Public Safety Is What Securus Technologies Promotes And Upholds

When it comes to integrity, Securus Technologies is a top provider for technology for the public safety. They provide civil and criminal justice technology solutions, including corrections, monitoring, investigation. It was their release of multiple reports of wrongdoings by Global Tel Link. (GTL)
Website PR reveals that Securus intends to release a series of articles on GTL’s wrongdoing and their disrespect for their customers. This will be done over a period of six months in press releases that will review issues of systematic wrongdoings or potential wrongdoings. This is done in regards that GTL will start acting with integrity that is expected of a company of their nature. Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies states that he was offended when a carrier has no conscience for their customer’s well being. He further states that Securus’ mission is more than making money. They choose to serve all their customers in highest regards.

Louisiana Public Service Commission Order No. U-20784-B can be seen in complete form and is posted on the Securus website. Your text to link…

As one of the top providers and an A+ accredited business by the BBB, Securus Technologies has a commitment to serve and connect over 3,450 law enforcement and corrections facilities across North America. They also serve 1,200,000 inmates.
Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters.

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Igor Cornelsen: Brilliant Investor Shares His Secrets

Igor Cornelsen is known for his smart financial sense, especially as it relates to investing in the stock market. At one time Igor managed a massive percentage of Brazil’s entire gross economy. He built his success on the understanding that investments are a lifelong commitment that you need to be committed to like you are committed to your career. He is a big advocate of spreading your money out over several companies instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket. Going after the “hot” company is not advised. Instead, look for companies that have had consistent long term success. He advises people to steer clear of “broken companies” and stick with success and reputation.

He currently works for Bainbridge Investments, Inc. which is located in the Bahamas but spends most of his time these days in southern Florida enjoying his golfing hobby. He is also involved in a lot of consulting work focusing on helping investors make smart, long-term investments. He’s a strong supporter of the phrase “There’s No Such Thing as Free Money” and stresses the fact that this type of investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Currently, his focus is on the Brazilian market and he encourages others seeking advice to consider Brazil as well.

Igor Cornelsen advises busy investors regarding Brazilian stocks by coaching them with the basics of the financial market in Brazil and provides three key tips on how to deal with the challenges of investing in Brazil.

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Igor Cornelsen – JusBrasil

First, he encourages people to network. Connecting with the locals can lead to valuable insight. Brazil has many eager entrepreneurs that are fairly social in nature and love to share their successes and challenges.

Finally, he stresses the importance of understanding foreign currency restrictions. It is required that you use an authorized financial institution for currency transactions. There is also not a single exchange rate but will vary based on the transaction. All of the rules and regulations can be tough to navigate but he explains that’s what makes the payoff even greater in the end.

Igor Cornelsen’s philosophies are not complex. Focus on investments long-term. Knowledge is king; do your homework on the companies and countries you are looking to invest in. Don’t be afraid to invest somewhere new but be prepared to understand the challenges. Finally, be diverse. Spreading your money out will be the most beneficial to long term success.

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Search Cleanup: When Your Reputation Soars, So Do Your Profits

It is said that a good name is worth more than silver, worth more than gold, and worth more than the greatest riches. But getting a good name isn’t something you can do by traipsing up to the “name” store and placing an order. To have a good name, you must build solid reputation. Building solid reputation requires the weathering of public attacks from multiple sides, and responding to them in a way which engenders respect. Now, that’s the situation for an individual; but it is the same situation for an entrepreneurial effort, small business, or even a big corporation. In fact, the reputation train makes a circumference around every country. And with the internet, suddenly defending reputation has become part and parcel to obtaining it.

Search Clean-Up Websites
One way to clean up negative articles is through a website like Such sites ensure when a potential customer or client searches your business on the internet, they see what you want them to see; not what some underhanded competitor has said, or what some trolling internet personality has blasted across the digital ‘net.

Allies In Business
Another way to maintain reputation is through the acquisition and retention of allies in business. Your allies should be sympathetic organizations or entrepreneurs who are, ideally, slightly ahead of you in the same game. Finding such individuals will help you vent your frustrations, choose a more successful route through the advantage of experienced advice, and simultaneously build your reputation through association.

The Customers
Customers are the willing or unwilling observers of your conflict. Don’t forget them. If you’re under attack, be certain you reassure clientele that business proceedings will continue as normal.

Don’t Respond To The Negative Influences
Negative influences are going to come your way, and they’re going to try and draw you into their insanity. Don’t let them; it looks bad, and it won’t do you any good. Instead, rely on a solid  service, supportive allies, and conscientious service. Find on Facebook to learn more!

The Class Dojo Growth Mindset that is Sweeping the Nation

When it comes to trying to teach youngsters these days, the entire education world is on it’s collective head. There may still be some great schools and there are obviously many great teachers as well, but between the testing, the budget cuts, and the general state of confusion when it comes to things like common core, it is becoming more difficult than ever to actually get to the point and teach students. That’s why one such system is starting to make up ground and fill in the gaps that have been created. That organization is Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is not just a substitute for regular education, they are at least a supplement, and at best they are something different entirely. By teaching children important lessons of how to truly get ahead instead of just making them memorize and then regurgitate facts for tests, the Class Dojo team is truly starting to make positive impacts in the very students that they set out to help simply because of their strategy.

The point of the new Class Dojo Growth Mindset system is not just to teach facts, but rather it is to teach students how they can further learn. The system’s goal is to try and teach confidence as well as teach how you can increase your learning rate in general. While it may seem like a somewhat confusing topic for youngsters in general (and possibly even for some adults), the point is that everyone can learn and everyone can develop their skills and abilities so that they can learn even more over time.

The Class Dojo Growth Mindset is not just some fluke system, either. By partnering with Stanford University and some psychologists of the university, the Growth Mindset is aiming to gain traction on some areas that students not only need, but that they barely get any time and effort in. The focus needs to be strengthened (or at least addressed), and the Class Dojo system is targeting it for a reason.

When you think about not just learning random facts and figures, but understanding the entire process, then you can truly see an individual who will be better off in the long run. They will essentially understand how to teach themselves in a much more efficient manner than those who are just trying to continue memorizing instead of learning. The system is working, and there is definitely an interest in how the Class Dojo Growth Mindset model will continue to have success and create better (more advanced) students.


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