Twenty Three Layers: For World Class, Hustle-Free Event Planning Services

Event planning doesn’t have to be challenging and nerve breaking. You can hire a professional event planner to do the hustles on your behalf as you focus on your core business. Perhaps the only task you need to undertake is to choose the right outside event planner.


There are numerous event planning companies in NYC that you can pick from. The following tips will help you screen and identify the best event planner:


Write Down your event objective


Many people will skip this critical step and run to budget-related issues. The truth is, the primary object of holding an event will tell you so much about what to look out for, and whether to throw in a huge budget or not.

Source a qualified event planner


Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, breakfast business meeting, weekend retreat, or anniversary celebration, you need a qualified professional to help with the plan. Word of mouth recommendations may not be useful criteria for sourcing a qualified event planner.


The best approach would be to source for someone experienced and has built a strong reputation within the industry. That can only come from professional event planning affiliates and the hotel industry. The local chambers of commerce and hotel industries have the detailed list of event planners with excellent reputations. You can also check with the visitors’ bureau at your local convention.



Ask for references on the event planner


It’s not sufficient to rely on your own judgment and advice from friends and family. Source for references from the previous clients the event planner has served. Ask about the events, the locations, and the levels of success. Go to their websites and read about customer reviews and dig dipper into their business ethics.



Check their Total Budget


Event planners should present their complete quotations disclosing what their fees cover. Prices may vary from one organizer to another. You also need to know about their billing methodology. Do they charge per hour? Or, are they charging percentages or commissions on the total cost of the event? Finally, you can negotiate final terms and sign a written contract.


Twenty Three Layers Event Planners


Twenty Three Layers is a full-service firm engaging in event planning and design. This event company is located in New York City and offers creative solutions to your event planning needs. Whether you are planning for a stylish corporate seminar or personal celebrations, the firm provides impressive services with exquisite details.


The company boasts of numerous top class events they have pulled for renowned businesses and individuals across NY and beyond. Their experience in executing memorable events accompanied with the best dining trends, entertainment, and décor, is unparalleled.

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420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

Tyrants’ Troublemaker

It is clear that Thor Halvorssen is keeping vampire hours from the time his night-out texts, emails and encrypted Wickr messages started flooding like a surge. The 40-year-old Thor Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York. This organization was incorporated in 2005. Half-Venezuelan, half-Norwegian was born in Caracas and speaks American English.

He descends from the head of state in Swashbucklers. During World War II, his grandfather was made King in Venezuela. When the Germans invaded their homeland, he diverted the Norwegian fleet to the ports of Venezuela. His mother is a descendant of the first president of the country. For Thor Halvorssen, individual liberty and human rights should be the main topics of discussion on every table. Human rights discussion form the basis of a lively debate.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen has a practical knowledge of the subject. While working at a Venezuelan car drag, he exposed government corruption. During an anti-Hugo demonstration, his mother was shot dead. Leopoldo Lopez, his first cousin, is gutting out as a prisoner in Venezuela. However, Thor spends no time the sad-sack stereotypical activist. He never emits clock or world-weariness over the American evils in homogeny. He adopts deposition as a key factor for human rights activism.

He loves people. Thor Halvorssen loves the defectors and dissidents most. He strives to free troublemakers who blow. He made Vaclav Havel serve as chairman for HRF till 2011 when he died. He also had Garry Kasparov replace him with. For his course, Thor has been beaten severally.

In 2011, he received a beating at a Buddhist church together with is the cameraman. The eventually taped the interview after he was snuck into the monastery. He was detained until he convinced the police that he had an interest in Buddhist.

He also produces films through public interest advocacy and public policy. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum. This is a gathering described as the foundation for human rights.

The Amazing Restorative Properties of Wen by Chaz

Many women spend money on hair care products that are suppose to make their hair look good. Unfortunately, most of these products contain ingredients that actually cause damage to the hair and scalp. Many shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain artificial ingredients as well as parabens and alcohol. Parabens, which are a form of acid, are used as preservatives in many hair care products. Alcohol is used to aid the product in drying quickly. Both parabens and alcohol can break down the structure of hair so that over time it becomes dry and brittle.

Artificial colors, fragrances and miscellaneous ingredients also cause damage by building up on the scalp and hair. Build-up on the scalp could clog pores, resulting in flaking, itching or thinning of hair. Build-up on hair could make it appear greasy or dull.

Natural Healing Properties

WEN Hair by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that contains the extracts found in a variety of plants. The list of ingredients on these hair care products could include lavender, wheat protein, almond, mint, cherry bark, aloe or rosemary. Each extract has its own unique properties that help the products in the Wen line restore damaged hair.


As a shampoo, Wen by Chaz Dean easily removes the build-up left behind by other products. As a conditioner it penetrates the strands of hair to help repair the damaged structure. The products available in the Wen line are gentle enough to use on permed or color treated hair to help bring back the hair’s natural luster. In addition to adding shine, these amazing restorative cleansing conditioners can also add body, manageability and fullness. The Wen hair care line is Sephora available and can also be ordered here:


Burch Recommendations for Upcoming Industries

It is every entrepreneur’s wish to produce amazing work for clients. However, most businesses fail to generate full customer satisfaction, especially during the initial stages. These Startups fail to pay keen attention to many things. This article gives some of the tips presented by Christopher Burch, the founder, and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, to help entrepreneurs create high customer outcomes while avoiding the costly errors.


Mr. Burch has many years experience in entrepreneurship and investments. He fulfilled all of the company user needs through his combinations of innovation and consumer behavior. Mr. Burch has had a long lasting experience in creating businesses and disruptive brands that had positive, direct, and lasting effects on customer lives. He achieves Burch Creative Capital success through excellent client communication, support, task prioritization and delegation, and understanding his limits.



He advises Startups to consider developing better communication throughout the entire business process. Firms and their clients need to develop a better understanding of the work to be produced. Both parties then need to set expectations and lay down specific deadlines. The business then needs to keep constant communications with the client while creating the work. This is to help the customer stay updated on the progress and if any changes might alter the set deadline. Businesses also need to communicate to the customer in case of any trouble. If the customer is made aware of a problem earlier, it will be simpler to resolve the issue.


Delegation and Prioritization

The renowned entrepreneur also gives counsel to Startups to prioritize tasks and delegate the project responsibilities. It is always reasonable to delegate tasks to ensure that all projects are done on time and in the best possible ways when working with other associates. It is crucial, especially when dealing with multiple projects at single instances. Failure to prioritize tasks efficiently and effectively may result to overlooked deadlines and loss of future work opportunities.


Deployment of Exceptional Research and Limits Consideration

Doing research and combining with the client guidelines are the only means of achieving exceptional customer outcomes. It is also critical to understand company limits, particularly when setting expectations. When your business has a lot of work and feels that you cannot present good client results, it is advisable to politely decline new orders and give reasonable explanations towards the situation. Agreeing to new customer orders when the company is not capable of fulfilling is always a recipe for disaster. It is better to miss on sales than accepting new orders and messing them up.

Find Chris Burch on Crunchbase for more information.


Green Park Holdings Launches Hippeas Snacks in the U.S.

Livio Bisterzo and his company Green Park Brands launched Hippeas – organic chickpea puffs – to a good market reception. Hippeas appeals to a hip consumer market looking to snack healthily. The fun snacks appeal to all snackers to try the new, healthy, and “better for you” treats.

Organic Chickpea Puffs

Hippeas snacks are crunchy, light, and low calorie. They are also certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. The snacks have 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per single serve (1-ounce bag). Hippeas snacks are made from organic chickpeas that are certified by the USDA. They also come in attractive yellow packets.

The organic chickpea puffs come in six flavors: Pepper Powder (featuring pepper and sea salt); Far Out Fajita (with chili, cumin puffs, and paprika); Happenin’ Hickory (featuring sweet potato, smokin’ hickory, garlic, and onion); Vegan White Cheddar; Sriracha Sunshine (with paprika puffs and spicy jalapeno); and Maple Haze (syrupy sweet puffs). Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita chickpea puffs are available at Starbucks locations nationwide. They will soon be available at other leading retailers such as Amazon and Whole Foods.

Speaking during the launch, Bisterzo expressed confidence that Hippeas is well poised to become a globally loved snack. He added that Hippeas embodies all the major global snacking trends while delivering a powerful and emotional storyline to the millennial audience.

Giving Back to Society

Hippeas has remained true to its famous mantra “Peas, Love & Giving Back.” The brand has partnered with a charity organization, Farm Africa, to help chickpea farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Farm Africa operates in rural eastern Africa to help farmers achieve economic sustenance and end hunger in the region.

Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is a businessman and entrepreneur from Italy. At age 18, he settled in London and enrolled at University of the Arts. He started his first entrepreneurial venture while still in college, specializing in marketing, youth culture, and events. Since then, he challenged himself by creating great brands across different industries. Some of his successful ventures include Kyoku for Men, Pollen St, Little Miracles, and Maddox Club.

Bisterzo is creative and has a passion for lifestyle brands, relationships, food, healthy living, design, sports, and team building. In 2015, Bisterzo created Green Park Holdings to make innovative multichannel drinks and food brands. The company aims to provide healthy organic products that have a lasting social and cultural impact. In 2016, Green Park Brands launched Hippeas.

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Former Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Brings Insurance Claim To Court

Bruce Levenson was the head of the ownership group controlling the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise from 2002 until 2015 when the franchise was sold to a consortium headed by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. Two years after the sale of the Hawks, Levenson and his fellow former owners in the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC are still fighting to close an insurance claim made regarding the termination of the contract of Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry.

The claim remains unpaid by insurance giant AIG after almost two years following the dismissal of Ferry two days before the final sale to Ressler’s consortium was completed. Ferry had signed a six year contract in 2012 and reached an agreement to terminate his contract, which Bruce Levenson and his fellow former owners believe should have been covered under the terms of the insurance policy they took out with AIG to protect their organization against unfair dismissal and constructed dismissal claims.

Levenson is a Maryland native who has remained located in this area and maintains the headquarters of his United Communications Group in Maryland to benefit the community he grew up in. Bruce Levenson formed UCG with his long term business partner Ed Peskowitz in 1977 in a store room where they created newsletters for the oil and gas industries; Levenson has given back to the local community in many ways, but should be particularly proud of the establishment of a school of philanthropy at the University of Maryland.

Bruce Levenson believes his organization followed the details of the insurance policy in informing AIG of claims being made by Danny Ferry following his departure from the Hawks franchise.



Modern Day Affordable Mortgage Coverage

Owning a home is a big responsibility and can be one of life’s biggest accomplishments. This ownership shows proof of a person’s success in life and that they’ve made good decisions throughout their adult years. Unfortunately everyone doesn’t or won’t be able to own a house no matter how hard the individual works. This is the case in today’s society and the nation’s current economic situation plays a huge role in deciding a person’s fate.

The Affordable Housing Loan Program is designed to help people with limited access to mortgage coverage, purchase homes of their own. The project will extend for five years and is looking to provide 100 or more loans for each year of service. Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes have teamed to put the plan into action and will be offering free services such as counseling and support for the new homeowners, which makes the transition easier.

Of course this plan won’t work is there is a lack of funding and that’s where NexBank steps into the picture. Being such a powerful financial institution of banking, NexBank is looking to provide up to $50 Million in loan support. This action will set the ball in motion as it will individuals/families the financial support that’s been lacking. NexBank has extensive knowledge of the field and specializes in mortgage banking. As of 2016, the bank had an estimated $3.5 Billion in assets which is more than enough to support the program. With these three prominent organizations teaming up, the fight against lower income/poverty areas will surely succumb to the programs success. Now people will be able to live a much higher quality of life that’s safer and more fulfilling.

Learn more about Nexbank:

Qualities of a Good Online Reputation Management Company

Numerous online reputation management firms in the market offer similar services. For you to choose the best company, you need to consider the future of your online reputation. Most people are not concerned about their online reputation. However, they may require the services of specialized companies when a need arises. Don’t fall into that trap. When you think that the internet has nothing to affect you, consider revising your thinking. For you to get a good job, your online reputation matters.

For this reason, have your goals in mind and figure out your needs in inline reputation Management Company. Ask yourself the types of services you need from the company. If you are a student who recently graduated from college, consider a clean-up of your college social media accounts. If you are a forefront business who has website reviews, you should strongly consider online reputation management. Search for the right online business administration company after figuring out your needs. Choose the best management solutions provider.

Beware of online reputation management companies without special needs specialization. Take a careful research about the online reputation management of your choice. Ensure that you trust their brand. While at the business, ensure that you are comfortable with their customer service experience. Research and search about the online reputation management companies. Because of this, ensure that you ask them about their solutions to your brand.

They take a much-longer time to yield results even though they are the best tactic. An online reputation management company that uses white hat techniques are desired for whatever service you want for your unique needs. For this reason, black hat techniques deal in more aggressive and risky techniques. While they offer quick solutions to your online reputation problems, search engines will ban your content of they catch you using these technologies.

Black hat techniques create fake accounts to provide good reviews about you and your product. For them to fix your problems, they give you many results whenever you have a crisis. They pack various keywords into your site to increase metadata search results. These solutions help fix your rankings in search engines. For you to stay safe online, do not go for black hat solutions even if they offer quick solutions. Choose white hat over black hat techniques.

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Securus has come out to make corrections in the press release made by Global Tel Link

On June 7th this year, GTL released a press release that had many claims about Securus, most of which were inaccurate and a misrepresentation of the truth. As a reaction to this, the company has come out to make corrections to the earlier press release. The claims are connected to a lawsuit that the two companies have been embroiled in as a result of a contracting issue that has created quite some controversy.

There are several allegations that had been made by GTL, which Securus sought to clarify. The first of these allegations was the fact that since the company was established in 2001, they had formed habit of suing their competitors in the industry whereby they would pursue the issue till the terms were settled in their favor. From an objective point of view, the few instances where the lawsuits have come up were completely justified.

GTL also claimed that Securus had been using technologies that belonged to GTL and that they were seeking an injunction which if successful would stop the infringements on the platforms where it was occurring.

There is also a claim that GTL made that they would head back to the court and challenge some of the rulings that were made. The reality of the situation is that the jury may not be in a position to hear their case any time soon and even if there was to be a case, the jury may not be in a position to determine whether the method GTL claims their technology was used was used.

Securus has been a game changer in the provision of ICT solutions especially to incarcerated people in correctional facilities all over the country. They serve close to 3500 facilities and have 1.2 million inmates looking up to them for the ability to connect with their loved ones.