Manage the Cold Weather with winter 2015 Men’s Shoes

As the temperature goes down, it’s not the simply time for scarves and coats – your footwear can likewise play a big part during the tough short duration especially for men who are known to have uncountable outside practices. The shoes are easy to find, shop, maintain and store when warm weather resumes. Winter shoes through a tough experience being at times subjected to snow, rain, dirty snow, mud, salt and a wide other street chemicals and dirt. Hence, at the end of winter if the shoes are not taken care of they tend to fall apart or just look shabby. But currently with new winter shoes for men in the market, you don’t need to worry about where or not to go. Hence, they are affordable and cheaper to maintain. They remain in good shape and can take you through a few other winters.

Paul Evans is one of the recommendable places where you cannot lack the shoe of your desire to take you through the winter. So put resources into style and put them into quality. Be that as it may, above all, put resources into yourself. Venture into a couple of Paul Evans shoes and experience the distinction. For men who comprehend the significance of shoes, there are extremely constrained alternatives in the block-and-mortar world. How about we make our particular shoes and take them straightforwardly to clients? At Paul Evans, there are no brokers and no retail space to lease hence it is from our hands to yours utilizing the force of the Internet, with a help from the conveyance fellow.

The modern winter shoes are Blake sewed with unrivaled development technique that yields various advantages, including most extreme sole adaptability for outstanding solace, a smooth and stylish tasteful, and simplicity of re-soling for a considerable length of time of wear. What makes the new generation footwear so stunning is the hand painted completion that makes an astounding and extraordinary completing impact that will stop people in their tracks.

Advanced craftsmanship, an eye for delightful and ageless outlines, and the tenacious interest for astounding materials make winter 2015 men’s shoes the best on the planet. Aptitudes that are gone down from era to era permit our industrial facility to make sleek and comfortable footwear that lasts for long. Even though, there is a need to protect your new shoes to serve you better. Ensure you always splash new shoes with a product that is waterproofing to build their water resistance even before you begin to wear them. The maker will frequently suggest the best product to use. Keep utilizing the item consistently to upgrade the first defensive qualities. Shoes that have no defensive layer added onto them may not serve you for long.

Advertising Methods That Work In Brazil

Owning a business anywhere is not easy, however, owning a business in Brazil is a real challenge. If there is one thing that will make a business a success, it is advertisement. You must have a good marketing plan in place if you want your business to be a success. When you have a business in Brazil, one of the most challenging things to do is to find advertising methods that work in your local market. This is were the use of an advertising company can come in handy.

There are many companies that can help you, however, the question is, how do you find a company you can trust with your hard earned advertising dollars? The answer is easy, let us introduce your business to Cláudio Loureiro Heads and his amazing advertising company Heads Propaganda that enjoys a presence on Facebook.

Heads is a company who has the advertising experience that can help your business reach the next level. These professionals know how to make your advertising pay off by getting your advertisements into the hands of the people who will use the products and services you provide. In today’s market it is not enough to have a great product or service. You have to spend a large portion of your time on getting new clients and customers by using advertising methods that work in Brazil. Heads Propaganda has been helping business people just like you to reach into the market and get their fair share amount of paying customers.

Advertising methods that work in Brazil are no mystery to the highly qualified staff of Heads Propaganda. Each and every day the staff finds successful methods and uses them to increase the share of the market from their clients and customers. They are easy to do business with and offer great customer service too. Regardless of what your business does, if you need to get the most from your advertising dollars, you will want to talk to the staff of Cláudio Loureiro and his company Heads Propaganda. They can help you to obtain any goal you have by using successful advertising and marketing skills. Call on them today.

How To Choose The Right House Cleaning Company

By utilizing the right home cleaning service, it can help to safe you some time and provide you with a certain degree of tranquility, knowing that your chores have already been taken cared of. Here are some things you need to know when it comes to choosing the right kind of housecleaning service. 

Choose A Company That Has A Good Reputation For Providing Quality Services 
If you find yourself in the predicament where you are particularly concerned about the safety of your personal belongings, you need to ensure that you utilize a reputable service provider who can provide references upon request. As such, consider the possibility of asking your friends, coworkers, family members and neighbors about their experiences surrounding the utilization of a house cleaning service. 

Determine If The Sub-Contractors That The Company Utilizes Has Liability Insurance 
Most house cleaning companies, utilize sub-contractors to provide the cleaning service. Based on the fact on twitter that they are sub-contractors, the company is not obligated to insure them. As such, ensure that the person who comes to your property, has a liability insurance policy. Additionally, ensure that you ask the individual to tell their insurance company to mail/fax you a certificate of insurance. What this does is to ensure that their coverage is in fact valid. 

Evaluate The Company’s Policy Surrounding The Training, Hiring And Protection Of Their Employees
If you hire a housecleaning service that utilizes employees as opposed to sub-contractors, check to see if the company:

• Provides cleaning equipment and supplies.

• Has an adequate amount of personnel to show up on time, in the event that your regular house cleaner is absent on a day that you scheduled to have your property cleaned.

• Conducts background checks.

• Provide instructions about your home to the cleaners to ensure that they understand the specifics of what needs to be done.

• Insures all their employees.

Conduct A Telephone Interview 
Last but not least, ensure that you conduct a telephone interview with the company that you are contemplating on using. Some of the questions that you should ask during the interview, include:

• Are your employees/sub-contractors covered by a house cleaners insurance policy?

• Does your company conduct background checks?

• Can I make a schedule to have my property cleaned on a holiday?

• What if I find the results of the service to be unsatisfactory?

• What kind of training do your employees/subcontractors partake in?

• What transpires when something is damaged or broken?

As you can see, the process of locating a reputable company is time consuming to say the least. However, if you want to ensure that you get the best results possible, as well as to avoid the scenario of hiring a dubious individual with “sticky fingers,” you need to thoroughly evaluate said company. However, depending on where you live, Handyman may be a viable solution. 

Handy is an online based house cleaning subcontractor platform on that essentially takes away all the headaches and frustration that’s associated with finding a reputable cleaning service provider, by offering an innovative platform as to which clients can schedule to have their property cleaning via PC or smartphone. The thing that makes them such an ideal choice is that, thousands of people have already used their services and proclaimed that the results that they received, exceeded their expectations. Besides that, every contractor who works for Handy has to purchase an insurance policy as well. In addition to this, they also feature a quality control system that ensures that only the most competent of contractors remains on their dispatch list.

Why NBA Team Owners are So Essential to the Game

When you think about basketball, you probably think about some of the greatest players of all times playing this amazing sport. Basketball is one of the top sports in the world and has grown in size in the recent decades. While you can probably name some pretty popular players who all play for the NBA, these individuals wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the NBA team owners. NBA team owners run the teams that they own, ensuring that all players are up to the standards that are set for them and are playing according to all of the rules.

Most teams have gone through several owners over their lifetime, but some of them have had the same owner for the entirety of the team. The team owner is often responsible for making sure that everyone on the team is playing to standards. This even includes the coaches as well as the players who are actually involved with the sport. In general, the team owner will go to each game to make sure that everything is being played correctly and to the best of the team’s ability. If things are not exactly right, the owner will be the one responsible in making changes to the team and all of its players.

One of the top NBA team owners in the association would be Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson is co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and has been a true contributor of the team for many years now. He is married and has three children while owning homes in both Atlanta and Maryland. Because of his experience as an NBA team owner, he is able to better advise his team on upcoming changes and games that might be played. Bruce Levenson has a long history of being active in the basketball community and is one of the best owners out there when it comes to basketball teams.

Considering how important it is for a team to have a great owner, it is no surprise that many teams out there have gone through their fair share of owners. Unlike Bruce Levenson, who has been a huge contributor for his team, there are other owners who simply needed to be replaced as quickly as possible. This is because the owner is crucial to the overall running of the team. The owner needs to be in complete control of the team from start to finish in order to make sure that players are doing their best.

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport that is played worldwide. The NBA is the top association for basketball players and games. This is why there are so many teams out there playing at the moment and so many owners who have taken control of these teams in a positive way. The teams currently playing with the NBA can be found online for those who are interested. You can also find the owner for each team if this is something that you might be interested in learning more about for your own benefit.

Yeonmi Park on Her Traumatic Escape and Adjusting to New Life

Many people have heard of numerous human rights activists whose endeavors have made such an impact on peopleís perception of the world so that they now tend to have a different approach to life and its misadventures. One of these activists is Yeonmi Park, who has also shared her experience while she was in North Korea and China.
Yeonmi Park is a defector and a human rights activist who was born in North Korea but later moved to China, and then to South Korea. She is a smart and bold 21-year-old girl who is also a co-author of a new book called In Order to Live. The book has brought this girl to Toronto on a publicity tour. She has recently moved and experienced a completely different culture than the one she embraced in North Korea. She states that her life in New York is completely different from the life she led several years ago. She is now free to express her opinion and attitude towards life. She was firstly surprised by the hospitality of New Yorkís residents; they were asking her about her life, hobbies, these people were actually seeing her as a person, not as an object.
However, her life in North Korea was a far cry from her current life, void of fear and poverty. Although her family was educated and had friends on high places, a different stateís regime changed it all. Her peaceful and happy family life was replaced with a brutal life full of starvation and torturing. Yeonmi Park was obliged to see the scenes she had never seen before, the scenes of brutal torturing and executions. She was surrounded by blood and dead bodies and had to make a lot of effort in order to survive. This means that she and her mother had to eat insects and grass since real food was not available to them. They were not allowed to speak and express their opinions. They had to ask for the guardsí permission even for the simplest things.
After that, she escaped with her mother to China in the hope of better life, but this also turned out to be a bad decision, and her first memory of China was the worst memory ever. They were sold by human smugglers, and she had to witness her motherís rape as well. Then, they were sold over and over again until they were offered to become mistresses of two traffickers, which would enable them to see their family in South Korea.
So, Yeonmi Park of the youngvoicesadvocates now lives peacefully in New York, and her new book, In Order To Live, definitely reveals the darkest place in the world and many sacrifices people had to go through in order to survive. Itís a harrowing story of a young girl whose life was changed for the worse with the new regime.

Luckily, all this is behind her, and although it seems difficult, Yeonmi Park is trying to adjust to a new way of life, and she also hopes that her book will throw light on what really happened in North Korea many years ago.

How Are Business Leaders In Chicago Changing The Face Of The City?

The city of Chicago is know for the blustery winds that blow in off Lake Michigan, amazing sports teams and a large industrial sector that kept the city going for over a century. Chicago is often called “The Second City” by people who prefer the sophistication of New York’s financial sector, but Chicago is creating a financial sector that is unlike anything else in the world. Bankers and investors like Majeed Ekbal are bring massive infusions of cash to the city while creating a financial market that rivals Wall Street.

#1: What Is Majeed Ekbal Doing For Chicago?

Majeed Ekbal is an investor and banker who has connections to the middle eastern oil money created by oil sheiks every day. Oil sheiks want to find new places to park their money, and there are many developments in Chicago that Majeed invests in with help from oil sheiks. The oil money will not prop up the city of Chicago all by itself, but the oil money will create a new market for development that was not there before.

#2: Leveraging More Cash

Majeed’s wordpress blog shows that he has been working on deals in Chicago that are leveraging oil money to help create more business in the city. Chicago has many disused communities that must be rebuilt from the ground up, and Majeed is using his influence in the middle east to bring in enough money to make whole communities change overnight. Leveraging investments from the middle east makes the city a better place to live, and new communities are turned around every day with the help of the investments that Majeed has brought in.

#3: How Large Is The Financial Sector?

The Chicago financial sector includes several hedge funds that manage hundreds of billions of dollars, and these companies are creating new jobs every day. Chicago once relied only on manufacturing or industrial jobs, but the city relies mostly on jobs created by the financial sector. These financial sector jobs are more secure, and these jobs are more flexible. The financial sector can make changes in a heartbeat where the manufacturing sector faded away quickly.

Investors and bankers like Majeed Ekbal are creating a new Chicago that is based on financial jobs. Manufacturing was a wonderful way for the city to grow in years past, but manufacturing today could not keep up with the changes in the global economy. Majeed has found investments that will keep up with the new global economy.

Freedom Pop Offers Free Service on Their Motorola Moto E

It’s important to have a cell phone, for both practical and personal reasons. But buying one can be very confusing, especially since there are so many phone carriers to choose from, as well as prepaid operators who are always competitively pricing their phones and service. Even when you find a phone for cheap, the monthly service plans can really diminish your paycheck in the long run.

Luckily, Freedom Pop offers up one of the best alternatives there is. They are the countries only 100% free cell phone service, offering not only free minutes, but free texting, data, and international calling. When you buy the phone from FreedomPop, you receive a 2nd generation Motorola Moto E. While it is a preowned phone, FreedomPop has it thoroughly checked out before selling it. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The cost of the phone is just $49.99. Customers then get a one month free trial which consists of unlimited texting and talking, along with a one gigabyte data plan. This plan can be switched to the completely free plan after the first month, or any time after that.

The phone has been valued at around $249.98, so customers are getting an extremely great deal when they choose this offer. For customers that need more than the free plan, there are premium options starting at $10.99 and going up to $19.99. But the free plan is ideal. Users get 200 voice minutes per month, the ability to send 500 texts a month, and they will have 500mb of data each cycle. For those who want more, there is also a premium plus service that is offered, which includes visual voicemail, wireless tethering, data rollover, and the ability to receive picture and video messages.

Originally stated on the website Android Authority,, this latest phone option is sure to beat out a major portion of the competitors out there. Customers only have to pay for the phone to start their service, and can opt for the free option for the rest of their time with the company. Since there is no contract ever, users can cancel their service any time that they want to. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Madison Street Capital Leads With Excellent Leadership


Madison Street Capital was recently recognized by “NACVA” (National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts), within the program of 40 Under Forty for 2015. This was based on nominees under 40 who advanced in extraordinary ways in their business valuation, financial forensics, litigation Consulting and more.

With both the Consultants’ Training Institute and The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). The Executive Staff of NACVA and the CTI chose the candidates for this prestigious award. The powerful qualifications for each candidates were based on the excellent and the visionary leaders who in all areas of accounting and financial professions.

Being able to have a program that is designed to recognize the potential leaders who, regardless of their affiliation with NVCVA or CTI, were chosen because of their contributions now and yet to come. The 40 Under Forty recognition awards are to give voice and opportunity to our next generation of leaders and their professions.

In other words, they want the best of the best in leadership, and extraordinary accomplishments. The honorees were selected from a list of 125 nominees. The selected honorees were considered the rising stars and will appear in a press releases, The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog, NACVA’s Association News, as well as other distributions.

The co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala, of Madison Street Capital, LLC, was the leader who managed the firms’ international presence in Europe, Africa and Asia. Along with Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway, he oversaw the analytical teams which performed all business valuation work for the firm’s Corporate Finance and M & A clients.

As a international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, has an allegiance to deliver corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions and valuation, merger and acquisition expertise to the publicly and privately held businesses. With excellent leadership and integrity.

Madison Street Capital position clients to succeed in the global marketplace and with new project, they attend to the clients goals and objectives. This could range from financial advise to M&A transactions or transfers of ownership.

These services position our clients to succeed in the global marketplace. In undertaking each new project, the client’s goals and objectives become ours, ranging from financial advisory and successful capital raises to M&A transactions to transfers of ownership.

Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of clients from around the world. Their dedication and professional standards of the highest level.

Published in the Chicago Tribune

Susan McGalla Striving For Equal Respect In Business World

When it comes to responsibilities and recognition between men and women in business, many of us think that equality is a subject that has long since passed. Unfortunately, there are still areas where women do not receive the same recognition or compensation as men do.

Recent surveys have revealed some incredible details regarding this. When it comes to the amount of money that men make as opposed to women, men still receive much more than women. In many cases, women receive $.75 to every one dollar a man makes doing the same job with the same education and skill set.

In the case of women running businesses, one would think that American business had evolved in that aspect. However, the numbers reveal it far different story. According to statistics, less than 2% of companies run in America are run by women. And on executive decision-making boards, only three businesses out of 20 have a woman on the executive board ranks. This means or 85% of businesses in America don’t have a woman on the boards of their companies.

A lot of women executives are doing something to change this, however. Rather than waiting their turn that may never come, women are deciding to take their lives and careers into their own hands. Many are beginning their own financial enterprises, and seeing great success from their decision. In fact, female dominated supply chains are becoming more prevalent in the United States. It is not uncommon to see a business that caters specifically to another business run by a woman.

Although this is occurring more regularly, some women have worked their way up to the top of the traditional business world. Their skill and experience have gone on to help major corporations become greater entities through the knowledge and expertise these women possess and bring to the table.

Corporate leaders like Susan McGalla have been using their unique skills to bring profit and innovation to the firms they have worked for for years. McGalla began her career as a merchandiser, assuming her first position with Joseph Horn Company. After working there for a number of years, she took the position of Chief Merchandising Officer with American Eagle kept outfitters. In in just a few years, she rose through the corporate ranks to assume leadership of the company. Later in her career, she took the CEO office of Went Seal, known as one of the largest casual clothing and surf accessory companies in the world.

Later, Bizjournals guru McGalla proved her mettle by working for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization of the NFL. There she assumed the responsibilities of the Director of Strategic Planning for the team. She currently uses her abilities as part of HFF Inc., a real estate and capital development company.

Throughout the years, skilled and talented women, such as McGalla have consistently shown their worth in the marketplace through their tenacity, leadership qualities, and winning results. Individuals like Susan McGalla make it possible for other women to experience what life is like in the upper realms of corporate leadership.

How Omar Boraie Revitalized New Brunswick


From the time Omar Boraie arrived in New Brunswick, New Jersey, he knew the city had the potential to be great. Despite skeptics, he pursued his dream and succeeded in making his adopted, once downtrodden hometown, into a city which is becoming a prime destination for both companies and residents to relocate.

The seventy-three-year-old Boraie settled in New Brunswick in 1972 after marching through Europe as a traveling chemist scholar. While abroad, he witnessed the revitalization of a number of the cities he passed through. That experience, coupled with Johnson and Johnson’s 1975 decision to maintain its corporate headquarters in New Brunswick inspired Boraie to take the lead in initiating improvement efforts.

Boraie’s plan was two-pronged. First, he wanted to draw businesses in and increase the city’s workforce. This goal was put into motion when he purchased numerous land parcels on Albany Street, one New Brunswick’s thoroughfares. Boraie encountered many skeptics. However, by 1985, he had constructed Albany Street Tower One. Soon, the office building’s space was rented. Capitalizing on the success of Tower One, Tower Two was erected in 2003.

The next part of Boraie’s strategy was to bring more residents to his city. He accomplished this task with the completion of a twenty-five story, high-rise complex on Spring Street. Not only was this mixed-use facility equipped with more than one hundred residential units, but also contained abundant square footage in office and retail space. The entire facility was rented out within two hours of going on the market.

Boraie is not content to stop. He is currently working on Albany Street Tower Three. In addition, his Aspire Luxury Condo complex was recently completed. This 238-unit facility with 10,000 square feet of retail space and four-story parking garage will be geared towards those who live, work and contribute to the New Brunswick community.

Boraie’s involvement has inspired other entities to throw their hats into the revitalization ring. Rutgers University, whose main campus is in New Brunswick, in partnership with the Devco Corporation, will be undertaking a $300 million project designed to provide the school with another quad, which will be built along College Avenue. In addition, Devco will be overseeing the construction of “The Hub” at New Brunswick Train Station, a project that will entail nearly two million square feet of space being transformed into 500-600 units of residential housing, offices, research areas and retail establishments.

Boraie said he is pleased to look out his office window and witness a booming, expanding city, instead of the old oil tanks, building foundations, boulders, and tree stumps that used to be visible throughout New Brunswick.