge Fund management Company in the World.

Award-Winning Mexican Franchise Owner Omar Yunes

Mexican businessman Omar Yunes is the owner of 13 franchises in the food industry. At age 21, he signed on with the Japanese restaurant chain, Sushi Itto, and went on to oversee the operations of the brand’s franchises in several cities in Mexico, including Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. Omar Yunes managed to achieve much success in his business endeavor by implementing a plan that would improve the relationship between the Sushi Itto brand and its franchises.

Through his acquired franchises, Omar Yunes has created over 400 jobs, and has worked to promote teamwork and leadership ability among his employees. For his dedication and contributions to the brand he represents, he was named the Best Franchisee of the World in a contest that was held in Florence, Italy in 2015. The contest had representatives from 34 countries in attendance from places like Brazil, France, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Hungary and Mexico.

The highest award was given to Omar Yunes because of his positive influence, his knowledge, and his ability to motivate his employees. Also, because of the major changes he helped bring about concerning the relationship between the represented brand and its franchise owners. While accepting his award, he said that he felt very proud, and he mentioned that the fact that he had won the top prize was due in part to the 400 employees that work in the franchise. He also gave credit to the brand, which he said allowed him and his employees to be innovative in how they handled operations.

The Sushi Itto restaurant chain is a provider of Japanese cuisine that has incorporated western flavors and influences in its offerings, which makes it more interesting than other restaurants in the same category, and especially more appealing to those who live in South American countries, as well as many other regions. The company’s CEO is Benjamin Cancelmo, who also attended the award ceremony in Italy, where he acknowledged that the awards that were won by the franchise was due to the collected effort of all involved in the business to provide excellent service, remarkable flavor and unique hospitality to their customers.

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Fabletics Working Hard To Showcase The Brand

Shoppers who are looking for a new trend to participate in are shocked when they try out Fabletics for the first time. The company that was established in 2013 has increased the number of sales it has year after year. How are they doing it, you ask? It’s simple. The reverse showroom technique is being used to bring more shoppers into their store. A virtual showroom is created and the shoppers will be asked to take the lifestyle quiz which helps them to distinguish which items are suited for each shopper.


Not all shoppers are interested in reverse showrooms because the lack of trying things on is what makes it hard to figure out if something fits or not. The good thing about Fabletics however is that you do not have to keep the items you get month after month. Each time you are shipped an order of Fabletics, you will be able to return it for something else that the shopper might like or they can save the credit to their membership for any future orders.


The original launch date was in 2013. After opening the showroom floor on the internet, the business grew to over $235 million dollars of revenue. The product that Fabletics sells has shoppers standing behind the product. The membership allows for users to be shipped a package each month that they opt to get with products that they will love, for a much lower cost than what others charge for their athletic wear.


The growth of the business is not only due to the line of products that they have but is also standing behind the spokesperson at the front of their business. An ideal spokesperson is going to trust the product that they are selling. For most consumers, they want to purchase something that they can see others using that are celebrities. Kate Hudson was asked to become the spokesperson of the brand and being a top paid actress is what makes others want to purchase the same products to wear.


Any number of celebrities are seen pushing products on shoppers and consumers. The problem is then do you trust what the person is selling? Maybe the question should be, do you see them actually in the product in their spare time? Do you see them in the products outside of the commercials and sales? Kate Hudson knew that she had to be seen for others to want to join. Staying actively involved with the business is another reason why people are choosing the brand. Kate makes sure that when she enters the gym daily, that she is seen in the same products that she sells. It is no surprise to shoppers who watched as the items were released. Upon advertising the products, Kate sits in on meetings, planning sessions and more in order to stay connected with the products.


High end products are defined by the price tag of the product. The higher the price, the more that product is worth in quality. For Fabletics, they didn’t want to have this theory. They wanted to sell a quality product but without the gigantic price tag. Taking a lesson from other big name businesses, Fabletics used this to their advantage. Determining the price by the quality of the item is the first step that the business wanted to avoid. Instead of jacking up the price for the quality of the active wear, they decided to start a membership based shop where users can keep track of their shipments, orders and costs through Fabletics.

Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson On Writing His Memoirs

Bruce Dickinson has led a colorful and active life, starting out with his rise to fame as Iron Maiden’s lead singer. Once he made it to the top, Bruce was free to pursue his dreams, like flying his own planes, fencing, and hosting a radio show. The Iron Maiden frontman also had his hard times, including a battle with cancer that almost ended his life. Now, Dickinson talks about dishing on all of that in his new memoir, What Does This Button Do?
Bruce Dickinson on the Memoir He Really Didn’t Want to Write
The Iron Maiden singer admits he’s never been a big fan of autobiographies. In fact, he never had any intention of writing his own, even though people have been begging him to do it. The book might never have been written (and Bruce says it’s still a work in progress), but his cancer battle changed his perspective.
In fact, his fight with cancer makes up the longest and last chapter of What Does This Button Do? As such, Bruce says it’s a fitting end for the book, because it marks a new turn in his life.
“It’s actually not a bad end point for a book – not that I’m planning on checking out anytime soon,” Dickinson told Rolling Stone. “It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter of the rest of your life.”
Bruce Dickinson’s Candid Cancer Confessions
Facing cancer only makes up one portion of Bruce’s life, as it only makes up one chapter of his memoir, but it’s an important piece. He says hearing the diagnosis sent him through a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions from denial to acceptance and anger. Eventually, Dickinson came to terms and focused his attention on the battle ahead.
When he had completed the treatments, enduring months of chemotherapy and radiation, the Iron Maiden singer was left in shock. Previously, the cancer left him feeling depressed and seeing only darkness ahead. He says finding out he had beaten the cancer seemed like a fantasy.
“You’re almost afraid to step out into the light, because you’ve been in this dark place for three to six months,” shares Bruce. “And then you sort of go, What do we make of the rest of life then?'”
Bruce Dickinson didn’t struggle with that question for long. He set to work writing his memoir and endeavors to give fans what they want in his autobiography. He also came to realizer that life is a gift and one that he might have taken for granted in the past. Now, facing his own mortality, Bruce Dickinson says he has a greater appreciation for life and understands it really is worth celebrating.

Empowering Women with Susan McGalla

According to statistics, businesses that have gender diversity have a higher percentage of 15% to outperform companies. Companies that are ethnically diverse also have a higher chance of 35% of succeeding when compared to companies that are not diverse. The reason for this is because such companies are normally open to any ideas and the diversity in the workplace normally brings out multiple perspectives. Studies however suggest that there is only a small percentage of positions of C-level in S&P 500 firms that are held by women. Numerous women normally struggle to attain high level positions in their workplaces. There is however women like Susan McGalla who have managed to pave the path for women to reach higher positions in organizations.

According to Susan, she was managed to acquire her current position by working with women and men at the same time. She grew up with a dad who was a football coach and two brothers. Just because she was a girl, Susan states that she was never given any breaks or favors. In order to get what she wanted, Susan McGalla had to work extra hard and she has carried this hard-earned lesson into her life. This has made her become very successful and has held many high level positions. While serving at the American Eagle Outfitters, Susan worked her way up and was appointed as the company’s President. After leaving the company, she started P3 Executive Consulting. Susan now serves at the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Susan McGalla participated in the “wear what we wear” innovative campaign which encouraged fans to buy the Steeler gear. She is part of the women’s networks and initiatives which offers opportunities to all women to stand out in the world of business and also in supporting each other.

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Recent news on men in the arts news

Latest news on men in art begins with fantastic news the artist Alex Katz who is in his early nineties but is still raising the Bar for himself and the other guys. Alex Katz who recently turned 90 lives and works on the top floor of an original Soho building. He has a studio space at his home which entails paintings of landscapes and distinct faces. In his bathroom, Mr. Katz has a series of black-and-white photographs of New York City life by Rudy Burkhardt, the Swiss filmmaker and great supporter of Katz arts.

Alex Kaitz will be on air in November on his solo show occupying all the three floors of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in Halen. Some of Alex art collection includes a lithograph Edward Munch’s, a drawing of a woman by Matisse displaying his economy of line.

On other news, a proposal for London’s New Holocaust Memorial has been unleashed. Holocaust memorial is memorial held in honor of victims of Holocaust. It is a symbol of remembrance to the horrors that were encountered, this stands as a reminder to the future generation and the importance of maintaining peace. A team led by David Adjaye a British architect and Israeli Ron Arad have been named the winners of competition to design UK’s new National Holocaust Memorial and a Learning Centre for Victoria Towers Gardens.

The design is expected to entail a path that runs down the structure this route will be able to lead visitors down the narrow stairs into exhibition space at the ground level. The memorial is scheduled to open in 2021 after being approved by the building regulators.

Finally, Leo Xu is named the Co-director of David Zwirner’s Hong Kong Gallery. Leo Xu who is the icon behind Leo Xu Projects space in Shanghai has stated that he is overwhelmed and is anticipated to join Zwirner for a three-year dimensional program. This program is innovative, and it incorporates leading artists in the industry. Xu has established some artistic including the Wolfgang Tillmans.

Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is currently a Joint Chairman of an organization called Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is based out of the United Kingdom. Shafik Sachedina is a highly skilled dental surgeon whom has been recognized for his exceptional work within dental surgery and reconstruction.

Shafik Sachedina graduated from the University of London Dental School back in the mid 1970’s. Sachedina and another gentleman currently run over 15 healthcare facilities which are in constant need of dental services in which Shafik Sachedina is able to provide.

Shafik Sachedina has held various positions at the Jamati Institution since the early 1980’s. The Jamati Institution is directly related to the Aga Kahn Foundation. The Aga Kahn Foundation is directly responsible for creating the Sussex Health Care organization.

Prior to his involvement with various Health Care related organizations, Dr. Sachedina was known as the “Miracle Worker”. He offered superior dental services to the public. In addition, Dr. Sachedina performed dental procedures and surgeries that literally transformed lives and improved appearances of those that suffered disfigurement from certain diseases and disorders affecting the gums, teeth, jaw as well as other areas of the face.

Sussex Health Care is one of the most recognized health care facilities within the United Kingdom and surrounding area. Sussex Health Care offers accommodations for the elderly and handicapped individuals. Those with dementia and other physical and psychological ailments require special care and attention. Sussex Health Care is able to provide the required health care these people need. In addition, new facilities are currently in the process of being opened within other areas of Sussex.

A brand new facility will be opened in early 2018. The Village of Broadbridge is located in West Sussex. The facility will provide placement services for those suffering from long term brain damage as well as other disorders which affect the nervous system. One of the facilities main areas of interest is treating those with Autism.

The new facility will be equipped to accommodate up to 15 people. In addition, Village of Broadbridge will offer a full kitchen and dining area, large entertainment room and a spacious sitting area fully equipped with computers for personal use. A team of experienced Physician’s will be required to visit this facility on a regular basis to tend to the needs of the residents.

Residents will also have the added benefit of receiving occupational therapy if required. In addition, a gym and workout area is currently being added and will be completed prior to January 2018. Residents will have an opportunity to also advance their educational background. Applications are currently being reviewed for the 2018 Fiscal year. An on line DVD can be reviewed free of charge for more information on the Village of Broadbridge and all the programs and benefits the facility can offer its residents.

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Previously, Dr. Sachedina was a director at an organization called Imara- UK. Imara-UK was a well known development organization located outside of Sussex England. In addition, for a time Dr. Sachedina was on staff at the Horsham Clinic. For a short time Shafik Sachedina served as assistant director at the Horsham Clinic.

Since the mid 90’s Shafik Sachedina has worked for the Jamati Institution in addition to his continuous involvement with Sussex Health Care. Dr. Sachedina is responsible for organizing various activities. In addition, Dr. Sachedina is directly responsible for the Kahn Development Network Program. Kahn Development Program is a huge responsibility for Dr. Sachedina. The program requires Shafik Sachedina to create as well as manage health care related programs to various members who reside within the Ismaili Community.

In addition to his hard work and devotion to the health care industry, Dr. Sachedina belongs to an organization called the “Ismaili Leaders International”. Dr. Sachedina has always felt it is important to give specialized attention to those suffering from both physical and mental disabilities. This could very well be the reason why Dr. Sachedine became involved with Sussex Health Care and other related organizations.

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Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

Weinstein, a Hollywood Producer, is one of the most powerful men in arts who have been accused of sexual misconducts lately. Other men who have passed through this include Roger Ailes, Fox News chairman and Bill Cosby who is a comedian. This has made them suffer reputation setbacks in their careers.

1. Weinstein’s case was the latest on the headlines having been accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Some of these women include the famous Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd. This has caused a more impassionate downfall to him.

This scandal was the reason why #MeToo was promoted on Twitter which aimed at airing the grievances of all women who had been sexually harassed in their lifetime. Surprisingly, this went viral as more than half a million women admitted that they had suffered this in their lives.

It caught many peoples’ attention that Lady Gaga, one of the most popular female singers was among these women.

Concern about whether Mr. Weinstein was going to be allowed to get away with that crime as it was the case of many other executives was raised. “This behavior is devastating and pathetic, and the harassed women are therefore going to seek,” one of the victims said.

The grievances have however started bearing fruits as Fatima Graves who is the president of Women’s Law Center nationally addressed the issue recently. She said that more women have continued reporting their harassments and promised to work on that.

There were further positive results seen after Fatima Gross promised to fight for the women’s rights. Mr. Weinstein’s membership was eventually terminated a few weeks ago which served justice to many victims he had harassed. The company said that sexual harassment was highly unacceptable in the company and the community at large.

Hollywood made a wise decision firing this executive. This proved that they were kind and fair to those who had been harassed by their member. Therefore, they gave them what they wanted most: justice.

Waititi Discusses Cut “Thor: Ragnarok” Villain, IKEA Furniture

During a promotional tour for his upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi revealed that he considered using the comic villain Perrikus but ultimately did not use him.

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok will see the Asgardian hero travel into space and join with his anti-villainous brother Loki, heroine Valkyrie and fellow Avenger the Hulk in order to stop Hela, the goddess of death, as well as Surtur, an apocalyptic fire giant.

The reveal came during a game he was playing against actors Tom Hiddleson (Loki) and Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), where the three were given a name and had to guess if it belonged to a Thor villain or a piece of IKEA furniture. (Fafnir: Thor villain. Jorid: furniture.) When given the choice of “Perrikus,” Waititi is sure that he is a Thor villain, and mentions in passing that he was going to be in the movie at one point in development.

In the comics, Perrikus is one of the Dark Gods, cited as the God of Infinite Energy, and accidentally released from imprisonment by Thor. Vengeful about the Asgarians killing his wife, he manages to destroy Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir. In that way he is quite similar to the movie version of Hela, who has the same basic setup, minus the dead wife part. It is unclear if Hela replaced Perrikus or if they were going to be working together in earlier ideas for the movie.

As a side note: the two teams tied with 4 points each. Meanwhile Waititi, who has expressed interest in making more movies with Thor in the future, quipped that one would now include a character called “Norden,” after a type of table. “I was taking these as suggestions,” he said.

Cameron Romero Plans Night of the Living Dead Prequel

Cameron Romero, the son of the late George R. Romero, recently announced he will be continuing his father’s work. The Night of the Living Dead franchise continues and now heads into its 50th anniversary with a planned prequel. Rise of the Living Dead takes audiences to the time leading up to that strange and horrific night in rural Pennsylvania in 1968, a night when the dead first walked the earth.

The younger Romero’s decision to craft a sequel might finally explain why the living dead came to overwhelm the earth. In the original film, a virus of sorts from outer space was mentioned as a possible reason. No one knows for sure if the outer space infection truly did cause the eventual and inaugural zombie apocalypse.

Answers may soon become more definitive. The plot synopsis reveals the origins likely are connected to a government project focusing on preserving human life. The tragic irony here would be the secret experiment eventually led to wiping out mostly all human life on the planet due to the rise of the dead.

No snap decisions went into the plans to make a prequel. Romero has been developing the project since 2014 and has raised money via crowdfunding to start the production ball moving. The time may be perfect for a prequel to the classic horror film. Zombie apocalypse television shows, films, video games, and novels are all the rage. Audience demand exists for such over-the-top entertainment. Cameron Romero has a far greater chance of raising funds for the film before the fad wanes. Then again, he doesn’t have to rush too much. The current popularity of zombie projects doesn’t look like its going to die down soon.