How Does Atlanta Build for the Future?

Last season we saw the Atlanta Hawks set a franchise record for wins in a year when they eclipsed the 60 win mark. The Hawks also went past the second round of the playoffs for only the first time in the past 50 years and they put up a fight against the overwhelming Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite being swept in the ECF most fans were ecstatic just to see their Hawks take on a central role on the biggest basketball stage on the planet. With the season behind them and eyes now looking to the future, what can fans realistically begin to expect with their Atlanta Hawks?

Well, first off fans will have to understand that there is new ownership in town. Atlanta was bought in 2002 by Bruce Levenson who headed the Hawk Spirit LLC. Since then Levenson has turned the team into a money making bonanza as he slowly crafted them into yearly contenders. Solid drafting and great payroll management ruled the day as Levenson accrued talent like Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Dennis Schroder, and Jeff Teague. Antony Ressler and Grant Hill led a group to buy the team, spending upwards of $850 million dollars. Resler and Hill had been interested in the Clippers but the price tag, then reported at nearly $2 billion, was simply too high.

With new management in town the Hawks likely are going to play conservative for their first year or so. Atlanta went through great pains to keep most of their roster in tact so as to keep continuity solid. Paul Millsap decided to resign with the Hawks, returning to give them a low post presence, despite the fact that he had offers on the table with other franchises. This alone should give Atlanta fans reason to be optimistic. Millsap is at the point in his career where he has made enough money and is now looking for that championship run. The big man believes that Atlanta can give him that run. Kyle Korver will also be returning from an injury and he should be primed to go when the regular season rolls around.

The biggest loss of the off season comes in the form of Demarre Carroll. While Carroll’s regular season stats never jumped off of the board, they gave more than enough reason to stun you in the playoffs. Carroll turned into a post season star as he routinely led the team in scoring all while playing max minutes and defending the opposing teams best players. This play came at a time when Atlanta needed someone to step up as Al Horford was struggling big time. Still, Atlanta has enough veteran talent on their roster to minimize the damage of his departure.

Andy Wirth’s Victory After His Near-Death Experience


Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has worked effortlessly to make the ski region among the leading tourist destinations in the universe. Apart from the tourism sector, Wirth is a principal contributor to community and environmental service organization in Lake Tahoe area as part of his philanthropic work. Andy Wirth established an Ironman team after his near-lethal skydiving accident known as “Wounded Warrior Support.” The team is focused on raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation in respect of the five men of the Navy SEALs. This superior organization helps renowned activities team associates and their loved ones when they return home.

Andy Wirth’s involvement in the skydiving accident was a fatal one, and he admits that surviving the menace was a great fortune. It all started with a mere perplexity about his designated landing area right after the parachute was open. The windy atmosphere created the entire confusion lessening the possibilities of a safe landing. He strayed from his target and ended up in a vineyard whose steel posts and wires caused a deadly trauma in his right hand. He was forced to spend 50 days in hospital plus 21 surgeries in his right arm. He is currently recovering well even though his elbow is slow at healing. All in all, Wirth is back at work, and he even plays guitar once again.

The remembrance of close to death experience is made more sentimental by Wirth’s explanation of how he concentrated on the lyrics of “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder during his attempt to remain composed after the accident. He was forced to gather himself up and use his right hand to stop the profuse bleeding from his deformed right arm. Wirth wrote a note to the fabled rock star to express the impact and inspiration of his song to the incident. He expresses how the soothing song “Just Breathe,” assisted him in staying calm without panicking as the lyrics rung in his mind.

On June 9th, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board made a corporate restructure to have three new board members and a new chairman, Andy Wirth the CEO of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows was positioned for their seats. Wirth was selected as chair of the nine-member board by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority while Jenifer Rose, Jessica Sferrazza, and Lisa Gianoli were selected as new members. The appointment of Wirth as the Chairman of the Board was a strategic decision due to his proficiency in the industry to enhance air travel.


Managing Reputation Through Status Lab

One of the key factors in the success of many businesses has been positive online reputation. A well thought out business website is crucial to its functioning. And without question, most businesses online that succeed in obtaining positive reviews have a service company like Status Lab working day in and day out in the background.

At its best, reputation online is a prediction of exactly how your business is going to go about its activities and how much profit would it make in the future. Such a prediction helps you to avoid surprises as you proceed toward the running of your business. Fortunately, most of things that you need to achieve positive reputation lies in the hands of the company you are delegating the task of marketing and other requirements.

The detailed structure of service provided by Status Lab can make your business grow. In other words, it increases your chances for success on the internet. Once you have decided to go online and build a great reputation, is pays to consider all of the options that are available in your hired service company for turning your dreams into reality. For example, Status Labs offers a wide range of package for search engine optimization, image curation, public relation management and much else. This delegating process is an excellent way of evaluating an idea before bringing it to existence or committing time and money to it. With online reputation and reviews, you will know what your target market is looking for from your business.

Choosing a service company for your online reputation management can make or break your system. If you haven’t heard, the recent hacking incident of Ashley Madison is a nice example of what a failed system would do to customers. Issues related to safety, privacy and security are the key factors to consider, so these would be given much attention by a good service company.

Regardless of the type of your business, a service company will include a plan that will address all your marketing issues. Marketing plans through Status Labs consists of detailed analysis of the market conditions your business will face online. This will allow you to readjust your services and provide a detailed schedule of the marketing activities to support your sales department. These plans are also vital to learn on a regular basis about how customers feel about your business. A plan used to inform your target market about what the products and services are will have a different focus than a plan prepared to safeguard your customer privacy. If you are one of those business owners who has difficulty writing exactly what should be said of about your business, there are many professional writers working for a service company like Status Lab to write and proof read your ideas. Many professionals also have experience writing blogs for you. Customarily, the packages created for your business will have specific elements. The final package is professional looking and concise as well. All these help improve your online reputation. More about Status Labs can be found on their Twitter page.

Values of Spiritual Growth from Joseph Bismark and Qi Group

If you’re a business person who is need of spiritual enlightenment, then you may benefit from the assistance of a guide in your journey. There are guides and leaders in spirituality in the business world who are trained and experienced to help anyone attain balance and fulfillment in their lives. It is a burden to work without enjoyment, and so many people spin around in circles at work just to accomplish simple tasks that it can wear down the spiritual side of their personalities. There is nothing worse than working all day to come home to your family without balance. A balanced person will know when it is time to take a breath and a break from work. They will feel refreshed and continuing their jobs will be a pleasure not a painful thing. Work doesn’t have to be a chore. It can bring joy to your life if you let it. Working with a spiritual guide can help you find the balance you need if you are lacking.

One such spiritual guide has helped many clients find their place at work without losing their spiritual selves. His name is Joseph Bismark, and he works with a group called Qi Group, which he helped found. The group has been working together for many years to bring balance to people’s lives. Together they help others find focus, enjoyment and the much needed spiritual release from the work day. Joseph Bismark is a spiritual leader and guru who is there to show others the path to balance in their work place.

Since becoming the Managing Director of Qi Group in 2008, Joseph Bismark has helped restructure countless businesses in order for employees to lead more successful and empowering lives. Together they find that the corporate structure can be limited and rigid unless simple rules are followed and broken. The way Joseph and his team works is really quite extraordinary.

People are amazed by the freedom and liberation that follows the meetings with Joseph and his team. They are focused and concentrated to attaining a universal goal of peace and understanding. The value the Qi Group brings to business environments is tremendous. They are a powerhouse team that was built with strength, poise and finesse. Their aims and goals are morally sound and intelligent. It helps everyone to know that allies like this exist in the tiresome business world. Not only are they helpful to the business itself and the community members, but meetings with the Qi Group share values that easily transition to the lives of employees outside of the organization which they work. The values are universal, and Joseph Bismark and his team know that these go farther than the workplace.



This has always been on of the million dollar questions many have asked. This question is just one of many that Jospeph Bismark is looking to explore. Joseph is a very successful businessman and spiritualist. Joseph believes there is a place for both, you just need to find the right balance.

Let’s explore this subject a bit more closely.

When you are at the office you have a job to do. Many feel that including faith in the mix is taking you away from your job. You are there to make money and close deals. How could there be a place for faith? There are many who feel that emotions do not even belong in the business world. If this is the case, how could including faith be the difference?


This idea and more is just what Joseph is trying to explore, bringing everyone to a deeper revelation. Joseph grew up around money, lots of it. He still is surrounded by money. He is surrounded by ruthless businessmen every day. Only difference is he took a special journey. Jospeh took this journey long time ago. It changed him forever. He came back armed with a new awareness, looking to change everything we know and feel about the business world.


There is actually a connection between spirituality and business, you just have to look deep enough to find. This thought alone goes out of many people’s comfort zone. It might go outside the comfort zone, but there many bright sides to publicly linking the two. Bringing faith into the mix will make everyone much calmer on the job. When you have a more calming atmosphere, the productivity actually goes up. You also have more coherency with your co-workers, instead of being separated. There is a unity.

Think about it for a second. How do you see everyone at the office each day? Most of them are stressed out. Most of your co-workers are pacing around, too stressed out to give you the time of day. All your co-workers care about it pushing for a deal. When this happens the unity goes out the door.

Money becomes the object, not the people you work with. There needs to be something connected everyone. This is where faith and spirituality comes in. If more people are connected, people won’t feel as shut out.

More people would feel as though their opinions mattered. A boss wouldn’t just shoot down an idea. He/she would actually listen to what their employees had to say. If there was some sort of pressure, it could be worked through together.

There are just some of the ideas that Mr. Bismark tries to impress upon his audience. The people you employ are people, not just money-making machines. Mr. Bismark shares his knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner on both sides. He does this in a comforting and sensible way.

If you are interested in getting to know his methods, go online and order his books today. If you are interested in embracing the ideas of spirituality in the workplace in a non-confrontational way, his books are ready and waiting.