Susan McGalla’s Leadership Qualities

According to statistics, businesses that are characterized by gender diversity are 15% more likely to perform better than companies those without it. On the other hand, ethnically diverse companies are 35% more efficient than non-diverse companies. Diverse companies have the capability to perform well due of their exposure to many new ideas. The diversity in the workstation brings different perspectives. An example of a woman who has successfully worked in a diverse organization is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is recognized as one of the most outstanding women leaders. Susan’s ability to work with both males and females is credited to her upbringing. Susan McGalla was the only girl in a family of two boys and her father. Being the only girl, Susan McGalla was not exempted from any activity done by males. Working like others gave Susan McGalla the motivation to work towards what she wanted to achieve in life. Susan carried this lesson to her adulthood life. Also, Susan has managed to hold several high-level positions.

McGalla commenced her career in the American Eagle Outfitters. When Susan began work in this organization, all the executives were men. Susan worked hard, and by the time she left the company, she was serving as its President. Later on, Susan McGalla established P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers.

Susan McGalla’s success story is encouraging. According to Susan, there are various networks and initiatives designed for women. Such organizations provide women leaders with the support they need. They also give women a platform to share new ideas. Women leadership initiatives give women an opportunity for planning for businesses as well as learning the latest industry trends.

Being an Adviser to the Financial and Wall Street community, Susan is advises analyst. Susan ventured in other business operations such as Branding, product merchandising, marketing and Omni-channel execution. Susan has worked for over fourteen years in different leadership roles. In all her roles Susan has done a commendable job. McGalla has proven that women can also be productive in the society and also become great leaders.

Edward Honig’s Experience as a Doctor in New York

When it comes to selecting a cardiologist that is right for you, knowing what these types of doctors do, and where to go, is essential. A cardiologist is a practical medicine doctor who checks for disorders of the heart and the circulatory system. Dr. Edward Honig has a lot of cardiologist experience as this type of practitioner at Glen Cove Hospital in New York state. He is a professionally trained doctor, who has been practicing his profession for over sixty six years to this date. He is specialized in Internal Medicine, cardiology, and has received his MD degree from Duke University School of Medicine Medical School.


Dr. Edward Honig gained his medical license in the year 1952 and still is active in the profession. His medical activity ranges specializations in the cardiovascular system, to check-up appointments. Keeping track of the heart’s activity is extremely important to our daily health and lifestyles. Dr. Edward Honig is very established in using the correct tools and systems such as the ECG to look for irregularities from heart beats in patients. Seeking help with the heart, or when surgery is necessary, Honig’s doctor’s office is a successful place to visit. It is important to be aware of the heart’s health, and to make sure that necessary action is taken if need be to live a healthier life. Dr. Edward Honig is a provider at the Glen Cove Hospital, and is also one of today’s leading and top surgeons and cardiologists. He has treated numerous patients who are having difficulty with heart problems. Dr. Honig works with a team or staff of individuals who are members in assisting him complete his work. He has been within the medical field for many years and strives to continue the same previous missions and goals to society today.

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Gama, Man of All Trades

     As the old time saying goes, “follow your passion”. For the Brazilian entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama, following one passion was not enough. This creative entrepreneur has had success throughout different avenues in his life. His advertising career started in the year 1982 as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather. In 1999, Gama created his own advertising agency naming it, Neogama. Years passed and Alexandre Gama began to pursue a new career. A career in music. Gama founded VIOLAB, a Brazilian acoustic guitar project in 2014. This project promoted the best acoustic guitar players from Brazil and was even invited to share his work at the Brazilian Art Museum.

Today, Gama is the CEO and CCO of Neogama, which became one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama is now known as a professional in the communications and advertising industry.

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What you need to Know about Richard Smith

Richard Smith pursued Electrical Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo and Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering and finally studied Business Administration at University of Rochester’s Simon School where he gained his financial skills that that made him flourish in the sphere if management.Smith is a Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. He has a breadth of experience which has earned him a lot of post in different companies. Smith has served in many companies such as Eschelon Telecom and Frontier Corp. As a financial manager at the Frontier Corp, he raised the revenue of the company steadily from $30 to $300million.Smith has run a lot of companies successfully without any fault. He believes in the spirit of teamwork, and he has compacted his team through motivation and rewards. This has helped increase the depth of trust and quality of services by the company substantially.

The criteria for his team selection is based on the required qualification so as to create a chance of specialization within the company’s workforce. He sets the objectives of the company a delegate’s duties to different experts that are in check of every segment of the enterprise. This has set the proper foundation of Securus company and placed it at a vantage position over his competitors.His support to the community is sound and is reflected by the range of services such as the provision of correction to more than 2,600 inmates via the company. Smith is dedicated to his duties, and with the help of the team of experts, he has created an excellent platform that checks the centralized system of management at Securus. This has led to the smooth flow of communication a from the top management to the different segments of the company across the Dallas.

Additionally, the platform acts as a factor that links the public to the management team on matters that relates to their services.Smith has made Securus flow along the line of expectation ever since the inception of the company’s platform.This move has made Securus appeared among the top leading companies that post a lot of quality services in the market and faces less competition from their competitors. The magnitude of the commitment by the Smith team of expert is also marked by the initiative of creativity and innovation that is borne out of day-in-day research within the company.Smith through the courtesy of Securus has also made investment several technologies and patent purposely to secure that culture of the company. This has enabled the company set a unique trend and master flow of duties through the competent staff.As a matter of fact, Richard Smith’s versatility and pragmatic skills have set the goals of Securus achievable through the required time frame.

The Gritty Americana of David Lynch Manifests in Gruesome Hit-and-run Scene on Twin Peaks: The Return

Director and all-around artist David Lynch is known for creating some of the most surreal Americana films ever made. Fans of the show Twin Peaks have been noting for several weeks that Lynch upped the ante on surreal weirdness in the new season, Twin Peaks: Th Return. However, the newest episode (“Part 6 – Don’t Die”) has fans reeling with one particularly gruesome scene.


Carl Rodd (played by Harry Dean Stanton) witnesses a young boy becoming the victim of a high-speed hit-and-run accident. The man behind the wheel, Richard Horne (played by Eamon Farren), speeds off, later parks and cleans off the grill on his truck, and shows no remorse for what he did.


Some viewers feel that Lynch has gone too far. The playfulness in the original two seasons of Twin Peaks seems to be giving way to Lynch’s gritty portrayal of dark Americana. Lynch has constantly shown the darker side of humanity and certainly rattled viewers of the show in 1990 with the discovery of teenager Laura Palmer’s body (“Dead – wrapped in plastic” as character Pete Martell says in the first episode).


Many directors shy away from horrific child death scenes on television. Lynch, however, forces his audience to see the terrible things that happen in reality and consider why these awful things occur. Unlike Laura Palmer, there is no mystery as to how this boy died. Horne, who is shown in previous scenes partaking in drug deals (something which teens seem to commonly do in Twin Peaks), is high out of his mind when he runs over the child.


Lynch was recently honored with a standing ovation during the show’s reveal of the first two episodes at Cannes. On the weekend Showtime premiered the first two episodes, it received its highest number of membership enrollments. Despite its nitty-gritty depictions of the American underbelly, Twin Peaks: The Return is being hailed as one of Lynch’s most thought-provoking and entertaining artistic endeavors.


Roberto Santiago’s Dedication to Customers Shows in Mall

Roberto Santiago knows what it takes to run a successful business. He has been running the Manaira Mall for about 30 years and, in that time, the mall has only seen more business than what he thought it would. It has withstood the test of time and it has made a difference for people to be able to shop there even when other malls were failing. Because of the options that Roberto Santiago put in the mall, he knew that it would be something that would work well for everyone and he also knew that it would be something that would bring change to the economy in the area that they were in. He wanted to improve the city and Manaira Mall was an option for people to be able to enjoy shopping and dining while they were in the city. It was a huge chance for improvement for everyone who was in the city.


Despite the fact that other malls are doing poorly, Manaira Mall has continued to be successful. Roberto Santiago tries to make sure that things are working well for Manaira. he knows that it is necessary to show people what they need and he also wants others to have an enjoyable time while they are shopping for different things. He always does what he can to help others with the things that they need and with the options that they deserve to be able to have their own experiences. As Roberto Santiago has grown Manaira Mall, there have been more options added regularly for people to enjoy.


Along with the 11 movie theaters that are in the mall, Roberto Santiago also did what he could to bring more entertainment to the mall. He put an expo center on the roof that people would be able to enjoy and he also put other entertainment options into the mall. No matter what reason people came to Manaira for, they would always be able to get entertained in a way that made sense to them. Roberto Santiago made this a huge part of what the mall was made for and it was something that truly set his mall apart from others.


One thing that regularly happens at Manaira is that people are able to come to the mall and see entertainment options. Not only do people go there to shop but it is also an overall tourist destination for people to enjoy. There are many different ways that people can enjoy the options that they have for entertainment. Whether they want to see a cultural event, a concert or a blockbuster movie, they will be able to get what they need from Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago wants to make sure that everyone can enjoy the options that they have there.


How Can Men Get Started with an Acting Career

The theater is continually in need of strong male actors who can take on specific roles. Unfortunately, more and more people have given up on the idea of ever becoming famous through acting, and there is a severe shortage of qualified experts in the field. Because of this, it might be time for you to consider starting a career in acting yourself. There are a few things you need to be aware of before getting started. For one, you may still need or want to take an acting class to begin your career. It can be daunting and problematic without the proper acting training, so you’ll need to find a nearby school that you can go to for this need.


Acting schools can be pretty pricey, so it pays to do a bit of research to find one that fits your budget. Once you begin, you’ll learn all the basics necessary in order to land an acting role. In the beginning, you shouldn’t expect to start out big unless you get lucky and land something that enables you to grow in fame. What you should expect is to do a lot of local acting gigs, which will help tremendously when it comes to getting your name known and allowing other people to know what you’re all about.


Acting is definitely not for everyone, and a lot of people find that even despite getting the training that they need, they still don’t land any viable roles. The key is to be patient but consistent. You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone a lot when you’re an actor looking for roles. Try things that you might not think will make a big impact because you could very well come away surprised at what it’s done for you. Many actors have become famous from doing simple commercials in the beginning, so this might be a good place to start if you’re brand new to the field.


How Does Grupa Televisa Prosper Under Salvi Viadero?

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of the finest minds in all of media, and he has done quite a lot of work to ensure that Grupa Televisa is growing every year.  He acts as the CFO for the company, and he has financial models in-place that make the company easier to operate.  He has ensured that a number of people may watch the content they love, and he wants them to enjoy this content because it has been produced to the highest standard.  This article shows how Salvi does his work, and it looks into why his media company must conserve resources.

#1:  Production Is Expensive

Salvi understands that all productions are expensive, and he knows that it is much easier for the company save money by reducing costs where they are redundant.  He looks into every production to ensure that it is done correctly, and he does not waste time and money that could be spent on something else.  He believes that his company offers a better batch of programming because they have the money to do so, and he has spent many hours pouring over the ledger to find money for new programming.

#2:  Every Type Of Media

Salvi has helped produce every type of media imaginable, and he believes that it is important for him to save money where he can.  He knows that branching out into drama, comedy, educational and science television will make the company more accessible to the public, and they will give the Spanish-speaking world more of what they need on TV.

Salvi has done a masterful job as the CFO of Grupa Televisa, and he is to be commended for all the creative ways he has run the company.  His financial plan makes the company much stronger than it would have been otherwise.

Ben Platt Has Arrived

At the 2017 Tony Awards, former Pitch Perfect star Ben Platt received accolades for his role as the title character in the musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” After the evening ended, Platt walked away with a coveted Tony Award for his performance. The musical itself earned numerous awards, from Best Original Score to Best Book and Best Orchestrations. The cast album debuted in the top ten on the Billboard chart, which means thousands of earbuds will soon be pulsing with Ben Platt’s rendition of “Waving Through a Window.” He also performed the song at the Tony Awards Ceremony, earning him greater exposure beyond the musical theater community.


The musical is about a teenage boy who suffers from social anxiety and is thrust into the spotlight after a friend succumbs to a tragedy. The plot may seem dark, but the play is connecting with teenagers, in part due to its honesty about mental illness, but also in its way of engaging technology in the traditional theater setting. A live feed of social media posts takes over part of the stage and helps to tell the play’s story. The visual appeal and emotional connection are making the play popular with younger audiences.


While some actors may feel overwhelmed by fans’ stories of personal tragedy or illness, Ben Platt is honored to receive the mail, texts, emails and tweets. He believes in the importance of sharing troubling information and reaching out to people. He told his audience at the awards ceremony that “The things that make you different are the things that make you powerful.”


A young man who sings, dances and is involved in the musical theater community is likely a bit different from most people. For Platt, as well as for the young men he inspires, their differences are their talents and their talents make them powerful. Their differences can also make them famous, and there is hardly an actor who wouldn’t be pleased with that outcome.


Bryce Harper Gives Autograph and Shirt to 101-year-old Fan

At 101, Mary Hughes made her first visit to a professional sporting event on June 14, and it was to the Washington Nationals major league ballpark in Green Valley for the series finale game against the Atlanta Braves.


Mary had come with three of her caregivers from the Green Valley Commons retirement and assisted living facility in Winchester, a two-hour drive away. They reported that she never missed viewing one of the Nationals game on television and that she marked on a calendar in her room the games, the opponents, the time, the channel, and afterwards recorded the score. She also sleeps on Nationals sheets and had been given a gift of a Bryce Harper bobblehead.


Mary had been presented with the Nationals Spirit Award before the game and had been taken up to the Skyclub, where she saw pictures of past presidents throwing out the first pitch. She wasn’t alive for President Taft, but she was for Woodrow Wilson and each chief executive since then.


At this game, Mary wore her Harper jersey, since he is her favorite player, had on a red Nats hat, and she held a baseball and a pen ready for him to sign his name. After Mary was shown on the Jumbotron, Harper emerged from the dugout, came up to Mary, shook her hand, gave her a hug, signed her ball, and posed with her for pictures.


Then he gave her the folded jersey that he had in his hands. To her surprise, it had the number 34, but it was small, and upon closer examination and to her amazement, she saw that it had her name “Hughes” on it instead of “Harper.”