Adam Milstein is Honored Alongside Other World’s Most Influential Names

Adam Milstein appeared in a list that honored the ‘200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World“. The list recognizes leading philanthropists and social entrepreneurs on social media. It is compiled by Richtopia, a London-based publication, in collaboration with social media ranking system, Rise.

Philanthropist business leader’s names on the list include Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Eric Trump and Mark Zuckerberg. Politicians popular for their charity work like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama also appeared on the list. Influential philanthropic public figures were not left out. Examples of those featured were Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Ashton Kutcher, Elton John and Magic Johnson.

His Twitter and Facebook accounts’ influence on philanthropy gave Adam number No. 187 on the list. Adam is behind the Israeli-American Council(IAC). He is involved in the leadership of many Jewish organizations like StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, The Israel On Campus Coalition, and AIPAC.

Adam was humbled to have appeared on the list alongside many influential leaders. He is grateful for his wife Gila, the IAC and all the organizations that have partnered with him to make his mission a reality.

At the Adam and Gila Foundation, Adam is focused on bringing the Jewish community closer to the Israeli culture by influencing the next generation, educating the pro-Israel Americans to advocate for the State of Israel and fostering the U.S.-Israel alliance.


Adam Milstein’s History

Adam is his parent’s first-born son. His father made his livelihood as a real estate developer, and his mother was a homemaker. Both his parents were both immigrants from other countries to Israeli.

In 1971, AdamMilstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served it during the 1973 Kippur War. After his mandatory work at the Israeli Army, he joined the Israeli Institute of Technology and attained a BS degree in Business and Economics in 1978. During his higher education years, he helped his father in running the family real estate construction and development business.

Adam is Married to Gila Elgrably. Together they have three daughters. He did an MBA at the University of Southern California, in 1983. His career in real estate started as a sales agent.



Josh Brolin Gets a Haircut for the Cable Role in Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin has been very busy in the world of cinematic superhero adventures. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brolin plays the role of the all-powerful Thanos. Thanos is the super-nemesis battling The Avengers in the upcoming Infinity War film. Over in FOX’s X-Men Universe, Brolin is playing the mutant Cable in the highly-anticipated Deadpool 2.


Whether Brolin’s performance of Cable will be embraced by fans won’t be known until the release day arrives. So far, all we have to go on is the image of the “cool Cable haircut” Brolin is sporting.


Yes, the hair style Brolin sports in the preview images for the film garners news among fans of all things X-Men. The haircut is not a perfect rendition of the one Cable sports in the comics, but it is good enough. Fans should appreciate attempt at being faithful to the comic character.


Casual fans of comic book movies might not think little touches such as recreating a faithful haircut means anything. Getting the look of the character right really is important and not just to the serious film fans. Crafting the perfect rendition of the character helps Josh Brolin out quite a bit as well.


Actors who feel enthusiasm for a role are more likely to perform well. Audiences do take to actors who really get into a role. There is a certain realness associated with enthusiastic performances. When extra care goes into making sure the character created for the screen is faithful to the original concept, a little extra enthusiasm is generated in the actor’s direction.


And then there is a big question that needs to be asked. Will Brolin appear in a solo film featuring Cable? FOX absolutely would love to add another hit franchise to their production schedule. Let’s leave it at that.

Fabletics and VIP Membership

Kate Hudson has plans to open 100 of the Fabletics stores in the next five years and there is no turning back. She’s going full steam with this because this company has become a leader in athletic clothing for women. She knows that her fans are going to support what she is doing because they have become very loyal to the brand. She has a ton of subscribers that get clothes shipped to their homes automatically on a monthly basis.


They have signed up for VIP membership and they have elected to get their credit cards charged monthly for the clothing that they acquire. This is how Kate Hudson knows how strong her customer base is. She has been putting in the work and getting as many people as possible to sign up for the style quiz. This is where she gets information about the type of clothing that women are interested in. She also has a pretty accurate count of people that she can depend on for sales each month. This is all part of the business model that was created by Adam Goldenberg to analyze the data metrics for Fabletics. This business model was used for JustFab previously, and it has served the same purpose of developing a better business model for Fabletics as well.


People really love Kate Hudson, and they are going to be impressed with all the moves that she makes with Fabletics because she is expanding the brand. People are seeing thousands of garments that are offered by Fabletics, and this shows that she has a vast selection of athletic gear. Most people would agree that she offers more athletic clothing options through Fabletics for women than just about any other store. Even Amazon would have a hard time competing with Fabletics and all of the various brands of clothing that this company offers.


So many people have become fans of Fabletics because this offers a trendy selection of clothing that may not be found anywhere else. It is definitely a difficult thing for people to find clothing that is trending when it comes to athletic clothing. Most of the stores that sell athletic clothing for women are selling garments that look the same. Kate Hudson want to take Fabletics and add a unique blend to the athletic clothing world. She wanted to focus on comfort for working out, but she did not want to neglect style in the process.


Many women that have seen her brand will agree that she has made the perfect marriage of style and comfort. There are a lot of people that are showing their workout gear off as they create videos and workout on social media. It is very common to see people in a stylish outfit on Twitter or Facebook with a workout regimen that often inspires other people. When people see someone working out in clothing that is found on the Fabletics site it is usually going to at least prompt them to visit the site.

Syrian Refugee’s Art Creates Buzz

Syrian born artist Abdalla Al Omari makes a poignant political statement with his extraordinary work, “The Vulnerability Series.” Born in Damascus in 1986, Omari completed two degrees. In 2009, He completed a degree in English Literature from Damascus University, while concurrently earning a Visual Arts degree from Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Arts. He worked in a cooperative gallery and has had work auctioned in the “The Young Collector’s Auction beginning in 2012.

Omari was granted asylum buy Belgium, and has settled in Brussels where he began painting again. His genius series puts privileged leaders in the shoes of the refugee. Omari’s depiction of Trump forces the mogul into the role of refugee, complete with a family photo of those he left behind or lost. Trump is carrying a child in the other arm, along with all his worldly possessions hanging from his arm in a black plastic sack and paper thin bedroll slung across his other shoulder. His hair, skin and clothes are dirty, as is the barefoot child. To say that Omari had channeled his anger into oil on canvas masterpieces would be an understatement.

While Trump’s portrait may be the piece getting a lot of attention, Omari also includes former President Barack Obama, Angela Merkle, the Chancellor of Germany, and North Korea’s Kim Jong Um among others. Omari also includes an emotion filled self-portrait in the collection. Although his imagination fueled “The Vulnerability Series,” it’s Omari’s meticulous attention to detail that brings his work to life. Each face tells a tale of hardship and restless travels. One powerful piece depicts a long line of refugees in countless numbers under a dark sky. Omari focuses the viewer to see modern political figures traveling among the faceless throngs. Omari’s paintings are poignant, thought provoking and haunting.

Omari’s “The Vulnerability Series” will be on view at Ayyam Gallery in Dubai now thru July 6th, 2017.


Three Glasgow Murals Presented to Billy Connolly On His 75th Birthday

Billy Connolly, an accomplished Scottish performer, was honored today with three portraits painted in Glasgow, Scotland in celebration of his 75th birthday. After bringing so much joy to others, he is humbled that the city has given so much back to him.


He initially had thought the murals would not have had such a profound effect on him, but he was truly taken aback when he saw them.


The artists who painted these murals were three well-known Scottish artists. Rachel Maclean, the artist who painted the mural in Gallowgate, lives and works in Glasgow and has had her work displayed not only in the UK but also St. Petersburg and Russia, Munich, Germany.


Jack Vettriano, the painter of the mural on Dixon Street, has been a painter since the 1970s, where he started with only a set of watercolors given as a birthday gift. Since then, his work has been displayed throughout the world, including his most famous painting, The Singing Butler.


The painter of the Osborne Street mural, John Byrne, has been since when he worked on book jackets for Penguin Books. He Is best known as a playwright, having written The Slab Boys Trilogy. The trilogy focused on the life of the boys of a Scottish working-class family.


These three artists were the perfect choice for Connolly, who has a noteworthy history in a variety of arts. Not only an actor, Connolly is also a musician with an affinity for folk music and a well-loved comedian. Some of Connolly’s best-known film roles include the voice of Ben in Pocahontas, Il Duce in The Boondock Saints, Uncle Monty in A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the voice of Fergus in Brave.


With such a long and fruitful career, Connolly is truly humbled to see his home give so much back to him. Rachel Maclean says, “He is this kind of national treasure within Scotland,” and the support from his community proves that.


TV’s Batman Adam West Dies

Adams West — both defined and typecast by the role of the 1960s superhero — has died at the age of 88. West died Friday in Los Angeles after a short battle with leukemia, said his representative.


“Our father was always looking to project a positive image to his fans,” said his children in a released statement.


West gained international fame as the caped crusader Batman in the 1960s television series that lasted for three seasons. Decades later, he found an entirely new generation of fans for his role on the Fox animated series “Family Guy” as Mayor Adam West. He also performed voiceover work on Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken.”


West’s role as Batman will always define his career. The 30-minute comedy-action show, which aired on ABC quickly gained popularity for its weekly parade of flamboyant villains and onscreen exclamations during fight scenes. After the show ended due to slumping ratings, West was ultimately typecast. Although he remained a working actor all of his career, the alter-ego Bruce Wayne limited his options.


West was notably disenchanted with the new Batman movies, which were geared more towards the Bob Kane character’s darker side.


In Feb. 2016, West appeared on the 200th episode of the CBS series “Big Bang Theory,” which marked the 50th anniversary of the Batman television series.


In an interview with Variety, West said that although Batman kept him from getting some pretty good roles, fans all over the world loved him. “I decided to embrace it. Fans loved Batman, so why shouldn’t I?”


In 1959, West began his acting career alongside Paul Newman in The New Philadelphians.


A rising star in the 1950s and 1960s, West appeared on many shows before Batman. He appeared in “Cheyenne,” “Lawman,” “FBI Story,” “Maverick,” “77 Sunset Strip,” “The Real McCoys,” “Gunsmoke,” and bewitched.


Born William West Anderson in Walla Walla, Washington in 1928, West is survived by his widow Marcelle, five children, six grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.