Look Fabulous Wearing Fabletics

The next few years has major changes coming for Fabletics, an activewear brand, created by Kate Hudson. According to Racked, customers will soon be able to try on their future clothing choices in one of the 75 to 100 stores opening over the next five years.  They took notice that not everyone is willing to make an online purchase without first knowing what kind of product they are dealing with along with liking a purchasing variety, so they are taking action to bring more options to everyone wanting to look fabulous. Their stores will also offer customers their subscription services that include discounted outfits delivered to their door once a month, providing customers with even more opportunities to stay up-to-date with Fabletics. First only offering options to women, Fabletics has made activewear options available to men as well, bringing in a larger customer base.

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Fabletics offers trendy fitness apparel to its customers at incredible low prices, making their products look not only fashionable but affordable as well. Having an attractive outfit on while getting a workout in is appealing to many and they offer that on their Facebook page. Its subscription members will only pay 25 dollars for their first 2-3 piece outfit and shipping is offered for free always. Even after customer’s first purchases, subscription members are offered purchasing prices at about half off what the outfit is worth. The subscription services of Fabletics include being offered recommendations of outfit choices based on what your style is and then you are billed and shipped the outfit of your approval each month. Regardless if you choose an outfit or not, your account is billed unless you choose to skip the month and then when you are ready you can choose the outfit to your liking.

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Find & Purchase Anything Online Give Slyce Visual Search A Try


We have finally made it to the day and age where machines do save us time and energy in our daily lives. You can order a pizza on your phone without even talking to someone, giving you more time to make your purchase without having to feel jostled or confused. It is certainly a luxury to have all of this technology at our fingertips. It saves us time, and we do not have to visit actual locations to buy things anymore. It is nice to go to a mall from time to time, but I do not want to visit a shopping mall every time I want to buy a tie or a pair of socks. In addition to saving us time because we do not have to go to the actual store, this new technology in online shopping allows us to make smarter purchases when we shop for our favorite products online.

Take Your Time To Shop Wisely

The time that you spend online shopping can be more comprehensive than ever before when you have the assistance of advanced computer softwares that find the product you are looking for without you having to type out a single word on your browser. That use to be the only way to find anything online. You would have to go to one of the major search engines or online stores, and you would type out what you wanted, and you would pray that the results would be accurate. The results were usually not accurate, however.

Finally, image recognition software has been invented to make our lives better. One of the leading creators of image recognition software to be used on the smart phone is Slyce visual search engine. They have developed some of the most advanced systems for shopping online by simply using the camera on your smart phone. Did you know that the little camera on your smart phone could be used for more than just taking silly self portraits?

Slyce is free to download, and it is incredibly easy to figure out how to use this application. It is easy to figure out for the young and old generations alike. I showed my grandmother how to use Slyce, and now she does most of her shopping online, which is great because she is getting old, but she still likes to shop for the family. Give Slyce online visual recognition a try today!

Securus: The Proof is in The Pudding

People can talk and people can lie. However, one thing they can’t deny are the facts when the truth that is out there. That speaks for itself and quite frankly, it speaks volumes. You can try to weasel your way out of the truth or backtrack, but in the end, the truth will always win and the public is smart enough to know the truth from a lie when they see it. They can sense it, they can smell it, and they just know it. That is why Securus is going to be releasing a series of releases in regards to GTL (Global Tel-Link), which will inform the public of all of the underhanded and mischievous behavior they have been up to in regards to how they run their day-to-day operations.

In case you are unfamiliar with GTL, they are company which affords prisoners the chance to speak with their families while they are in prison. It is like a calling card for prisoners. However, their prices are out-of-this-world and they are taking advantage of people that yes, they are prisoners, but maybe they just need a second chance at life. If we shut the door on everyone that did something wrong, the world would be a very, very lonely place. That is why we have to give people a second chance when it is warranted.

However, GTL is all about the bottom line, which is money, and how much they can make, no matter how they make it. Thankfully, people have Securus, which isn’t the type of company to sit by and do nothing.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Sanjay Shah – CEO and Founder of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a successful businessman, accountant and entrepreneur who has many years of experience in each industry. He started as an accountant working for many prominent businesses and banking industries when he decided to open his own trading and consulting investment firm called Solo Capital. In September of 2011, he finally launched the company and it quickly rose to a net worth estimated in the millions. The company started out with just a few employees and they all worked very hard for a year. Little did they know that Solo Capital would blossom into such a successful company with over 39 locations and 1000 employees. Solo Capital’s headquarters are located in London but there are offices spread throughout the area. The company has been quite successful in conduction business and has allowed Shah to sit back and relax a bit, semi-retiring from the business and pursuing other areas of interest.

Sanjay Shah is originally from Kenya. He moved to Central London with his family to attend King’s College where he wanted to become a doctor. He started studying medicine and decided that it wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore. He changed his major to accounting, and started studying the world of finances. After graduating college, he continued with his career in finance and learned many avenues and gained a lot of experience, but was tired of the commute.

In 2011, his youngest son was diagnosed with autism and it changed his life along with his wife and family as they learned how to help him. Shah started a charity called Autism Rocks. It was launched in 2014 and is charity event that focuses on raising money to help raise awareness and aid in research. Many people are diagnosed with autism and Shah wants to be able to help those in need and better understand the condition. Autism Rocks is an invite only concert event that invites famous musicians to perform and help raise money for the charity.


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