Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Supports Grupo Televisa

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a huge part of the team at Grupo Televisa. As the vice president, he knows the right way to run a company and knows that he will be able to make things better for different people. He also knows that his experiences will make him a better option for different people and that he can show them what they are missing out on in the different areas of media in their lives. There have been many different things that the company that Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has been responsible for and that has helped him to grow the business and make it better. He is confident in the skills that he has and knows just how to make a difference for people who are in the situations that he knows they will be in. He also knows how to make sure that Grupo Televisa is still profiting.

Before Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega worked for the company, he was an attorney. He still practices but he also knows that he has to keep the company in mind. There have been many different ways that he has helped the company and the majority of these go back to the experience that he has as an attorney while he is helping other people.

For Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega to be able to experience all of these things, he has to make sure that he is helping people. He is always working for a better company and toward making things easier on people. Since Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega knows a lot of information about how to run a company and how to make sure they are doing things legally, he is the perfect fit for the company and knows just how to make things better for people who are a part of it.

Marc Sparks Uses His Power of Persuasion

Marc Sparks has created a phenomenon with the Spark Tank challenge. Many people think this is definitely something that people can marvel at because it creates a chance for more entrepreneurs to engage in business that may not be considered mainstream.


Most people have never heard of the concept of socially-conscious businesses prior to checking out what Marc Sparks has said about it. He is someone that has created the Spark Tank Challenge in order to boost the awareness of socially conscious businesses. People get a chance to compete in a contest for $5,000 if they have a business that falls within this type of category. Learn more:


Sparks created a great business concept because this has motivated a lot of people to think outside of the box. More people are looking for ways to make the world better through these type of socially conscious business ideas. As a Christian Marc Sparks has also had his fair share of ideas about making the world a better place. He has worked with Habitat for Humanity and a lot of other nonprofit organizations to provide better lives for people in need. He has given to nonprofit organizations, and this is how he has become known in the business world. He is the business leader with a very big heart. He is also a serial entrepreneur that has put his hands into many different types of businesses.


His desire to learn has given him a connection to everything from insurance companies to financial investment organizations. Timbercreek is the financial institution that he is known for at this time because that is where he currently holds his leadership position. Marc Sparks have been able to make things better for people that are trying to discover the proper blueprint for building a business. He knows about a lot of different strategies that can be tried because he has been faithfully checking out different areas where he can better his own businesses. In other words, Sparks knows quite a bit about the trial and error of business strategy. He knows about what will work, and he knows about the things that will not work so well.


There are lots of socially conscious business men and women that are interested in participating in the Spark Tank challenge. This is a great way for them to earn money, and it is also a way to gain valuable business experience. When someone like Marc Sparks is in a place to make a final judgment about a business it says a lot. It shows entrepreneurs what they can expect when they start pitching their idea to venture capitalists. It shows them how they can survive in the cutthroat world of business startups.


Start Preparing For Fantasy Football

Since the summer is almost halfway over, many eager fans see the impending fantasy football season. But now is the time to start preparing. In fact, Yahoo is already releasing research on undraftable players.

Do Some Mock Drafts
Many fantasy footballers go into the draft completely unprepared. Then they wonder why they have no depth and keep losing games. You should start doing mock drafts now and develop your strategy. If you want running back depth, then figure out how to get that. You should also think about which players might be improving or getting a little old.

Find A Good League
If you are planning to join a league at the last minute, that is probably not the best strategy. First, different leagues have different rules. You might not be prepared for an auction draft. Some leagues even have two quarterbacks per team or unusual scoring systems. Beyond that, many leagues have players that just quit after a few weeks. Find friends that are not sore losers and will not get bored. If you played in a good league last year, try to get back in.

Prepare For Disaster
Any NFL fan knows that the season is unpredictable. Your star running back could go down in the first game. Running backs are probably the most valuable commodity in fantasy football. Prepare for one to go down. It is possible to get at least four decent running backs on your team. If nobody gets hurt, you can just rotate them throughout the season. But that extra running back could make a big difference.

Beyond that, research players that could have a surprising season. You could draft them in the latter rounds. If they work out, they could save your season.

Fantasy football can be more complicated than you might think. It requires preparation, strategy and research. If you begin now, you will multiply your chances of success.

James Franco Stars as Our Generation’s Version of Ed Wood

For anyone who lived in Los Angeles during the early aughts, it was impossible drive down Sunset Boulevard and not see a billboard for Tommy Wiseau’s film The Room. Although many billboards tend to come and go, this one had sticking power—and for good reason. As far as films go, The Room has earned legendary status for how terrible it is. In fact, many moviegoers went to screenings specifically to yell out the iconic, memorable lines penned by Wiseau.

The trailer of this film has been generating a lot of buzz due to James Franco’s perfect rendering of Wiseau’s bizarre accent, as well as his unintentionally hilarious performance while The Worst Film Ever Made was being shot. Based on the book The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero—Wiseau’s friend and co-star—Franco’s film hones in on all the little details that culminated in the creation of this jaw-dropping movie. The film’s trailer portrays when the crew shot one of the most well-known scenes in The Room.

Franco, as Wiseau, is unable to remember his line. For seventy takes or so, he blunders through a series of unfortunate mishaps while he tries to remember the words. By the end of the scene, the entire crew is reciting Wiseau’s forgotten line in the hopes that he will remember it. When he is finally able to successfully recite the line, the entire group bursts into applause. For those who have ever wondered about the man behind one of the most infamous films ever created, December can’t come soon enough. Some have even been saying that the film could become an Oscar contender.

Dwayne Johnson Won’t Be In The Shazam Movie

The DC Extended Universe received a huge shot in the proverbial arm thanks to the arrival of Wonder Woman in theaters. Anyone who hoped the presence of Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming Shazam movie will be disappointed. Johnson won’t be debuting the anti-hero Black Adam in the upcoming film. The reason for removing Johnson and the Black Adam character from the film vary. The somewhat chaotic behind-the-scenes drama at Warner Bros. and D.C. Entertainment — due, in part, to the poor reception of Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad — led to many changes.

The total revamping of Ben Affleck’s The Batman was the most well-publicized project changes. The removing of Johnson from Shazam could have far greater repercussions than would be the case with a page-one rewrite and production delay of The Batman.

Honestly, how many people know who Shazam is? The character debuted as the original Captain Marvel many decades ago during the Golden Age of Comics as a Superman clone. Eventually, the rights were purchased by D.C. Comics and the hero’s name was changed to Shazam over the years. Obviously, D.C. Comics didn’t want a character with the word “Marvel” in the name.

Shazam, still called Captain Marvel, would get a Saturday morning television show in the 1970’s. After the show’s cancellation, the hero become a somewhat obscure B-level hero.

Making a Shazam movie has potential but star power really is necessary to help draw in audience attention since the D.C. Extended Universe has had more critical misses than hits. With no Batman, Joker, or Superman to help the film, singing on Dwayne Johnson definitely would assist the box office. Now “The Rock” is out. Shazam’s success potential becomes questionable.

Dwayne Johnson will appear as Black Adam in a solo film and also as The Wolfman in the Universal Dark Universe.

James Gunn Squashes MCU Rumors

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changes after Avengers 4. This news is hardly new. The creative and executive teams behind the success of the films always noted plans entailed replacing the classic heroes with newer ones. Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and others move up the ladder while Thor, Iron Man, Captain American, and The Hulk are deemphasized.

James Gunn, the man responsible for the wild success of The Guardians of the Galaxy films, recently spoke out on rumors about a total reboot of the MCU. Gunn pretty much squashed the rumors. Per Gunn’s Twitter account, the director stated the rumors are “Not true” and “Guardians…will continue on.”

Gunn’s beloved Guardians of the Galaxy team will get a cameo in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. So, he does have an inside track on these things. Gunn’s sequel to the original Guardians looks like it will greatly perform better than the hyped Spider-Man: Homecoming. Gunn might not maintain decision making power over the various different franchises, but he is a major name on the creative end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Consider Gunn a very credible source on the matter.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to look a lot different in the near future. Whether the “B level” characters can replace the most legendary ones remains to be seen. As long as Guardians of the Galaxy continues to sell tremendous amounts of tickets, the space opera team will play a large part in the MCU’s plans. Gunn then remains a vitally important creative person in the Disney/Marvel Studios mix.

Gunn’s talents could transfer from The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as well. If one of the B-level heroes needs a better direction, Gunn positively could lend a credible assist.

Will this have to occur? Anything remains possible.

All-Stars Join The Eagles Onstage in Tribute to Glenn Frey

The convergence of musical legends doesn’t occur too often, yet those attending The Eagles concert on July 15 at Dodgers Stadium were treated to an unexpected duet. That was when Bob Seger joined the band onstage to sing their signature tune, Heartache Tonight.

The Eagles were appearing as part of their Classic West concert series with Fleetwood Mac, with the concert marking the first time the band had performed a full concert since the death of Glenn Frey 18 months ago. Frey was an integral component for the band and wrote a number of its biggest hits.

Seger’s connection to the band was related to the fact that nearly a half-century ago, he and Frey had recorded the song, Rambling Gambling Man. That took place in 1968 and remains one of Seger’s own signature songs.

Video that was posted online of The Eagles and Seger singing together was quickly taken off, yet Seger wasn’t the only one to help the band sing along. Country singer Vince Gill, who in the past has cited The Eagles as a heavy influence in his own songwriting, joined the group for three songs: Lyin’ Eyes, New Kid in Town and Take It to the Limit.

Yet most likely the most poignant part of the evening was when Frey’s son, Deacon, joined the band onstage. Three songs that his father had written and made famous: Already Gone, Peaceful Easy Feeling and Take It Easy, were the selections and were met with rousing applause from the audience.

The concert series itself, which involves two concerts in Los Angeles with Fleetwood Mac, followed by two more in New York, was something most Eagles fans never expected to see again. That was because two months after Frey died, Don Henley indicated that the group would never perform again.

Ed Sheeran Appears on Game of Thrones—and the World Goes Wild

Although he was only onscreen for a few moments—and his character didn’t really have much to do besides sing—Ed Sheeran’s brief cameo on the Game of Thrones premiere managed to rule social media mentions. Behind Arya Stark, Sheeran’s character was the most talked about on the entire episode. During an unusually peaceful scene for Arya, Sheeran’s lovely singing voice can be heard as Arya rides through the forest.

Although Sheeran and his cohorts are dressed in Lannister army attire, Arya quickly responds to their request for her company. As she approaches, she mentions that she has never heard the song that Sheeran is singing. He replies that is a new song, so it makes sense that Arya never would have heard it before. After all, she has been away from King’s Landing ever since her father was publicly assassinated by Joffrey. Offering a rare moment of respite for Arya, as well as some companionship, this scene has her sharing rabbit meat and wine with the soldiers for her most hated enemy—Cersei Lannister.

When the army men ask why Arya is going back to the filth of King’s Landing, she replies that she is going to kill the queen. After an awkward second or two, the group of men bursts into laughter, assuming that she is joking. Obviously, they don’t know Arya’s true nature! Although they don’t know it, the reason they are in the area is to clean up the mess that she has created—all of the dead Freys that Arya has annihilated due to their participation in her mother’s murder. The public reaction to Sheeran’s cameo may have been mixed, but there is no doubt that Game of Thrones fans were beyond thrilled to get started on the seventh season of the award-winning program.

Oscar Isaac Returns to Shakespeare in the Park in ‘Hamlet’

Oscar Isaac is currently appearing in a production of Hamlet at The Public Theater off Broadway. The star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes his appearance as Shakespeare’s melancholy Danish prince in a production that runs June 20, 2017 and runs through September 3rd.

Isaac previously played the male lead in Romeo and Juliet opposite Lauren Ambrose in Michael Greif’s production at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. He has also played Proteus in the John Guare/Mel Shapiro/Galt MacDermot rock musical version of Two Gentlemen of Verona, which played at the Public Theater in 2005.

The production is directed by Tony-winning director (Best Direction of a Musical for Fun Home, 2015) Sam Gold. Gold previously produced Shakespeare’s Othello at the New York Theatre Workshop in the autumn of 2016.

It also features Keegan Michael Key, one half of the comedy duo Key and Peele whose Comedy Central show ran 2012-2015. Key plays Horatio, friend and counselor to the prince.

Hamlet’s artistic director is Oskar Eustis. Eustis made news recently for his work on The Public’s recent production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The contemporary take on Caesar drew criticism, particularly in conservative circles, for drawing comparisons between Caesar and President Donald Trump. Eustis calls Hamlet “the greatest dramatic work in the history of the universe.”

Unfortunately, Star Wars fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the more Shakespearean side of Poe Dameron will have to have their tickets already, as the show is now sold out for its entire run.

“Talk Fusion helping rebrand HuffPost “

As competition gets fierce, companies often rebrand themselves to attract new customers and clients. One such company is the Huffington Post, which is now known as HuffPost. Talk Fusion Bob Reina is the man responsible for the rebranding. He has been a contributor to Huffington Post, writing several articles that help customers understand what has changed with the rebrand. With the new rebrand, HuffPost new goal is to tell the stories that people who have been left out have been trying to tell. Bob Reina has become a contributor and figurehead for the new HuffPost.

Talk Fusion and Bob Reina believe that a brand must have consistent growth in order to succeed among its competitor. Bob Reina started writing for the Huffington Post since 2016 and has written pieces focused on technology, entrepreneurship, video trends, marketing, lifestyle, the art of selling, and self-development. Bob Reina is happy with the HuffPost and the updates they have made to their brand. He believes they need to provide articles that have genuine insight that will appeal to their readers which number nearly 200 million. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is a company that provides businesses with video marketing software. Bob Reina helps businesses make themselves known and stand above the competition ( Video marketing was made to increase the revenue of a business and keep the loyalty of their client base. Talk Fusion offers a service that is fresh, dynamic and memorable. Talk Fusion offers their products with a thirty day free trial, with no credit card needed. This has often drawn Talk Fusion the most clients. Talk Fusion’s marketing is done one on one.

Reina is a former police officer with the Tampa Police Department. He left to find more work that he would find fulfilling. He attempted several marketing jobs, but saw them not work out. Talk Fusion has become a top leader in web marketing. Talk Fusion offers a program that allows clients to give away an account to a charity of their choice often drawing in more customers. Bob Reina is very attached to his community. Bob Reina has said that Talk Fusion is about helping everyone succeed no matter whether they are big or small. Learn more: