0mar Yunes achievements

Mexico was recognized through Omar Yunes by receiving the world award for the best franchisee. The award presented was from Sushi Itto and Prendamex. The truth is the competition was tight as there were a total of eight candidates who were interested in the award, but Omar Yunes was able to emerge as the winner.

The announcement was made on 24th November, and two final winners with Omar Yunes onboard were named.They were being considered for the best franchise worldwide during the first Mexican version of the award. The winners were therefore given the role of representing the Mexican franchise which was to be held in Italy Florence city. Omar Yunes emerged the final winner when the last ceremony for the award was held.

0mar Yunes journey to run Japanese Sushi Itto restaurants in Mexico has not been a journey without challenges, but Mr. Yunes has conquered all to emerge successfully. Currently, he runs more than Sushi Itto restaurants in Mexican towns and plans for expansion are underway. Franchisee business is always affected by geographical challenges and cultural belief, especially in restaurants business. Mr. Yunes has been able to convince Mexicans that Japanese Sushi Itto offers good meals equal or above to what is offered by local restaurants in Mexico.

Mr, Yunes won the award for setting a good example of franchise business through exceptional leadership skills. Mr. Yunes has employed several people in his restaurant. According to a recent interview he held, he confirmed employees are an important asset to his business. He offers leadership and training to all the staff members to make sure that his business is successful. 0mar Yunes has been a source of inspiration for many upcoming entrepreneurs in Mexico and around the globe. He has created a strong bond between Japanese people and Mexican people through Sushi Itto restaurants.

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